Machine Shop Liquidation – Equipment, Tractors, Implements & More – Laurens, SC

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Friday, June 16, 2017 @ 8:00 AM EDT
Bidding Ends:
Wednesday, June 28, 2017 @ 10:00 AM EDT
796 Rocky Springs Church, Laurens, SC
Item Description 
501.Wacker Gas Powered Tamp
502.Handcranked Blower, Lancaster, PA, Patented April 15, 1902
503.Steel Plate, 17 1/4 Round, 1 1/2 in., 12 Pieces
504.3 Barrel Dollies
505.P & H Zip-Lift Electric Hoist (No Chain)
506.CM Lodestar 1 1/2 Ton Electric Hoist
507.Budget 1 Ton Electric Hoist
508.Pair of Folding Step Ladders
509.Selection of Caster Wheels
510.Front Axle and Rear Axle w/Transmission
511.4 Material Stands
512.Entire Rack and Contents, Hundreds of Feet of Angle, Tubing, Pipe, Metal Siding, (see photos)
513.Starrett Surface Plate, 24″ x 24″
514.Cincinnati Pedestal Grinder
515.Master 155,000 BTU Kerosene Bullet Heater
516.GAF 172.FL Printer w/Supplies
517.Sunnen Precision Honing Machine
518.Springwater Press, Punch, Shear, Bend Machine
519.Colchester Triumph 2000 Lathe w/Tooling (see photos)
520.3 Folding Wire Baskets
521.Selection of Metal and Plastic Bins
522.8 Folding Wire Baskets
523.Mobile Vactral Oil No. 2 in Drum w/Pump
524.3 Anderson Hickey 4 Drawer Filing Cabinets
525.Rolls of Grass Seed Matting
526.8 Folding Wire Baskets
527.Lot of Carpet Squares 6 Boxes of Various Colors
528.4 Pallets of Lights (some may not work)
529.Work Table, 34″H, 37″W, 30″D
530.Cooling Tank w/Pump
531.Metal Rack w/Shelf on Top, 48″H, 108″W, 32″D
532.Selection of Parts Bins/Tubs (see photos)
533.Rolling Cart w/Shelves, 66″H, 48″W, 24″D
534.Square D Switch Box
535.Selection of Wire Baskets, 1 Folds, 8 for Parts Washing
536.Dumore Tool Post Grinder
537.Metal Cart on Casters, 32″H, 43″W, 28″D
538.Metal Cart on Casters, 32″H, 43″W, 28″D
539.Metal Cart on Casters, 32″H, 43″W, 28″D
540.Metal Cart on Casters, 32″H, 43″W, 28″D
541.Metal Cart on Casters, 32″H, 43″W, 28″D
542.3 Rolling Office Carts, 2 Office Chairs
543.Fadal CNC 88S Machining Center w/some Tooling, 1994, Model 906-1, Ser# 9411462 (y axis needs new servo)
543A.Kennedy Tool Cart with Full Assortment of CAT 40 Toolholders
544.Hardinge Super Precision HC Chucker Lathe w/ Threading Attachment, 13″ x 32″
545.Hardinge Super Precision HLV-DR Toolmakers Lathe, 13″ x 32″
546.Hardinge Super Precision DSM-59 Lathe, 13″ x 32″
547.Lathe Accessories and Tooling, Includes Desk
548.8 Drawer Cabinet w/Hardinge Lathe Tooling (see photos)
548A.Hardinge Colletts
548B.Hardinge Colletts
548C.Hardinge Colletts
548D.Hardinge Colletts
549.Burgmaster Multihead Drill Press, Ser#1DLY110139Z
550.Hardinge Super Precision DSM-59 Lathe, 13″ x 32″
551.Steel Work Table w/Wooden Top, 35″H, 60″W, 30″D
552.Rockwell / Delta Floor Model Drill Press, Multi Speed, Ser# 1687761
553.DoAll Surface Grinder (table has broken belt)
554.Solberga Mekaniska Power Feed Drill Press
555.DoAll Surface Grinder (head works, feed needs repair)
556.Brown & Sharpe 612 Valumaster Grinder w/ Oil Reservoir and Pump
557.Elite M 1000 Lathe/ Grinder
558.Bridgeport Series 2 Special Milling Machine
559.Sanborn/Donaldson Separator, Model Puritan, Ser# MR1053
