Choosing Auction: Downsizing

Here is a story about one of our clients:

No longer desiring to maintain a house or yard, Ms. Miller decided to move into
a retirement community. Excited about the pending move, she needed to be free from
her house burden. After doing some research, she chose to sell by auction, knowing it is the
fastest, most efficient way to sell a home in today’s market.

With the assistance of her son, a busy VP of Admissions at a medical college, Ms. Miller
began interviewing several auctioneers, and that’s when we received a call. Terry spoke
with her and her son, visited the property, explained how an auction works and detailed
what our services include.

Believing we were the most experienced and impressed by our written proposal and attention to detail, they chose us. Her words to Terry were, “My son is very busy, so I’m just going to turn it over to you. You be my other son and do what you need to do.” Then she
handed him the key.

We turned what is normally a stressful time into a positive event. First of all, we planned the auction around her schedule. Then we sold the house “as is,” so she didn’t have to potentially spend money on costly repairs to appease a buyer. With no set price and non-contingent terms, this took away all the stressful negotiations and time-consuming paperwork.

Finally, we also took care of her personal property, so she didn’t have to contend with what she no longer wanted. From start to finish, the whole process took a few weeks instead of months.

While we were preparing the house for auction, a local Realtor estimated it would sell for a figure between $125K-$150K. When the bidding ended, Ms. Miller’s house sold for $181,000.