Steel Fabrication Equipment, Office Furniture & More

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2801 Edmund Hwy, West Columbia

Complete Liquidation of Evans Steel
Steel Fabrication Equipment, Tools, Office Furniture, Vehicles and More

38144 – Beams, 25′, 1 – Round Pipe, 20′ x 8″, 2 – Square Tube, 12′ x 8″
3815Square Tube, 24′ x 8″ & 20′ x 8″, 2 – Square Tube, 14′ x 8″, Flat Sheet, 12′ x 5′
38165 – Square Tube, 24′ x 8″, 3 – Pipes, 4″ x 18′
38172005 TCM 45 Forklift, 10,000lbs., Diesel, Ser#443500732, Meter Shows 5479 Hrs. (may need a battery or just charged, see video)
3818Greenlee Pipe Bender
3819Greenlee Paint Sprayer
3820Steel Table, Steel Storage Cabinet, Steel Stands, 28″H x 120″W
3821100 Gallon Storage Tank on Stand (plastic)
3822Steel Channel Beam, 20′ x 12″, Conveyor on Stand
3823Hytrol Electric Motor Controlled Conveyor, 5 – Sections Varying 20′ to 29′ Length
3824Cosen SH 650M Semi-Automatic Miter/Bandsaw, Hydraulic Swivel Head, 17.5″, 5HP, Ser# SH970749, and Transformer
3825Marvel Series 8 Vertical/Tilt Frame Bandsaw, 18′ x 22″, 5HP, Tilt – 0 to 60 Degrees, Ser# 840470
3826Ingersoll-Rand, 5HP Air Compressor, Ser# A002911
3827GEKA Hydracrop 110A Ironworker, Hydralic, 110 Ton, Bends 6 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ x 1/2″, Shears 2″, Notches 1 1/2″ x 3/4″, Ser# 17411
3828Abell-Howe Jib Crane, Hoist, w/Whitney Hydraulic Punch (bring tools and help to remove, no power in building)
3829Hydralic Pump and Tank (currently used to run punches on jib cranes)
3830Abell-Howe Jib Crane, Hoist, w/ Hydraulic Punch (bring tools and help to remove, no power in building)
38314 – Steel Stands, 28″H x 15’W
3832Metal Along Back Wall, Wire, Cabinets, Frames, More (see photos)
3833Lincoln CV – 400 Welder w/Wire Feed, Ser# U1990309093
3834Lincoln DC – 600 Welder w/Wire Feed, Ser# U19900502160
3835Steel Work Table, 30″H, 72″W, 48″D
3836Lincold DC – 600 Welder on Cart, Ser# U1971101420
3837Steel Work Table, 36″H, 96″W, 48″D
3838GEKA Hydracrop 110A Ironworker, Hydralic, 110 Ton, Bends 6 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ x 1/2″, Shears 2″, Notches 1 1/2″ x 3/4″, Ser# 17411
3839Metal Tool Boxes, More (see photos, attached, bring grinder or saw)
3840Speedaire 1WD73 Air Compressor, 80 Gallon, Ser# 0674856 w/ Champion Air Dryer Included
3841Selection of Metal (see photos)
3842Bench Grinder on Pedestal
3843Tool Cage w/Contents, Picnic Table, More (see photos)
3844Metal on Back Side of Building, Stands, Etc. (see photos)
3845Delta Drill Press, Floor Model
38461986 International S1700, Ser# 1HTLCHYP6GHA12143, Odometer Shows 113,906 Miles, 8′ x 20′ Flatbed (vehicle has been parked for a while, buyer should plan to tow it home)
38472 – Koike 1K1500G Oxy-Fuel Burn Tables, Cart, Motor, More (see photos, everything in room)
3848Steel Rack for Flat Sheets, Other Steel Along Front and Rear Walls (see photos)
3849Welder Cart, Greenlee Pump
38502 – Steel Stands, 28″H x 144″W
3851Gas Bottle Rack
3852Selection of Welding Cable
3853Giovanni breda R915L Radial Drill Press, 40″ Arm, 5HP, Ser#37478
3854Gas Bottle Rack
3855Steel Work Table, 36″H, 60″W, 36″D
38564 – Welding Screen Frames, 7’H x 8’W
3857Fuel Tank and Electric Pump, 110V
3858Work Platform, 8′ (can be used with forklift)
38592 – Metal Storage Racks and Contents, 6’H x 13’W
38601 – Metal Storage Rack and Contents, Plus Metal on Ground to Left of Rack
38612 – Metal Storage Racks and Contents, 6’H x 12’W
3862Louisville Aluminum Extension Ladder, 40′
38632 Metal Storage Racks and Contents, 8’H x 12’W (bent), 6’H x 3’W
38641995 Chevrolet Kodiak C6500, Ser# 1GBJ7H!J9SJ100346, Caterpillar Diesel, Odometer Shows 337,861, 8′ x 24′ Flatbed (ignition wiring vandalized, buyer to repair)
38653 – Metal Storage Racks and Contents, 6′ x 5′, 6′ 12′, 3 1/2′ x 6′
3866Marvel Model 8 Vertical Bandsaw, 18″
38672 – Square Tubes, 16′ x 8″
3868Conveyor, Storage Rack w/Rebar, Misc. Metal (under shed)
3869Metal on Yard, Flat Sheets, 2″ x 4″ Tubing, Storage Rack (see photos)
38701999 Chevrolet W4500, Ser#4KBC4B1R1X5001886, Odometer Reading Exempt, 8′ x 12′ Flatbed (ignition wiring vandalized, buyer to repair)
3871Fuel Tank w/Manual Pump
3872Gas Bottle Rack and 2 – Stands