560.Devlieg Presetter, Type 240XYEL3/2, Ser.#13348/86
561.Comet Milling Machine (head needs repair)
562.Wood Top for Work Bench, 120″ x 30″
563.Louisville 16′ Fiberglass Step Ladder
564.Louisville, 8′ Fiberglass Step Ladder
565.Werner 8′ Fiberglass Step Ladder
566.Louisville, 6′ Fiberglass Step Ladder
567.Louisville 12′ Fiberglass Step Ladder
568.Double Sided Rack for Steel and Metal Storage, 80″H, 38″W, 32″D
569.Magnetic Vise, Tool Holder, Vise, and Cast Iron Table
570.Metal Cart on Casters, 32″H, 43″W, 28″D
571.Metal Cart on Casters, 32″H, 43″W, 28″D
572.Regent Shop Lights on Tri-Stand
573.Husky Shop Lights on Tri-Stand
574.Husky Shop Lights on Tri-Stand
575.2 Shop Vacuums
576.2 Mop Buckets
577.Metal Cart on Casters, 32″H, 43″W, 28″D
578.Metal Cart on Casters, 32″H, 43″W, 28″D
579.Metal Cart on Casters, 32″H, 43″W, 28″D
580.Metal Cart on Casters, 32″H, 43″W, 28″D
581.Metal Cart on Casters, 32″H, 43″W, 28″D
582.Metal Cart on Casters, 32″H, 43″W, 28″D
583.Metal Rack for Steel and Metal Storage, 76″H, 49″W, 24″D
584.American Craftsman Double Sided Tooling Rack
585.Metal Cart on Casters, 32″H, 43″W, 28″D
586.Metal Cart on Casters, 32″H, 43″W, 28″D
587.Metal Cart on Casters, 32″H, 43″W, 28″D
588.Steel Shelf (contents NOT included)
589.Selection of Sanding Belts
590.2 Chucks, Tool Holder, Vise, Ridgid Pipe Bender
591.Electric Transformer, Sandpaper, 5 – 8″ Grinding Wheels
592.Work Table w/ Wood Top, 34″H, 60″W, 30″D (Contents not included)
593.Rack for Steel and Metal Storage, 76″H, 36″W, 24″D
594.4 Pallets of Everything, (see photos)
595.Metal Cart on Casters, 32″H, 43″W, 28″D
596.Metal Cart on Casters, 32″H, 43″W, 28″D
597.Metal Cart on Casters, 32″H, 43″W, 28″D
598.Rubber Floor Mats
599.Cabinet w/4 Drawers, Wood Top, Contents Included, 35″H, 30″W, 30″D
600.Selection of Air Hose
601.Selection of Electric Cables, Extension Cords
602.Whirlpool Window Unit Air Conditioner
603.Steel Shelf on Casters, 65″H, 48″W, 24″D
604.LNS Bar Chamfering Machine
605.Sunnen Honing Machine (needs assembly)
606.Rack for Steel and Metal Storage, 78″H, 108″W, 24″D
607.Selection of Sanding Belts, Various Sizes
608.Steel Cart on Casters, Wood Decking, 60″ x 30″
609.JLG 2646 EZ Electric Platform Scissor Lift, 26′, Self Propelled, Ser#0200109999 (excellent condition)
610.Double Sided Rack for Steel and Metal Storage, 84″H, 38″W, 55″D
611.4 Boxes of Sanding Belts, 14″
612.4 Metal Stands
613.Electric Concrete Mixer
614.Selection of Lubricants, Some Empty Buckets
615.Work Table Only, 34″H, 72″W, 48″D
616.Mitutoyo Skidless Surface Roughness Tester
617.Barrel Squeeze Forklift Attachment
618.Ridgid 535 Pipe Threading Machine on Cart
619.Stryco Bandsaw Blade Welder
620.Everett Industries Model 14 Abrasive Chop Saw
621.Spiropoint Drill Sharpener
622.Hammond Roto-Finish ER0203 Vibratory Finishing Bowl
623.Precision Mechanical Convection Oven
624.Precision Mechanical Convection Oven
625.Oster Rapiduction Jr. Threading Machine
626.Rack for Metal and Pipe Storage, Includes Pipe, Rod, Copper, and More (see photos)
627.Barrel of U-Line Sweeping Compound
628.Cleaning Solution (maybe 10 gallons?)
