Taylors, SC – Machinery, Equipment, Forklifts, and More

Online Auction
Bidding Starts:
Friday, July 3, 2020 @ 8:00 AM EDT
Bidding Ends:
Wednesday, July 15, 2020 @ 12:00 PM EDT
3203 Rutherford Rd, Taylors, SC
Tuesday, July 14, 2020, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Lot #Description
1Nut and Bolt Bins w/Contents (see photos)
2Nut and Bolt Bins w/Contents (see photos)
3Collets, Taps (some new in box, approx. 36 pieces)
4Taps, Drills, Etc. (many new in box, approx 67 pieces)
5Cutting Tools, Taps, Drills (some new in box, approx. 20 pieces)
6Air Wrench, Hose, Sockets
7Spreaders, Clamps
8Large Selection of Allen Wrenches
9Screwdrivers, Hammer, Wrenches, Grease Gun
10Hammer, Nail Puller, Steel Brush for Drill, More
11Files, Screwdrivers, Paint Spray Head, Allen Wrenches, Adjustable Wrenches, Etc. 
12Hammers, Files, Drills, Crowbar
13Files, Hacksaw, Wrapping Tools, Files, Etc. 
14Selection of Spreader Tools
15Mixed Selection of Ratchets, Sockets
16Selection of Open and Box End Wrenches
17Selection of Sockets
18Hones, Oil, Lubricant, Hooks, Etc. 
19Selection of Wrenches
20Allen Wrenches, Tool Mount, More
21Bearing Clamps (22), Casters, Pegboard Hooks
22Selection of Oil Seals (115)
23Selection of Bearings (16), Bolts
24Selection of Bearings (48), Fasteners
25Letter and Number Set
26Letter and Number Set
27Letter and Number Set
28Letter and Number Set
29Letter and Number Set
30Banding Machine
31Craftsman Bench Model Drill Press
32Acroprint Time Clock
33Safety-Kleen Parts Washer
34Banding Machine
35Metal Shop Cart
36Die Set
37Ammco Model 500 Cylinder Hone
38“Minute Man” Keyway Broaches
39Metal Shop Cart
40Metal Shop Cart
415 HP Air Compressor
425 HP Air Compressor
43Compressor Tank
44Bench Grinder on Stand
45Air-Cooled Aftercooler
46Cincinnati T10 Machining Center, Totally Retrofitted, Rebuilt, Computer Upgrade to GE Fanic Series oi-MC, w/Chip Conveyor, Koolant Kooler, Loading Table
47Starrett Micrometer, 24″ to 30″
482 – Bins, Misc. Tools (see photos)
49Selection of Cutting Tools
50Selection of Cutting Tools
51Selection of Cutting Tools
52Selection of Cutting Tools
53Selection of Cutting Tools
545 – Starrett Micrometers, Various Sizes
55Measuring Instruments, Depth Gauge in Box
566 – Brown and Sharpe Micrometers in Wood Box
575 – Micrometers, Various Sizes
58Selection of Cutting Tools
59Selection of Cutting Tools
60Selection of Cutting Tools
61Selection of Cutting Tools
62Selection of Cutting Tools
63Selection of Tool Holders
64Selection of Tool Holders
65Tool Holders, Curring Tools, Etc. 
66Selection of Tool Holders
67Selection of Tool Holders
68Selection of Tool Holders
69Lot of Cat 50 Spindle Nose Tool Holders
7015 – Cat 50 Spindle Nose Tool Holders (some with tools) 
7115 – Cat 50 Spindle Nose Tool Holders (some with tools) 
7215 – Cat 50 Spindle Nose Tool Holders (some with tools) 
7315 – Cat 50 Spindle Nose Tool Holders (some with tools) 
74Selection of Indexable Turning Tool Holders
75Selection of Indexable Turning Tool Holders
76Selection of Indexable Turning Tool Holders (some were new and removed from box for photo)
77Selection of Indexable Turning Tool Holders
78Selection of Indexable Turning Tool Holders
79Selection of Cutting Tools
80Various Tool Holders
81Cutting Tools, Tool Holders, Drills
82Selection of Indexable Turning Tool Holders
83Selection of Indexable Turning Tool Holders
85Cutting Tool Holders
86Selection of Tool Holders
87Selection of Tool Holders
88Selection of Tool Holders
89Selection of Tool Holders
90Selection of Tool Holders
91Selection of Tool Holders
92Cincinnati Milacron T10 Machining Center w/ Acramatic 900 Control, Jorgenson Ship Conveyor
93Mayfran Conveyor Chip-Tote
94Steel Dump Hopper
95Steel Dump Hopper
96Platform Scale
97Budgit 2 Ton Manual Lift (lift only, track not included)
988 – Steel Plates, 22″ x 13″ x 1″ (may have started a project with these)
99Electrical Wire, Extension Cords, Air Hose, Electric Pump
100Clamp Parts
101Cutting Wheels, Shafts, Rests
102Clark 4000 lb. Forklift, 3 Stage, Sideshift, Hours Showing: 8082 (propane tank is rented, bring your own, and pickup not before 12 Noon on Friday)
1032 – Hydraulic Steady Rests
104Manually Operated Cart w/Cyclone 1 Ton Chainfall
1053 – Shop Rubber Shop Mats, 64″ x 31″
106Selection of Milling Cutters
107Selection of Milling Tools
108Selection of Tool Holders
109Selection of Tool Holders
110Selection of Tool Holders, Collets
111Selection of Milling Cutters
112Set of Spare Forks, 42″
113Cincinnati Milacron 18U, NC Turning Center, Retrofitted w/Siemens AcromaticControl 2100, Jorgensen Chip Conveyor, Electrical Transformer Included
114Micrometer in Case, 20″ to 24″
115Starrett Surface Plate, 18″ x 24″ 
116Starrett Micrometer, 20″ to 24″
1173 – Bearing Housings
118TNC Combi 4512 Machining Center w/ Jones & Lamson CNC5 Control
119Micrometers, Magnetic Gauge, Allen Wrenches
1202 – Used Renishaw Setup Probes
121Selection of Cutting Tools
122Selection of Taps, Some Dies
123Selection of Cutting Tools
124Renishaw Setup Probe
125Renishaw Setup Probe
126Calipers, Dial Indicator, Etc. 
