Online Auction Bidders: Where do they come from?

In March, we conducted 4 online real estate auctions for properties located in South Carolina and Georgia. This is map of locations for bidders who registered for and bid in the auctions. The bidders came from 29 states and 1 Canadian Province!

Owning Vacant Properties: What does it really cost?

Do you own vacant real estate? Maybe it’s a house, a building, acreage, or a lot?  When I travel around working on the properties we are selling, I often see valuable assets sitting vacant. They are not earning the owner any money. Many lack maintenance and are really losing value over time.  We can turn […]

The One Call Option: Auctions and Accelerated Sales

While we most often sell property using auctions, we do occasionally sell select properties through conventional-style listings. These listings are conducted as accelerated sales. Recently we were asked to assist with an estate settlement that included a home and personal property. Two brothers were working together, and one had reservations about the auction. He desired […]

No Will, No Plan? What Could Go Wrong?

In our last post, we asked the question, “Do you have an exit plan?” Meaning a plan for when you pass from this world.  One of the most important things you can do as part of your estate planning is to have a will. A will is a plan for how you wish your assets […]

Do you have an Exit Plan?

Do you have an exit plan? I hear real estate investors use these words. When purchasing a property they are thinking about an exit or how to make a profit. It is best to plan this strategy prior to purchasing. If you start to plan after the purchase, you may find yourself in a fix. […]

New website. More news and updates!

For 2021, we have transitioned to a new, updated version of While working on this change, we noticed our blog/news section was seriously lacking attention. That’s pretty unfortunate, because there is a lot of information we can share that will help you. Starting this month, we will be sharing stories about past auction situations: […]


This week’s video is a story about a happy ending for a client that had an auction, using our services, to sell their home. Their situation was all about timing, and having an auction helped them sell their home in the time frame they needed. This client had a specific plan to move into a […]

More than Auction – Finding the Buyers

After doing live auctions for almost 25 years, we now conduct all of our auctions online. There is a common misconception that it just means snapping a picture of whatever property or item we are selling, posting it online, and then waiting for someone to bid on it. But the online platform simply takes the […]

Introduction to New Video Series

Introduction to New Video Series Why auction? Why did we get started in auction business? Why do people contact us, in particular, to have auctions? Why do people want to have an auction? What are some situations where having an auction can benefit you? These are some of the questions we will be answering in […]


In February, Terry Howe & Associates, Inc. will sell welding equipment, appliances, furniture, home décor & more! These items are located at our office in Taylors, SC. There will be dressers, sofas, mattresses and box springs, a bed frame, artwork, lamps, vacuum cleaners, a refrigerator, lawn mower, home gym and other household items. Additionally, there […]