629.Handtrucks for Barrel Moving
630.Drum of Cimperial 1070 Metal Working Fluid Concentrate
631.Drum of Mobil Met Omicron Cutting Oil
632.Drum of Mobil DTE 24 Hydraulic Oil
633.Drum of MobilMet Omicron Cutting Oil w/Pump on Dollie
634.Selection of Lubricants (some have been opened)
635.Steel Rack, 78″H, 110″W, 15″D
636.Double Sided Metal Storage Rack, 28″H, 110″W, 32″D (Does Not Include Threaded Rod)
637.Manual Press on Stand
638.4 Sections Metal Shelving, (each section measures – 75″H, 36″W, 12″D)
639.Metal Desk, Cornice Board, Suitcases, Headboard
640.Cedar Chest on Legs w/Drawer, 2 Wooden Nightstands/File Drawers
641.Wood Shelf, Steamer Trunk
642.Steel Cart on Casters, Wood Decking, 60″ x 30″
643.3 Matching Pine Chairs
645.Selection of 6 Chairs, 2 Rockers, 2 Straight, 2 Office
646.3 Office Desks, 1 Credenza
647.6 Matching Upholstered Side Chairs
648.3 Rolling Tub Files
649.Formal Dining Table, 78″ x 36″ and 6 Chairs, 4 Side, 2 Arm
650.Shop-Vac Pro, 22 Gallon, 6.25 HP
651.Pair of Matching Phone Booths, (nothing inside)
652.Box w/Engine Stand Parts, Wheels and Tires, Saw Blades, Etc.
653.Rooftop Luggage Carrier, Sport 20-SV
654.Wooden Phone Booth (nothing inside)
655.Selection of Shop Stools, Chairs, Card Table, Folding Chairs, Wood Tables
656.Metal Work Table, 34″H, 78″W, 28″D (Contents Not Included)
657.Bijur Spraymist Coolant System
658.Hillman Machinery Rollers, Set of 4 in Box
659.Bijur Spraymist Coolant System
660.Selection of Clamps, (approx. 12)
661.Belt Sander Attachment
662.Box of Grinding Discs
663.Bijur Spraymist Coolant System
664.Rockwell Abrasive Chop Saw
665.DoAll Grinder
666.Glass Showcase w/Shelves, 38″H, 72″W, 22″D
667.Glass Showcase w/Shelves, 40″H, 37″W, 22″D
668.Clark Forklift, Gas, Free Lift Mast, 4000lbs. Model C300-50, Ser#356-69-1928
669.Welding Rod Selection
670.Shelving Boards, Paint Supplies
671.Westinghouse Lifeguard DC Welder
672.Westinghouse Welder
673.Selection Welding Helmets, Anti Spatter Spray
674.Tweco Mig Gun
675.Lincoln Wire Welder Gun
676.Welding Wire Conduit, Tips
677.5 C Clamps
678.4 C Clamps
679.4 C Clamps
680.6 Vise Grip Clamps
681.6 Vise Grip Clamps
682.Assortment of 5 Clamps
683.Solid Steel Welding Table, 36″H, 96″W, 48″D (Contents NOT Included)
684.Baltec Press
685.Selection of Large Grinding Wheels
686.Buffalo No. 18 Drill Press on Stand
687.Brown & Sharpe Milling Machine
688.2 Air Compressors for Parts
689.Welding Cart
690.Kenmore Refrigerator, Magic Chef Microwave
691.Heavy Metal Shelving, 84″H, 36″W, 18″D, (7 sections for one bid, contents NOT included)
692.Contents of Shelving, Valve, Rings, Fasteners, Etc. (see photos)
693.Contents of Shelving, Plumbing, Fuel, Cable, More (see photos)
694.Contents of Shelving, Wire, Bags, Plumbing, More (see photos)
695.Contents of Shelving, Assortment of Parts Boxes (see photos)
696.Contents of Shelving, Electrical and More (see photos)
697.Contents of Shelving, Wire, Electrical, More, (see photos)
698.Contents of Shelving, Paint, Lubricant, Cleaning Products, (see photos)
699.Heavy Metal Shelving, 84″H, 36″W, 18″D, (2 sections for one bid, contents NOT included), Set of Doors Included to Make One Section a Cabinet
