This week’s video is a story about a happy ending for a client that had an auction, using our services, to sell their home. Their situation was all about timing, and having an auction helped them sell their home in the time frame they needed.

This client had a specific plan to move into a new home they were building on June 1st. They wanted their old home to sell and close around the same time, so it wouldn’t linger on the market after they had moved into their new home. They weren’t desperate to sell, but they didn’t want to own a vacant home.

The home they wanted to sell had some unusual features, so we thought it would probably take a “different” kind of buyer. It also did not fit the neighborhood and would probably take longer to sell. We told the client that we could definitely help them with their situation, and the home was set up to be sold at auction around the middle of May. With 30 days to close after the auction, they would have their cash within a couple of weeks of moving into their new home.

We had the auction, and the home brought exactly what we thought it would. The seller moved into their new home on June 1st, and the buyer didn’t even wait the entire 30 days to close, so they had their cash sooner than expected. In a thank-you note for our services, the client wrote, “Buy first or sell first? Well, you’re so good it doesn’t matter.” We were able to help make their “transition a smooth one.”

If you have a situation where you are in a time crunch or need to sell by a certain date, then having an auction may be the right answer for you. We can time it to fit your schedule, instead of having other people control when your house sells! Give us a call if you are in this situation, and we’ll tell you how we can help!