Racking, Forklifts, Golf Cart, Machinery, Office Furniture & More – Conestee, SC

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Bidding Starts:
Friday, January 5, 2018 @ 12:00 PM EST
Bidding Ends:
Wednesday, January 24, 2018 @ 12:00 PM EST
10 Spanco Dr, Greenville, SC
Item Description 
71.Dolly, Rain Barrel, Radiator, Etc.
72.Aluminum and Plastic Step Ladder
73.E-Z-Go Electric Golf Cart, Rear Facing Seat w/ Charger (needs cleaning)
74.Pallet Lot, Hoses, Rollers, Electric Motors, Air Tank, Etc.
75.Folding Table and Contents, Chain, Tools, Barbed Wire, Etc.
76.2 – Rolling Carts and Contents (see photos)
77.Electric Pallet Jack w/ Charger
78.Office Desk w/Tools (see photos)
79.Electric Cloth Roller
80.Steel Shelf Unit, 96″H, 48″W, 48″D
81.Van Vlaanderen Cloth Roller w/ Cloth Tub (electric and air controlled)
82.Light, Rack Stands, File Cabinet, Table, Boxes of Nails
83.6′ Folding Table w/ Banding Tools and More
84.Metal Rack, Material Rack, Pallet Rack Section (see photos)
85.Nissan 30 Enduro Forklift, 3 Stage, Side Shift, 2500 lbs. (shows 72592 hrs., last number is probably tenths)(Propane Tank Not Included)
86.Nissan 40 Enduro Forklift, 3 Stage, Squeeze, 3500 lbs. (shows 38540 hrs., last number is probably tenths)
87.Egg Cartons for Cloth Storage (to keep round objects from rolling, possibly other uses)
88.Conveyor Roller, Pair of Roller Stands, 2 Work Tables, Pipe
89.Rack w/Tubes Included
90.Pallet Rack Beams w/Rolling Cart
91.Pallet Rack Uprights, 2 – 8′ and 4 – 10′
92.Selection of Pallet Rack Beams
93.Selection of Pallet Rack Uprights and Bracing
94.Plastic Bin, Fold Down Sides
95.Steel Rack, 70″H, 76″W, 36″D
96.Keller Convertible Ladder
97.Material Rack, 45″H, 78″W
98.Uprights, Various Heights
99.Tier Rack Pallet Stacking Frame on Pallet
100.Side Shift, Other Metal
101.Forklift Guards
102.Pallet Lot, Rods, Rollers, Etc.
103.Sunlight Protection Covers, Package Notes Quantity of 25, New
104.Electric Paint Sprayer, Air Compressor, Lawn Mower (need repairs)
105.Selection of Uprights and Beams
106.Pallet Rack Beams
107.Large Box of Orange Vests
108.Pallet Rack Uprights and Beams w/Cart
109.Pallet Rack Uprights and Beams
110.Pallet Rack Beams
111.Roller, 90″W
112.Roller, 56″W
113.Pallet Rack Uprights
114.Furniture Dollies (missing a couple of wheels)
115.Selection of Doors
116.File Cabinet, Brooms, Shovels, Vests, Etc.