700.Glass Items, Christmas Decorations, More (see photos)
701.One Section of Pallet Racking, 10’H, 10’W, 3.5’D (Contents NOT Included)
702.Metal Frame Work Table w/Wood Top, 34″H, 60″W, 30″D (contents NOT included)
703.Ibico Binder, Bag Sealer, 2 Staplers, Air Compressor
704.4 Large Filters
705.Metal Frame Work Table w/Wood Top, 34″H, 60″W, 30″D (contents NOT included)
706.Metal Frame Work Table, 34″H, 60″W, 28″D (Contents Included)
707.Pair Metal Framed Bar Stools
708.Strapping Reel and Equipment
709.Metal Framed Work Table w/Wood Top, 34″H, 72″W, 36″D (Contents NOT Included)
710.Metal Framed Work Table w/Wood Top, 34″H, 72″W, 36″D (Contents NOT Included)
711.Paper Roll Rack, Tape Dispenser, Roll Wrapping Stand, Etc. (see photos)
712.Squeeze Lifting Clamp
713.Ridgid Shop-Vac, 16 Gallon, 6.5 HP
714.Desk and Supplies
715.Office Desk and Supplies
716.Shop-Vac, 6.5HP
717.2 Office Desks, 2 Office Chairs, Supplies
718.Boxes, Tape, Labels, Plastic Wrap, Wood Flooring, (see photos)
719.2 Sections of Pallet Racking, 8’H, 9’W, 3’D Each Section Contents NOT Included)
720.Engine Block
721.Continental Water Cooled Engine w/ PTO
722.Engine Block
723.Across Bed Pickup Tool Box, Aluminum
724.Selection of Polishing Stones
725.Pallet Racking, 5 Sections, 4 Sections 12’H, 10’W, 3.5′ D, 1 Section 8’W, (total 48′ length)
726.Copier/Printer Table, Paper Supplies, 3 Exit Lights in Box
727.Air Tank w/Venturi Vacuum Pump
728.2 Door Metal Cabinet w/ Supplies, Safety and First Aid, (see photos)
729.Roll of Communication Cable
730.6′ Folding Table
731.4 – 4 Drawer Filing Cabinets, 1 – 5 Drawer Filing Cabinet
732.Hon 5 Drawer Lateral Filing Cabinet
733.Work Table, Desk, Credenza, Chairs, Shredder (see photos)
734.Drawer Dividers, Parts Bins (plastic and cardboard), Tooling Sleeves, Tool Boxes
735.Singer Sewing Machine in Cabinet
736.Pair of Chick Work Holding Tools
737.Pair of Chick Work Holding Tools
738.Pair of Chick Work Holding Tools
739.Pair of Chick Work Holding Tool
740.Chick Work Holding Tool
741.Chick Work Holding Tool
742.Chick Work Holding Tool
743.6′ Folding Table (Contents NOT Included)
744.Large, Heavy Duty Cabinet, 11 Drawers, 60″H, 60″W, 28″ D
745.Tool Holders, Vise Parts, Etc. (see photos)
746.Heavy Metal Shelving, 84″H, 36″W, 18″D, (2 sections for one bid, contents NOT included)
747.Large Box of Hose and Tubing (3′ Tall)
748.Louisville 6′ Step Ladder
749.Shelf Lot, Chick Work Holding Tool Clamps (see multiple photos)
750.Shelf Lot, Lathe Parts and Tools (see multiple photos)
751.Shelf Lot, Lathe Parts and More (see multiple photos)
752.Shelf Lot, Grinding Blades, Sandpaper, More, (see multiple photos)
753.Shelf Lot, Sanding Belts, More (see multiple photos)
754.Heavy Metal Shelving, 84″H, 36″W, 18″D (5 sections for one bid, contents NOT included)
755.Work Table w/ Wood Top, 34″H, 72″W, 28″D, 2 Drawers and Bottom Shelf (Contents NOT Included)
756.Starrett Dial Indicator
757.Universal Punch Concentricity Gage
758.Mitutoyo Electronic Height Gauge
759.Brown and Sharpe Surface Plate, 12″ x 8″
760.OGP 14″ Top Bench Optical Comparator
761.Rope, Wire, Screws
762.4 – Sided Cabinet w/532 Parts Drawers, Swivels
763.Steel Cart on Casters, Wood Decking, 60″ x 30″
