51 Properties in South Carolina

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Friday, March 11, 2022 @ 8:00 AM EST
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Wednesday, March 23, 2022 @ 11:00 AM EDT
South Carolina

7 Properties in Aiken County
7 Properties in Anderson County
3 Properties in Clarendon County
21 Properties in Darlington County
2 Properties in Florence County
6 Properties in Richland County
5 Properties in York County

These properties were acquired by the sellers due to delinquent tax sale deed and will be transferred by Quitclaim Deed only using the most recent deed description. No title search has been performed by the seller, auctioneer, or closing attorney. Title insurance will not be offered.

It is the bidder’s responsibility to conduct own due diligence prior to bidding.

Bidding starts at $100, and all properties will be sold to the highest bidder regardless of price.

Lot #TaxIDCountyDescription
1121-06-11-003Aiken817 Barnwell Ave NE, Aiken, SC
2120-18-15-015Aiken520 Kershaw St NE, Aiken, SC
3069-10-01-008Aiken102 Brantley St, Graniteville, SC
4125-15-05-003Aiken147 Million Ave, Aiken, SC
5120-18-32-006Aiken341 Union St NE, Aiken, SC
6120-18-25-011Aiken422 Sumter St NE, Aiken, SC
7069-06-20-002Aiken105 Church St, Graniteville, SC
8244-00-10-001Anderson215 Tripp St, Willamston, SC
9225-07-02-029Anderson837 Breazeale St, Belton, SC
10149-12-06-014Anderson201 Farmer St, Anderson, SC
11107-03-01-004Anderson2623 Elberton Hwy, Iva, SC
12123-11-08-010Anderson141 Boyce St, Anderson, SC
13123-13-07-004Anderson1409 Evergreen St, Anderson, SC
14243-03-11-005AndersonOff Goodrich St, Pelzer, SC
15078-10-02-043-00Clarendon3 1st St., Summerton, SC
16093-00-00-020-00Clarendon1095 Raiders Dr., Manning, SC
17143-00-02-010-00Clarendon1420 Bill Davis Rd., Manning SC
18059-00-01-096Darlington545 Flinns Rd., Hartsville, SC
19165-11-04-011Darlington119 Bacote St., Darlington, SC
20165-07-05-051Darlington110 F Ave., Darlington, SC
21067-07-01-064Darlington109B McClain St., Lamar, SC
22165-05-02-084Darlington104 Milling St., Darlington, SC
23056-10-02-081Darlington207 S 6th St., Hartsville, SC
24165-07-08-056Darlington407 Pine St., Darlington, SC
25056-13-03-063Darlington416 Logan Ave., Hartsville, SC
26165-05-02-072Darlington217 Milling St., Darlington, SC
27082-00-04-002Darlington1501 E Bobo Newsom Hwy., Hartsville, SC
28165-08-01-006Darlington710 3rd St., Darlington, SC
29172-09-01-009Darlington129 Pine St., Society Hill, SC
30165-07-01-015Darlington204 Lee St., Darlington, SC
31168-00-01-283Darlington1729 Tapper Dr., Darlington, SC
32016-00-03-006Darlington1124 Broach St., Hartsville, SC
33063-00-01-046Darlington1261 Fisherman Rd., Lamar, SC
34165-10-01-098Darlington502 Washington St., Darlington, SC
35165-01-02-007Darlington213 Churchill St., Darlington, SC
36032-00-04-006Darlington1933 Garden Valley Dr., Hartsville, SC
37056-10-04-092Darlington210 Howard., St., Hartsville, SC
38165-09-01-060Darlington435 Opal St., Darlington, SC
3970012-20-007Florence106 Ludd St, Timmonsville, SC
4090060-03-019Florence811 Gladstone St, Florence, SC
41R05206-06-19RichlandLaurel Oak Ln, Irmo, SC
42R04204-01-13Richland26 Tipton Cir. Irmo, SC
43R09309-04-27Richland617 Dartmouth Ave. Columbia, SC
44R09416-03-07Richland1420 Brooks St. Columbia, SC
45R15301-01-07Richland1244 Coogler Crossing Dr. Blythewood, SC
46R12813-01-06Richland1192 Coogler Crossing Dr. Blythewood, SC
47004-00-00-006York3335 Old Seine Rd, Smyrna, SC
48600-20-02-009York423 Baker Street Ext., Rock Hill, SC
49600-06-06-023York243 Barber St., Rock Hill, SC
50768-00-00-087York2475 Indian Trl., Rock Hill, SC
51129-00-00-006York1253 Highway 97, Sharon, SC
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