Sell at Auction

Sell your property in our next auction

targeted marketing and advertising campaign

instead of you waiting on the market

receive market value for your property

60 TO 90 DAYS
to sell and close your property

and all the closing costs!

Every day, more sellers realize the many benefits of selling by auction. Again and again, they choose the auction method to sell their property in less time and for the right price.

  • Real Estate
  • Estate and Trust Settlements
  • Relocations
  • Residential Home Owners
  • Owners w/ Two Mortgages
  • Partnership Divisions
  • Multiple Property Owners
  • Vacant Property Owners
  • 1031 Exchanges
  • New Home Closeouts
  • Development Closeouts
  • Pre-construction Developments
  • Land Parcel Owners
  • Many Others

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How does the process work?

1. Identify Your Goals
The first step in the process is identifying your goals. What do you want to accomplish after your property is sold? Why do you want to sell? Is there a time frame during which you need to sell the property?

These are questions we will ask in order to create a plan and process designed to meet your goals.

2. Property Evaluation
Your property will be evaluated for its suitability to be sold at auction. A series of evaluation questions will be answered in order to qualify the property for auction. The objective of the evaluation is to determine that there is a high probability (90% or better) that the property will sell on auction day.

3. Target Market
In the process of the evaluation, categories of possible buyers are determined. These are the prospects most likely to purchase the property. This list is determined by the property’s value, who can afford it, and what the possible uses are.

4. Written Proposal
Prior to making any decision, you will be presented a written proposal for review, and any questions that you have will be addressed. You must be completely confident that selling by auction is the best method to sell your property before entering into an agreement.

Information pertaining to the auction of your property that will be included is: projecting the value, how the real estate will be advertised, and the total cost of the event.

5. Reaching the Market
Advertising is one of the essential ingredients to the success of the auction. It is directed to the target market and the public in general.

We use survey results of past auction attendees to determine how to reach prospective buyers based on the type of property being offered.

The advertising campaign normally includes a combination of direct mail, internet, signs, newspapers and magazines. Our surveys have proven that 90% of auction buyers are attracted by one of these sources.

6. Property Information Package
In order to answer bidders’ questions about the real estate, considerable time and effort are spent compiling information about the property, including legal documents and any other special information.

The Property Information Package is used to build buyer confidence, so they will pay fair market value for your property on auction day. It is also used to properly disclose any defects, as well as to enhance the positive attributes of the property.

7. The Auction Event
Most of our auctions are held online only at Online auctions create the opportunity for greater participation from buyers than live auctions.

Buyers are required to register in order to participate in the auction. They must sign the registration form and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the Contract Package. All bidding is online.

8. Follow up and Closing
No deal is complete until the deed has been signed, and the proceeds of the auction are in your hands. We will manage and coordinate the closing with all parties involved with the transaction. A Summary Report, including details, advertising samples, and a full accounting, will be provided to you at closing.

Submit your property for a free auction evaluation.