764.Work Table w/ Wood Top, 34″H, 60″W, 30″D (Contents NOT Included)
765.Work Table w/ Wood Top, 34″H, 60″W, 30″D (Contents Not Included)
766.Mitutoyo Dial Caliper, 16″
767.Mitutoyo Dial Bore Gauge
768.Mitutoyo Dial Gauge
769.Mitutoyo Dial Caliper, 11″
770.Sine Bar, 12″
771.Brown and Sharpe Micrometer, 15″
772.Starrett Gauge
773.Starrett Gauge
774.Starrett Caliper, 28″
775.Pair of Brown and Sharpe Micrometers (both missing the spindle)
776.Brown and Sharpe Magnetic Chuck
777.Rotating Clamp
778.Starrett Dial Indicator on Small Surface Plate
779.Waage Melting Pot
780.Knockout Punch Sets (see photo)
781.Broach Set
782.Fowler-Bowers Bore Micrometer Set (from .080″ to .250″ diameter)
783.Starrett Internal Micrometer Set
784.Set of 8 Micrometers
785.Starrett Digital Electronic Internal Micrometer
786.Fowler Bowers Internal Micrometer
787.Delta Dado Set
788.Broach Set
789.Starrett Micormeter
790.Brown and Sharpe Micrometer
791.Ultrasonic Parts Washer
792.6′ Plastic Folding Table (Contents NOT Included)
793.Selection of Air Hose and Accessories
794.Heavy Cabinet w/ 8 Drawers, 60″H, 30″W, 28″D (missing drawers are beside cabinet)
795.Heavy Cabinet w/ 10 Drawers, 60″H, 60″W, 28″D
796.Selection of Fluids and other Shop Supplies, Steel Shims
797.Cabinet w/ 9 Drawers and Shelving on Top, 75″H, 28″W, 28″D (contents NOT included)
798.Cabinet w/ 9 Drawers and Shelving on Top, 75″H, 28″W, 28″D (contents NOT included)
799.Cabinet w/ 9 Drawers and Shelving on Top, 75″H, 28″W, 28″D (contents NOT included)
800.Cabinet w/ 9 Drawers and Shelving on Top, 75″H, 28″W, 28″D (contents NOT included)
801.Cabinet w/ 11 Drawers, 60″H, 60″W, 28″D (contents NOT included)
802.6 Drawers of Electrical Supplies (see multiple photos)
803.Cabinet w/ 9 Drawers, 60″H, 60″W, 29″D (Contents Not Included)
804.Cabinet w/ 9 Drawers and All Contents, 46″H, 30″W, 28″D (pins, bearings, fuses, SEE multiple photos)
805.Cabinet w/ 9 Drawers and All Contents, 46″H, 30″W, 28″D (set screws, brushes, electrical, SEE multiple photos)
806.Boxes of Cutting Tools, Electrical Connectors, Fasteners, Etc. (see photos)
807.6′ Folding Table (Contents NOT Included)
808.Olympus Microscope
809.Surface Plate, 12″ x 9″
810.2 Barrel Deheaders
811.2 Air Sanders, Angle Vise, Dremel Tool, Electric Motor
812.Small Air Operated Chisel
813.Threaded Rod, Approx. 40 Pieces, 10’L (Rack Not Included)
814.Drills, Saw
815.Eron 6″ Adjustable Vise
816.3″ Vise
817.Morton Multi Vise
818.Heinrich 4 ” Vise
819.Palmgren 3″ Vise
820.Selection of Clamps, (approx. 8, various sizes)
821.40″ x 30″ Folding Table (Contents NOT Included)
822.Cabinet w/ 9 Drawers, 60″H, 30″W, 28″D
823.Tool Rack, 34″H, 27″W, 17″ D
824.Hon 5 Drawer Lateral Filing Cabinet
825.15 Drills
826.15 Drills
827.25 Drills
828.15 Drills
829.16 Drills
830.23 Drills
831.50 Quick Change Tap Colletts
832.50 Quick Change Tap Colletts
833.Approx. 100 Quick Change Tap Collets
834.50 Quick Change Tap Colletts
835.15 Burnishing Tools
836.15 Burnishing Tools
837.13 Burnishing Tools
838.Selection of New Bandsaw Blades, Various Sizes
839.Honing Stones and Holder
840.Milling Cutters and Saws
841.Milling Cutters
842.Milling Cutters
843.Milling Cutters
844.Milling Cutters and Saws