127Selection of Gauges
128Sanding Wheels, Grinding Wheels
129Grinding Wheels
130Selection of Cutting Tools
131Selection of Cutting Tools
132Selection of Cutting Tools
133Selection of Clamp Bolts, Etc. 
134Collets, More
135Fileters, Control, More
136Collets, Tool Holders
137Chucks, Taps, Etc. 
138Selection of Drills
139Selection of Cutting Tools
140Selection of Drills
141Selection of Milling Cutters
142Selection of Drills
143Selection of Taps
144Selection of Drills
145Selection of Drills
146Selection of Drills
147Selection of Drills
148Selection of Taps
149Selection of Cutting Wheels
150Selection of Measuring Instruments
151Selection of Measuring Instruments
152Selection of Taps
153Selection of Milling Tools
154Selection of Drills
155Selection of Drills
156Selection of Milling Tools
157Selection of Drills
158Selection of Drills
159Tooling Holders, Cutting Tools
160Selection of Drills
161Selection of Drills
162Selection of Drills
163Selection of Milling Cutters
164Selection of Milling Cutters
165Selection of Drills
166Progress Model 5E Drill Press, Variable Speed
167Wisconsin Adjustable Drill Head (needs slight repair, see photo)
168Chalk Board, Measuring Charts (some are metal and may be collectible)
169Selection of Cutting Tools
170Selection of Cutting Tools
171Selection of Cutting Tools
172Measuring Instruments, Bearings
173Selection of Cutting Tools
174Selection of Cutting  Tools
175Selection of Cutting Tools
176Tapping Head
178Surface Plate, 24″ x 12″
179Magnetic Vise and 3″ Machine Vise
1802 – Tapping Heads
181Tapping Head
182Drill Grinder/Sharpener and Attachments
183Selection of Cutting Tools
184Selection of Cutting Tools
185Selection of Shims, Filter Jars, Marking Sticks
186Machinist Vise, 6″
187Tapping Head
188Tapping Head
189Machinist Vise, 12″
1903 Jaw Chuck Dividing Head for Table Mounting
191Multi-Head Drill Press, 5 – Heads (2 work well, 2 could use bearings, one is missing a motor)
192Metal Shop Cart
193Metal Shop Cart
194Metal Shop Cart
195SPI Gauge
196Atago Hand Refractometer
197Starrett Micrometer, 12″ to 16″
198Asimeto Electronic Caliper, Hand Calipers
199Starrett Micrometer, 7″ to 8″
200Starrett Micrometer, 8″ to 9″
201Fowler Coaxial Centering Indicator
202Selection of Measuring Instruments
203Starrett Micrometer, 9″ to 10″
204Starret Flat Stock, 2 Pieces
205Shipping Desk
206Empire Bead Blaster (2 spare windows included)
207Shop Fan in Cage, 36″
208Machinist Vise, 6″
209Surface Plate, 18″ x 18″
210Cincinnati Milling Machine
211Bench Grinder
212Bench Grinder (includes stand)
213Porter-Cable Wet/Dry Belt Sander, 8″ (rattles a little when running, may need a bearing in the top wheel)
214Selection of Clamp Parts
215Bullard Vertical Turret Lathe, 36″
216Squirrel Cage Fan
217Selection of Tools, Fuse, Clamp Parts, Gauges, Etc. 
218Crate of Welding Hoses, Gauges, Switches, Etc. 
219Selection of Gauges, Connections, Lead, Etc. 
22012 – Clamps for Welding
221Welding Wire, Rods, Etc. 
