New website. More news and updates!

For 2021, we have transitioned to a new, updated version of terryhowe.com. While working on this change, we noticed our blog/news section was seriously lacking attention. That’s pretty unfortunate, because there is a lot of information we can share that will help you.

Starting this month, we will be sharing stories about past auction situations: why the sellers chose the auction solution and how we helped them along the way. Hopefully, these stories will help you avoid difficult situations that others were facing and be prepared to deal with them when they come.

Of course, we will also be promoting some auctions in this section too. 

Available Now – Accepting Offers!

The complete inventory of Bridal Haven is available for purchase, and we are looking for a buyer for the entirety. The store is located in Gilbert, SC. The inventory includes approximately 3000 bridal gowns, prom dresses, pageant dresses, mother of the bride dresses, and other clothing items. It also includes a selection of jewelry, shoes, fixtures, racks, and some formal wear.

Make your offer now! We believe there is a lot of profit to be made, but running a store or online market place is not what we do. This is an opportunity for you.

Contact us this week for a viewing and discussion about purchasing this inventory.

Coming soon:

In Spartanburg County, we will be offering 140 properties for the Forfeited Land Commission. This is our 4th auction for the FLC! These properties were previously offered at the delinquent tax sales and are now owned by the county. There are improved and unimproved properties available. 

Title is transferred by Quitclaim Deed, and you will receive your deed when full payment is received. You will not have to pay any past due property taxes or wait a year to receive your deed as the right of redemption period has expired. 

Bidding for each property starts at $100.00, and they sell to the highest bidder regardless of price. Be sure to read the Contract Package for the auction as it includes the other costs to close the transaction.

Stay tuned for more updates.