845.Number and Lettering Stamps
846.Hole Saw Blades
847.Honing Stones, Truing Sleeves
848.Selection of Nuts
849.Selection of Fasteners
850.Keys/ Allen Wrenches
851.Keys/ Allen Wrenches
852.Keys/ Allen Wrenches
853.Selection of Nuts
854.Keys/ Allen Wrenches
855.Taps and Fasteners
856.Drills and Cutting Tools
857.Socket Sets
858.Selection of Taps
859.Selection of Sockets
860.Selection of Endmills
861.Selection of Taps
862.Selection of Taps
863.Selection of Cutting Tools (most new in the box)
864.Selection of Drills, Taps, Dies
866.Drills, Colletts, Center, Cutting Tool Holders
867.Selection of Chucks
869.Lathe Tools
870.Lathe Tools
871.Cutting Tools
872.Selection of Drills
873.Drills, Cutting Tools
874.Cutting Tools (most new in the box)
875.Drills, Tool Holders
876.Cutting Tools, Drills
877.Selection of Taps
878.Selection of Taps
879.Selection of Drills
880.Selection of Drills
881.20 Chucks
882.Inserts and Holders
883.Inserts and Drills
884.15 Drills
885.Inserts and Holders
887.Selection of Drills
888.25 Inserts and Holders
889.35 Tool Holders
890.35 Tool Holders
891.35 Tool Holders
892.Cutting Tools
893.Selection of Tool Holders
894.Cutting Tools
895.25 Drills
896.Selection of Drills and Holders
897.Selection of Holders
898.25 Tool Holders
899.30 Tool Holders
900.Insert Tool Holders
901.Selection of Drills
902.Inserts and Tool Holders
903.Drill Holders
904.Inserts and Holders
905.Tapered Shank Twist Drills
906.Selection of Colletts (TG100, etc.)
907.Selection of Chucks
908.Ratchet Straps, Extension Cords, Surge Protectior
909.Steel BB’s
910.Tool Holders
911.HMC Zoom 220 Motorized Cart (batteries are down, condition unknown)
912.Selection of Reamers and Cutting Tools
913.Selection of Thread Rings
914.Selection of Thread Rings
915.Selection of Drills
916.Selection of Drills
917.Selection of Cutting Tools (most new in the box)
918.Selection of Cutting Tools (most new in the box)
919.Selection of Milling Cutters
920.Honing Stones and Tools
921.Honing Stones and Tools
922.Broach Tools
923.Broach Tools
924.Broach Tools
925.Selection of Measuring Instruments
926.Selection of Thread Gauges
927.Selection of Thread Gauges
928.Selection of Measuring Instruments
929.Tool Holders
930.Selection of Measuring Instruments
931.Selection of Tool Tips, Clamp Bolts, Etc.
932.Measuring Instruments, Steel Parallel, More
933.Vise, Clamps, Etc.
934.Precision Gage Sets
935.Clamps, Gauges, Steel Parallel
936.Selection of Specialty Clamps
937.Selection of Measuring Instruments
938.Selection of Measuring Instruments
939.Cutting Tips (some full, some not)
940.Cutting Tips (some full, some not)
941.Cutting Tips (some full, some not)
942.Cutting Tips (some full, some not)
943.Drills, Cutter, Etc.
944.Steel Parallels, Clamp Parts
945.Socket Sets
946.Cutting Tips (some full, some not)
947.Cutting Tips (some full, some not)
948.Cutting Tips (some full, some not)
949.Cutting Tips (some full, some not)
950.Cutting Tips (some full, some not)
951.Cutting Tips (some full, some not)
952.Cutting Tips (some full, some not)
953.Cutting Tips (some full, some not)
954.Electric Grinder, Rivet Gun, Air Grinder, Allen Wrenches
955.Cutting Tips, Clamp Parts, Drills, Etc.
