Online Auction Bidders: Where do they come from?

In March, we conducted 4 online real estate auctions for properties located in South Carolina and Georgia. This is map of locations for bidders who registered for and bid in the auctions. The bidders came from 29 states and 1 Canadian Province!


This week’s video is a story about a happy ending for a client that had an auction, using our services, to sell their home. Their situation was all about timing, and having an auction helped them sell their home in the time frame they needed. This client had a specific plan to move into a […]

More than Auction – Finding the Buyers

After doing live auctions for almost 25 years, we now conduct all of our auctions online. There is a common misconception that it just means snapping a picture of whatever property or item we are selling, posting it online, and then waiting for someone to bid on it. But the online platform simply takes the […]


In February, Terry Howe & Associates, Inc. will sell welding equipment, appliances, furniture, home décor & more! These items are located at our office in Taylors, SC. There will be dressers, sofas, mattresses and box springs, a bed frame, artwork, lamps, vacuum cleaners, a refrigerator, lawn mower, home gym and other household items. Additionally, there […]

Coweta County to Auction 170+ Surplus Properties

For many counties, property taxes contribute a large portion of their revenue. When property taxes are unpaid, these counties face the dilemma of how to turn these properties from $0 revenue to recurring revenue again. Some counties are reviewing the number of properties they own due to delinquent taxes and searching for a solution for […]

Real Estate Agent turned it down. We provided a solution.

Recently, we sold a home in Greenville, SC located off E North St in a desirable neighborhood close to downtown. The property was being sold to settle an estate. As part of the settlement process, a local real estate agent was asked to evaluate the property to determine its value and how to sell it. […]

200 Properties Sold at Auction in 2015

In 2015, Terry Howe & Associates, Inc. sold more than 200 parcels of real estate by auction. These properties included single family homes, condos, land tracts, development lots, and more. Our sellers were as diverse as their properties. These included individuals, estates (including estates opened by creditors), lenders (banks, private lenders and the US government), […]

November 2015 Auction Map

Zoom in and click on a map location for information about the auction. Zoom in and click on a map location for information about the auction.

43 Homes to be Sold by Online Auction in South Carolina

During our October-November auction event, Terry Howe & Associates, Inc. will sell 43 homes currently owned by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). These homes are properties that were foreclosed and are now being sold at absolute auction. All of the properties will sell to the highest bidder through an online auction conducted at […]

Choosing Auction: Downsizing

Here is a story about one of our clients: No longer desiring to maintain a house or yard, Ms. Miller decided to move into a retirement community. Excited about the pending move, she needed to be free from her house burden. After doing some research, she chose to sell by auction, knowing it is the […]