The One Call Option: Auctions and Accelerated Sales

While we most often sell property using auctions, we do occasionally sell select properties through conventional-style listings. These listings are conducted as accelerated sales.

Recently we were asked to assist with an estate settlement that included a home and personal property. Two brothers were working together, and one had reservations about the auction. He desired to make the property available to potential buyers who might need financing, which is not normally done in auction. So, we listed this property as an accelerated sale.

In this current market homes sell very quickly. We listed the property as “accepting offers over $X” with a deadline for receiving offers.

At the same time the real estate was being offered for sale, we also conducted an online auction for the personal property. This was great for the seller, because they didn’t have to pick which one to do first. We were able to assist them with both.

The property generated multiple offers that were higher than the initial listing price. The seller was able to accept an offer with conventional closing terms that people use every day, which meant the buyer was able to obtain financing, and the property still closed in about 35 days.

The seller did give up a little money for some repairs found in the home inspection, which is pretty typical in a conventional closing. But the seller was happy with the results.

In an auction, the property would have been sold as is without contingencies for inspections or repairs. Additionally, it would have been a cash sale, not contingent on financing.

The best part for the seller was that they were able to make one phone call and have everything handled. This included not only the sale of the home, the furniture, and other decorative items, but we also organized and cleaned the items in the home, discarded un-saleable items, donated clothing to a local organization at the request of the seller, and prepared the home and other items for sale. We even set aside personal items, such as photos, letters, and other momentos that the family missed when they sorted through the home.

At the end, there were no unsold items or any clean up for the seller to deal with. The property was left in broom swept and vacuumed condition for the new owner.

Are you thinking of selling and moving? Are you downsizing and moving to a smaller home? Are you working to settle an estate? We can conduct an auction or possibly an accelerated listing. We have all the tools a regular agent has and more.

We have been selling real estate and personal property of all types for 35 years. Home furnishings, fleets of vehicles, all types of shop and manufacturing equipment, farm equipment, restaurants, retail, and more.

We make the process easy for you as we do all the work. Hand us the keys and wait for your check. Call today!