Vehicles, Paint Equipment, Tools, Supplies & More! – Charleston, SC

Online Auction
Bidding Starts:
Friday, October 21, 2016 @ 8:00 AM EDT
Bidding Ends:
Wednesday, November 2, 2016 @ 12:00 PM EDT
1129 Cainhoy Rd, Charleston, SC

Absolute Auction

1571.Eagles Industries Pneumatic Fan
1572.Eagles Industries Pneumatic Fan
1573.Eagles Industries Pneumatic Fan
1574.Hyflex Spray Buddy/ Patch Pump
1575.After Cooler System (ACS)
1576.Sandblasting Pot
1577.Sandblasting Pot
1578.Sandblasting Pot
1579.Sandblasting Pot
1580.Sandblasting Pot
1581.Sandblasting Hoses
1582.Lot of Pyrocrete
1583.Lot of Sandblasting Hose
1584.Air and Paint Hose
1585.Wire Rope Cables
1586.Air and Paint Hose
1587.Lot of Sandblasting Hose
1588.Northstar 4000 IPW Pressure Washer, Honda Engine (engine stuck)
1589.Blue Hawk Rolling Tool Box w/Paint Rollers
1590.Blue Hawk Rolling Tool Box w/Power Tools
1591.Rubbermaid Mop Pail w/Mops
1592.Pneumatic Paint Sprayer, (“as is”)
1593.Powermate 8″ Garden Tiller
1594.Pneumatic Paint Sprayer, (“as is”)
1595.Centurian Generator, 3250 Watts (missing pull cord, engine free)
1596.Pneumatic Paint Sprayer, (“as is”)
1597.Powerhouse 2200 Generator (engine free)
1598.Pneumatic Paint Sprayer, (“as is”)
1599.Fan on Stand
1600.Barrel Handtruck
1601.Lifting/Tow Straps, 3-20′, 2 smaller
1602.Squeeze Clamps, approx. 35
1603.3″ C Clamps, approx. 20
1604.22 Hand Clamps, 7 3″ C Clamps
1605.Measuring Wheel, Digital
1606.Cable Chokers, 2 Lug Wrenches
1607.2 Hitches
1608.Ridgid Pipe Wrench
1609.Ingersol Rand 3/4″ Impact Wrench
1610.Craftsman Mitre Saw
1611.Ridgid 10″ Mitre Saw
1612.2 Hitches
1613.Chain Hoise, 1 1/2 Ton
1614.Shop Fan, 28″
1615.Electric Fuel Pump (missing dispenser)
1616.2 Retractable Safety Cables
1617.2 Retractable Safety Cables
1618.Paint Pump
1619.Steel Plate Clamp, Snatch Block, 2 Safety Devices
1620.2 Roto Peen
1621.Pneumatic Scraper
1622.Wiwa Sprayer
1623.Pressure Washer
1624.Pressure Washer (motor stuck)
1625.Northstar 4000 IPW Pressure Washer, Honda Engine
1626.Homelite 2700 PSI Pressure Washer
1627.Super Blast 4000 Pressure Washer (engine stuck)
1628.Homelite Pressure Washer
1629.Bullet Heater
1630.Heat Stream Bullet Heater
1631.2006 Haulmark Enclosed Trailer, Ser#16HPB14266G085007, 16′, Dual Axle, Swing Rear Doors
1632.2006 Ford E250 Van, Ser#1FTNE24WX6HB02269, Miles—-,(runs with a jump start, may need alternator, drove around parking lot)
1633.2003 Ford Econoline Van, Ser#1FTSE34L23HB11865, Miles—-,(runs with a jump start, transmission sluggish, will check fluid before inspection)
1634.2006 Toyota Tundra Pickup, Ser#5TBJU321X6S475430, Miles 238,627 (runs and drives, used around auction site)
1635.Electric Concrete Mixer
1636.4 Wheel Cart
1639.Pressure Washer (tag says out of service, cuts on and off)
1640.Pickup Truck Loading Ramps
1641.Sandblast Pot
1642.Werner 32′ Extension Ladder
1643.Werner 10″ Step Ladder
1644.Roughneck 5500lb. Pallet Jack
1646.Shovels, Brooms, Measuring Sticks, Etc.
1647.Wire Tool Cage
1648.Pressure Washing Guns
1649.Flexible Ventilation Hose, Electrical Board
1650.Patio Outdoor Propane Heater
1651.Selection of Overspray Tarps
1652.Quantity of Air Hose
1653.Pressure Hose, Paint Hose
1654.Assortment of Paint (some new in the box)