3873Steel Sheet, 4′ x 8′ x 14″ (in drive)
38742005 TCM 30 Forklift, 6000 lbs., Diesel, Showing 4069 Hrs. 
3875Metal Storage Building, 16′ x 10′
3876Metal Storage Building, 16′ x 10′ (this building is full of old paper records, if you are not going to take the contents, DO NOT BID)
3877Wood Storage Building, 16′ x 10′ (this building is mostly full of old records, if you are not going to take the contents, DO NOT BID)
38783 HP Air Compressor
3879Pacific J225-10 225 Ton Hydraulic Press Brake, Ser#8403, 5/16″ x 10′, 30HP, 460V, Lincoln Auto Lube
3880Steel Storage Rack and Contents, Flat Metal Sheets, Checker Plate, Etc. (see photos)
3881Chicago 90 ton Mechanical Press Brake, Size 408D, Ser#P7512, 10′ Wide, 220V
3882Ball Transfer Table for Plate, 32″H, 120″W, 48″D
3883Cincinnati 4312 Squaring sheer, Ser#19770, 1/2″ x 12’W (changed from pneumatic to hydraulic by owner)
38842 – Steel Racks for Flat Storage, 8’H, 9’W, 3 1/2’D, Ladder, Mezzanine on Top w/Parts (buyer to dismantle and move)
3885Steel Storage Rack for Flat Metals,  Includes Contents, 10’H, 10’W, 4’D
3886Steel Storage Rack for Flat Metals, 10’H, 9’W, 3’D, 3 – Full Checker Plate Sheets
3887Steel Storage Rack for Flat Metals, 9’H, 11’W, 4’D
3888Steel Storage Rack for Flat Metals, 7 1/2’H, 8 1/2’W, 3 1/2’D
38892 – Sheets of Metal, One Full, One Partial
3890Wolf-Basic Machine Tool Shear, Model 129 x 1/4 PS, Ser# 9701001, 3/16″ Max. 
3891Carolina Industrial Bench Grinder (bolted, bring wrenches)
3892GEKA Hydracrop 80A Ironworker, Hydralic, 80 Ton, Bends 5″ x 5″ x 1/2″, Shears 1 3/4″, Notches 1 1/2″ x 9/16″, Ser# 6631
3893Selection of Torch Hose, Etc. 
3894Wire Feeder for Parts, Shop Fan, Storage Shelf, Etc. 
3895Kasto-Racine Circular Saw
3896Scotchman BEWO Circular Saw
3897Steel Work Table, 36″H, 96″W, 41″D
3898Westward 15″ Drill Press
3899Shelf w/Parts, Metal, More (see photos)
3900Paint Sprayer
3901Steel Work Table, 36″H, 252″W, 53″D (yes, it is 21′)
3902Conveyor, 36″H, 168″L, 26″W
3903Steel Tool Cage w/Contents, Wire Rope, Tables (buyer to dismantle, bring tools)
3904Roll-In Vertical Band Saw, Model EF-1459, Includes Conveyor on Both Sides
3905Conference Table, Glass Top, 96″x 42″
3906Retro Sign, Duck Print, Calculator, Hat/Coat Rack
39072 Drawer Filing Cabinet
3908Retro Executive Desk, Glass Top, 76″ x 43″
3909Selectio of 5 – Office Chairs
3910Tub File w/Drawer, 4 Drawer Filing Cabinet
3911Desk, Computer Screen, Keyboard, 2 – Printers
3912Office Desk, Credenza, 2 – Chairs, Accessories
39134 Drawer Fireproof Filing Cabinet
3914Shaw-Walker Safe (was given 20-35-70 as combination, door is open)
3915Triangular Shaped Retro Conference Table, 12′
39162 – Small Tables, Ashtray Stand
3917Corner Audio Visual Shelf, Metal
39189 – Conference Chairs, 1 Arm, 8 Side
3919Microwave, Courter Top Ice Maker, Bissell Vacuum
3920Kenmore Refrigerator/Freezer (shop quality)
3921Credenza, Wood Shelf, Trays, Divided Shelf
3922L-Shaped Office Desk
3923Blue Print File, 37″H, 41″W, 29″D
3924Executive Desk and Credenza, Chair, Screen, Printer
3925Work Table w/Drawers, 2 Drawer Filing Cabinet
3926Cabinet w/File Drawers, Art on Swing
3927Cole 4 Drawer Filing Cabinet
3928Mosler Safe (combination given 22-48-86, door is open)(no keys for inside drawers)
3929Lanier 5635 Copier/Printer
3930Sharp XE-A102 Cash Register, Vital Card Swiper, Table
3931Desk, Chair, Table, White Board, Hon 4 Drawer Filing Cabinet
39322 – 4 Drawer Filing Cabinets
39334 – 4 Drawer Filing Cabinets
39343 – 4 Drawer Filing Cabinets
3935Universal Copier/Printer
3936Rotolite SL-42/20F Printer, 2 Chairs (one needs a wheel)
3937Office Desk, 4 Drawer Filing Cabinet, 2 – Chairs, 1 – Stool
3938Oak Drafting Table
3939Oak Drafting Table
3940Office Desk, Computer, Printer
39414 Drawer Filing Cabinet, Rolling Blueprint File
3942Folding Work Table and Contents
39434 – Pieces of Retro Reception Office Furniture (some needs upholstery, see photos)
3944Office Desk, Credenza, Printer/Copier
39452 – 4 Drawer Filing Cabinets
3946Office Desk, Computer, Printer, More
3947Folding Work Table and Contents
39482 Door Metal w/Shelves and Contents, Supplies, Etc. 
3949Office Desk, Chair, Printer, Stand, Side Table
3950Crane Lifting Chain
3951Folding Table, Whiteboard, Wiring, Etc.