200 Properties Sold at Auction in 2015

In 2015, Terry Howe & Associates, Inc. sold more than 200 parcels of real estate by auction. These properties included single family homes, condos, land tracts, development lots, and more.

Our sellers were as diverse as their properties. These included individuals, estates (including estates opened by creditors), lenders (banks, private lenders and the US government), partnerships and corporations, real estate brokers, and several bankruptcy trustees. Many of our sellers were also repeat sellers.

The number one reason clients have chosen to use our auction services is they were in a situation where cash was preferable to assets. Auctions are the most effective and efficient way to sell real and personal property quickly and equitably.

While auctions may be our first choice for method of sale, sometimes the situation calls for a different approach and method. For example: In 2015, we also negotiated private sales for subdivision close-outs, tracts of land, a single room in a condotel project, a fractional ownership interest in a beachfront property, and ownership shares in real estate-owning LLCs.

Each situation and seller are unique. We analyze their situation, determine their goals, and plot the best course of action as a solution.

For more than 30 years, we have consistently attained favorable outcomes for our clients and their problems. For a confidential, no-obligation consultation, please call our office at 864.268.4399 today.