117.Wood Shop Counter
118.Rack w/Electric Motor, 10’W
119.3 – Handtrucks (one is missing a wheel)
120.5 – Handtrucks
181.4 – Handtrucks
182.Platform Scale on Wheels
183.Platform Scale, Stationery
184.Platform Scale on Wheels
185.Platform Scale on Wheels
186.Platform Cart
187.Set of Forklift Forks
188.Forklift Carpet Pole, Long Handle Shovel
189.2 – Metal Shipping Desks
190.Rolling Cart (plywood sheets not included)
191.2 – Metal Shipping Desks
192.Lot of 2″, 2 1/2″ Pipe, 90″L
193.I-Beam, 3″ x 90″
194.Banding Machine Cart
195.Banding Machine Cart
196.Banding Machine Cart
197.Banding Machine Cart
198.Desk Cart
199.Shipping Cart
254.Pallet Jack (needs oil or seal)
255.Pallet Jack (works)
256.Pallet Jack (needs oil or seal)
257.Pallet Jack (needs oil or seal)
258.Pallet Jack (needs oil or seal)
259.Pallet Jack (needs oil or seal)
260.Pallet Jack (needs oil or seal)
261.Pallet Jack (needs oil or seal)
262.A-Frame Platform Ladder
263.3 – Steel Shafts, 8′
264.Cloth Cradle
265.Metal Shop Shelving
266.Selection of Cardboard Shipping Boxes
267.Rolling Shop Cart
268.Rolling Shop Cart
269.Rolling Shop Cart
270.Rolling Shop Cart
271.Rolling Shop Cart
272.Steel Shelf Unit, 96″H, 48″W, 48″D
273.Metal Shop Shelving
274.Mechanical Jack & Lifting Mule
275.Work Bench w/Vise, Tar Paper, Gas Cans, Etc.
276.Air Compressor (on top of shop, used very little)
277.Desk, Pallets, Fan Metal, Etc. (on dock)
278.3 – Rolling Carts, 2 – Storage Racks
279.Steel Dock Board
280.Steel Dock Board
281.Steel Dock Board
282.2 – 14′ Pallet Rack Uprights, 3 – Beams (one upright is in lower warehouse)
283.4 – 14′ Pallet Rack Uprights (color orange)
284.Storage Rack
285.14 – 14′ Pallet Rack Uprights and Multiple Shelving Pieces (see photos)
286.Selection of Pallet Rack Beams
287.Aluminum Sink
288.Load Stabilizing Jack (for inside trailer or truck)
289.Fiberglass Step Ladder, 8′
290.Heavy Machinery Moving Dolly
291.Shop Fan on Stand
292.Measure-Matic Cloth Roller
293.Cloth Roller
294.Cloth Roller
295.12 – Stacking Racks
296.12 – Stacking Racks
297.10 – Stacking Racks
298.13 – Stacking Racks
299.10 – Stacking Racks
300.Large Selection of Wooden Pallets
301.Metal Rack w/Wood Floor
302.Rolling Ladder, 6′
303.Rolling Ladder, 8′
304.7 – Stacking Racks (gray)
305.4 – Stacking Racks (blue)
306.3 – Various Size Racks
307.14 – Stacking Racks (yellow)
308.6 – Stacking Racks (orange)
309.2 – Racks w/ Cradles for Pipe
310.3 – Sections of Pallet Racking, 14’H x 11’W (beam damaged on the bottom of one section)
311.Selection of I-Beam, 90″L
312.Large Selection of Racking Shelves (green ribbon)
313.Selection of Pallet Racking Uprights and Beams (pink ribbon)
314.Racks, Carts, Metal, Fan, Etc. (on bank, green ribbon)
315.Fence Gates, Sign, Door Control, Fencing
316.Selection of Pallet Racking Beams
317.Metal Hand Rail
318.Pallet Racking Uprights, Beams, Pipe, Other Metal
319.Racks, I-Beam, Conveyor, Stainless Steel Cabinet, Etc. (pink ribbon)
320.Scaffold, Racks, Etc. (see photos, green ribbon)
321.Racks and Rack Shelving (see photos, pink ribbon)
322.Pallet Rack Uprights and Shelving, Cart (green ribbon)
323.Large Selection of Tier Rack Pallet Stacking Frames
324.Metal Racking
325.10 – Stacking Racks, Orange (green ribbon)
326.10 – Stacking Racks, Orange, (pink ribbon)
327.15 – Stacking Racks, Orange and Red ( green ribbon)
328.Racks, Fans, Conveyor, Etc.
329.Pallet Rack Uprights, Beams, Fans (pink ribbon)
330.2 – Heavy Metal Shelves
331.Tier Rack Pallet Stacking Frames