1655.Rolls of Felt
1656.2 10′ Sections of Pallet Racking
1657.Brooms, Mops, Shovels, Post Hole Digger
1658.Step Ladder, 10′
1659.Extension Ladder, 28′
1660.3-2 Drawer Filing Cabinets, 1-3 Drawer Lateral File, Brother MFC Copier, Fax, Printer
1721.2 Dewalt Drills, Belt Sander, Laser Level
1722.40′ Conex Shipping Container
1723.Lot of Fire Extinguishers
1724.4 Empty Barrels
1725.Job Box
1726.2-Fibreglass Step Ladders, 6′
1727.Job Box on Casters
1728.Job Box on Casters, Plastic
1729.6 – 4 Drawer Filing Cabinets (shop quality)
1730.Lot of Sandblasting Hose
1731.40′ x 60′ Tarp
1732.Air and Pressure Wash Hose
1733.Computers, Phones, Printer, Etc.
1734.Gas and Air Hose
1735.Black Beauty Abrasive
1736.Come-a-longs, Pipe Fittings, Clips, Etc.
1737.Tent w/Poles in Crate (was told large enough for a pickup to park under)
1738.Filters, Knee Pads, Torch, Etc.
1739.Blasting Suits, Paint Pot, Face Shields
1740.2 Drawer Filing Cabinet, Small Refirgerator
1741.Lined Tool Cases and More
1742.Electric Power Tools, Hand Tools, Etc.
1743.Vacuums, Brooms, Coolers, Etc.
1744.Rollers, Mixers, Caulk Guns, Paint Pots, Etc.
1745.Pipe Fittings, Sandpaper, Etc.
1746.Empty Tool and Parts Boxes
1747.Sponge-Jet Sponge Blaster
1748.Sponge-Jet Sponge Blaster
1749.Sponge-Jet Sponge Blaster
1750.Selection of Fuel Cans
1751.Lot of Extension Cords
1752.Water Tank
1753.Filters, Duct, Funnels
1754.Oil, Used Paint, Thinner, Coatings
1755.New and Used Paint, Coatings
1756.New and Used Paint, Coatings
1757.New and Used Paint, Coatings
1758.New and Used Paint, Coatings
1759.Empty Buckets and Trash Cans
1760.Fuel Tank, Pump, Dispenser, 12V
1761.New and Used Paint, Coatings
1762.Tarp, 40′ x 60′
1763.Fuel Tank, Pump, Dispenser, 12V
1764.Job Box
1765.Fan, Heater, Speakers, Light, Etc.
1766.Water, Air, Pressure Hose
1767.New and Used Paint, Coatings
1768.New and Used Paint, Coatings
1769.New and Used Paint, Coatings
1770.Air, Water, Pressure Washing Hose
1771.New and Used Paint, Coatings
1772.Empty Paint Buckets
1773.Large Selection of Tarps, Various Sizes
1774.20′ Conex Shipping Container (some moisture inside while we were at the property) includes top between 2 containers
1775.20′ Conex Shipping Container
1776.Metal Shelving, Filing Cabinets, Portable Sink
1777.Plastic Tubing w/Fittings, Metal Pipe and More
1778.Metal Shelving
1779.Pump Sprayers, Propane Tanks, Gas Cans
1780.Lights and Filters
1781.Hydraulic Jacks, Ladder Racks
1782.Ladder Stabilizer, Reels, Funnels, Filters, Paint Pot, Shop Vacuum
1783.Selection of Shop Vacuums, approx. 10
1784.2 – 10′ Sections of Pallet Racking
1785.Rescue Tri-Pod
1786.Floor Scraper
1787.Large Propane Tank
1788.Sponge Media
1789.Floor Grinder
1790.2- Come-a-Longs
1791.Safety Cables
1792.Air Tanks, Water Pumps, includes Shelving
1793.Wire Rope, Rope, Extension Cords, Snatch Blocks, Clevice
1794.2 – Chain Fall Dollies
1795.Concrete Vibrator
1796.Walkboard, 1′ x 20′ (leaning up)
1797.Walkboard, 1′ x 20′ (laying flat)
1798.Walkboard, 1′ x 16′ (on right)
1799.Walkboard, 1′ x 16′ (middle)
1800.Walkboard, 1′ x 16′ (on left)
1801.Walkboard, 1 1/2′ x 16′ (on top)
1802.Walkboard, 1′ x20′
1803.Walkboard, 2′ x 20′
1804.Water Tank, 500 Gallon
1805.Sandblast Pot on Trailer
1806.Tent Frame, 40′ x 60′?