956.Selection of Measuring Instruments
957.Selection of Drills (new in container)
958.Keys, Rivets, Wrenches, Etc.
959.Sander, Drill, Collett, Wrenches
960.Selection of 16C Colletts
961.Procunier Tapper Head
962.Screwdrivers, Nutdrivers, Wrenches
963.Keys/ Allen Wrenches
964.Keys/ Allen Wrenches
965.Die Tools
966.Geometric Dies
967.Geometric Dies
970.Die Tools
971.Selection of Taps
972.Selection of Taps
973.Selection of Taps
974.Selection of Taps and Tap Holders
975.Thread Repair Kits
976.Hammers and Springs
977.Sealant and Floor Finish
978.Selection of Chucks
979.Set of Manhole Racks/Shelving
980.John Deere B
981.Farmall A
982.Cub Lo-Boy 154 w/ 5′ Deck Mower
983.John Deere 50
984.Allis-Chalmers CA (seller says with a battery, it will run)
985.Farmall B
986.Ferguson TO 20
987.Farmall Model FC (C or Super C?, Ser#125881)
988.Allis-Chalmers WC
989.International 404
990.John Deere B
991.Allis-Chalmers WC
992.John Deere 50
993.Allis-Chalmera A
994.John Deere Grain Drill
995.Farmall 200
996.Allis Chalmers C
997.Farmall Super A
998.Allis-Chalmers G
999.Massey Harris Pony
1000.Ferguson 30
1001.Farmall C
1002.Farmall Model B
1003.Farmall B
1004.John Deere
1005.John Deere 630
1006.John Deere 530
1007.John Deere 60
1008.John Deere 50
1009.Allis-Chalmers G
1010.Farmall 230
1011.John Deere
1012.John Deere B
1013.Farmall 350, Diesel
1014.Farmall A
1015.Allis Chalmers CA
1016.Farmall B
1017.Farmall B
1018.Ford 8N
1019.International AO
1020.Farmall C
1021.John Deere 520
1022.Allis-Chalmers CA (seller says with a battery, it will run)
1023.Farmall Model FC
1024.Farmall 230
1025.John Deere A
1026.John Deere G
1027.John Deere G
1028.John Deere 530
1029.JohnDeere 50
1030.Athens Disc Harrow
1031.Tiller, 3PH
1032.John Deere 4 Disc Tiller
1033.John Deere 2 Disc Tiller Frame
1034.John Deere 4 Disc Tiller
1035.20 Disc Harrow, Pull Type and Harrow Frame
1036.4 Bottom Plow
1037.John Deere 4 Disc Tiller
1038.4 Bottom Plow
1039.Selection of Drag Harrows
1040.2 Disc Tiller
1041.4 Disc Tiller
1043.1 Bottom Plow
1044.3 Bottom Plow
1045.4 Bottom Plow
1046.McCormick 3 Bottom Plow
1047.3 Bottom Plow
1048.2 Bottom Plow
1049.2 Bottom Plow
1050.2 Bottom Plow
1051.2 Bottom Plow
1052.2 Bottom Plow
1053.3 Disc Tiller
1054.2 Bottom Plow
1055.2 Bottom Plow
1057.Allis-Chalmers 4 Bottom Plow
1058.3 Bottom Plow
1059.3 Bottom Plow
1060.John Deere Subsoil
1061.John Deere Subsoil
1063.2 Bottom Plow
1064.3 Bottom Plow
1065.4 Bottom Plow
1066.2 Bottom Plow
1067.2 Bottom Plow
1068.3 Bottom Plow
1069.3 Bottom Plow
1070.Wire Basket
1071.Cub Cadet 104 Garden Tractor
1072.Gravely Tractor w/Tiller and Sulkey
1073.Gravely Tractor w/Mower
1074.John Deere 592 Mower
1075.Gravely Parts, Mower, Plows, Wheels
1076.Hay Baler
1077.Hay Baler
1078.Lely 1250 Spreader, 3PH (like new)
1079.John Deere Grain Drill
1080.Cultivator Frame
1081.4 Bottom Plow
1082.Allis Chalmers G
1083.John Deere B
1084.Ford 8N
1085.Minneapolis Moline
1086.B F Avery
1087.Farmall A