222Miller Welder w/Miller Tig Attachment (see photos)
223Extension Cord for Welders
224Lincoln Power Mig 255 Welder
225Airco Dip-Stick 160 Mig Welder
226Cutting Torch, Gauges, Tank Cart
227Airco Heli Welder
228Curtis 15 HP Air Compressor
229Selection of 5 Gallon Buckets (empty, good for gardening and more) Oil Change Tray
2312 – Oil Drum Pumps, Manual
232Wire Material Basket
233Material Handling Hooks, 2 – Lifting Straps
2343 – Metal Bench Stools, Swivel Chair
235Ridgid Portable Shop Vacuum
236All Steel Wheel Barrow
2372 – Oil Drum Pumps, Manual
238Kaiser Air Dryer
239Vacuum, Mop Bucket, Cleaning Supplies, More (see photos)
240Fuel Drum, Manual Pump
241Surface Plate, 36″ x 24″ with Cabinet
242Squirrel Cage Fan
2432 – Sets of Casters
244Steel Wheel Wheelbarrow
2452 – Oil Drum Pumps, Manual
246Press Clamp (needs some tubing)
247Metal Shop Cart
248Schlesingers Hardness Tester
249Metal Shop Cart w/2 Drawers
250Large Selection of Clamp and Chuck Parts
251Threading Tools
252Tooling Holders
253Tooling Holders
254Brown and Sharpe Micrometer
255Starrett Micrometer, 12″ to 13″
256Brown and Sharpe Micrometer
257Wood Extension Ladder, Wood Step Ladder, 2 Step Ladder
258Drums, Trash Cart, More (take what you want, leave the rest)
259Electrical Wire, Switches, Chuck, More (includes wire basket)
260Wiring, Panels, Motor, Pump, More (includes wire basket)
261Control Panel, Circuit Boards, Wiring, More (includes wire basket)
2622 – Heavy Steel Stands
2634 – Electric Motors
26440 HP DC Motor
265Pump, 2 – Tooling Tables
266Electrical and Control Panels
267Motors, Control Components, Wiring (includes wire basket)
2682 – 40HP DC Motors
269Jones and Lamson Universal Turret Lathe, Chuck, Tool Holder
270Metal Cabinet w/Shelves (missing one leg)
271Cincinnati Machinery Company Vertical Bandsaw, 24″
272Ramco Horizontal Bandsaw, 9″
273Dayton 36″ Shop Fan
2742 – Metal Stands w/Rollers
275Metal Tub for Storage
276Warner & Swasey Turret Lathe
277Metal Tub for Storage
278Jones and Lamson Universal Turret Lathe (parts)
2793 Jaw Chuck
2803 Jaw Chuck
2813 Jaw Chuck
2823 Jaw Chuck (missing jaws)
2833 Jaw Check (missing jaws)
284Metal Cabinet w/Shelves
285Craftsman Lathe, 6″ x 44″
286Model 5 Davis Keyseater
287Bench Grinder on Stand
288Steel Storage w/ All Pipe and Solid Rod
289All Pipe and Solid Rod on Rack (rack not included)
290Chuck and Clamp Parts
291Chuck and Clamp Parts
292Clamp Parts
2934 Flashlights
294Pitney Bowes Scales, Shipping Supplies
2952 – Stools, 2 – Chairs, 3 – Metal Stands
296Hydraulic Press (requires hydraulic pump, Lot 300)
297Pulley and Fittings
298Shipping Stapler w/Staples
299Machine to Build Return Idler Rolls (requires hydraulic pump, Lot 300)
300Vanguard Hydraulic Pump
301Wash Tub
3022 – Mop Buckets
303Rolling File Stands, Tub File Cabinet
304Shop Fan on Stand
305Snap On Tool Chest w/Contents (see photos)
306Box of 33 LP’s
307Frigidaire Microwave, Galanz Microwave
308Trouble Light on Stand
309Manual Pump w/Presses
310Selection of Misc. Tools (see photo)
311Wheel Sander
312Box of Shop Rags
313Conveyor and Shipping Boxes
314Handtrucks and Bucket of Cleaning Fluid
315Canon D320 Printer/Copier with Rolling Table
316Canon D340 Printer/Copier with Rolling Cabinet
317Pepsi Machine (may need freon)
318Wood Cabinet
319Metal Cabinet w/Shelves
320Metal Cabinet w/Shelves
321Metal Cabinet w/Shelves
331Cincinnati Milacron 900 Control Panels
332Siemens Axis Drive
333Cincinnati Milacron 850 and 950 Control
334Spindles – 40 Taper
3354 – Siemens Motors
336Cincinnati Milacron 850 Control Panels
337Selection of Circuit Breakers
3383 – Acraread Tape Readers
339Reliance Vector AC Spindle Motor, 24HP, 600RPM
340Reliance Electric VC90 Spindle Drives
3412 – Relinace Electric Spindle Drives
3424 – Siemens Motors
343Pump and Cylinder
344Large Selection of Cincinnati Milacron Machine Manuals
345Reliance Electric VC90 Spindle Drives
346Selection of Ball Screws
347Selection of Tap Matic Heads
348Cat 40 Taper Tools
349Selection of Cat 50 Taper Heads
350Siemans Spindle Drive, 30HP
351Cincinnati Milacron Electronics
352Pallet Lot, Siemans Motor/Axis Drive, 42Amp and 27.5Amp
353Cincinnati Milacron 950 Control w/All Boards
354Siemans Axis Drive

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