1088.Allis-Chalmers CA
1089.Farmall A
1090.Farmall A
1091.2 Axle Trailer w/Ramps, 17′ x 8′
1093.John Deere 25 Combine
1094.Allis-Chalmers All Crop Harvester
1095.Allis-Chalmers G
1096.Pull Type Rotary Mower
1097.Dearborn Saw
1098.Scarifier, 3PH,
1099.Carryall, 3 PH,
1100.Tractor Frame
1101.Tractor Frame
1103.Utility Trailer,
1104.Metal Rack,
1105.A Frame for Hoist, check for cross piece
1106.Ferguson Harrow
1107.Pull Type Rotary Mower
1108.New Holland Haybine
1109.New Holland Square Hay Baler
1110.16 Disc Harrow
1111.Massey Ferguson 585 Hay Rake
1112.Steel Work Table
1114.16 Disc Pull Type Harrow
1115.Mower Parts, Trailer Axle
1116.Athens 2 Disc Tiller
1117.Dearborn 2 Bottom Plow
1118.1 Disc Tiller
1119.Fan, Steel Rack, Hitch, Table Frame
1120.Hitch Carrier
1121.8 Disc Offset Harrow
1122.3 Disc Tiller
1123.2 Disc Tiller
1124.Sickle Mower
1125.Large Electrical Box
1127.Sickle Mower
1128.Sickle Mower
1130.Modern Rake
1131.Planter Parts, Large Wheel Weight
1132.Belt Driven Saw Parts
1133.Walk Behind Tractor
1134.Scrape Blade, Tractor Parts, Cultivator Parts, Mower
1135.Dirt Scoop, 3PH
1136.Tin, Pallet Racking
1137.Tomato Baskets, approx. 15
1138.Root Rake, 3PH,
1139.Scrape Blade, 3PH,
1140.Pulverizer, 3PH,
1141.Conveyor, PTO Driven,
1142.4 Utility Trailers
1143.Parts, Metal, Siding, Scrap, (see photos)
1144.Poles, I-Beams, Pipe, More
1145.4 Bottom Plow
1146.Utility Trailer,
1147.2 Wheel Weights, 2 Wheels
1148.Tin, Metal, Salvage
1149.Horse Drawn Stalk Cutter
1150.Horse Drawn Cultivator
1152.Pipe, Racking Siding, I-Beam, More ( see photos)
1153.International Travelall
1154.International 1200 Truck
1155.Round Tank, Square Tank
1156.John Deere 45 Combine, Grain Head
1157.Overhead Crane w/ 2- 2 Ton Budget Hoists
1158.Overhead Crane w/4 Ton Shaw Box Hoist
1160.Dump Hopper
1161.Dump Hopper
1162.Dump Hopper
1163.Dump Hopper
1164.Dump Hopper
1165.3 Hoppers
1166.7 Hoppers on Casters
1167.2 Large Hoppers
1168.Selection of Harrow Discs
1169.Dump Hopper
1170.Desk, Work Benches, Cart Frames
1171.Yale Forklift, (not running)
1172.Rolling Cart
1173.Trinco Dry Blaster
1174.Parts Polisher
1175.Graymills Parts Cleaner (disassembled for auction)
1176.Trinco Dry Blaster
1177.Marvel Vertical Bandsaw w/Conveyor
1178.Pair of Sawhorses
1179.Empire Bead Blaster
1180.Tractor and Vehicle Tires
1181.Internation Motor and Transmission
1182.New Holland Dryer
1183.New Holland Parts Cleaner
1184.Wynn’s 301 Coolant
1185.Motivar Air Dryer
1186.Curtis 30 HP Air Compressor, Extra Tank (needs rebuild)
1187.Patton’s 30 HP Air Compressor
1188.Wire Racking and other Metals
1189.Metal Cabinet, 7 Drawers, 45″H, 30″W, 28″D, Includes Pipe Fittings, Etc.
1190.Dumore Drill Press (may need belt)
1191.8″ Bench Grinder (in box)
1192.Stand, Edges
1193.Heavy Digging Bar
1194.Small Safe, 29″H, 18″W, 18″D (no combination, but door is open)
1195.Major Safe, 57″H, 26″W, 27″D (no combination, but bottow door is open)
1196.Tool Holder
Laurens, SC Machine Shop