Liquidation of Fence Company – Roebuck, SC

Online Auction
Bidding Starts:
Friday, August 11, 2017 @ 8:00 AM EDT
Bidding Ends:
Thursday, August 24, 2017 @ 12:00 PM EDT
5952 Highway 221, Roebuck, SC

There are multiple items in many of the lots in this auction. We HIGHLY recommend you attend the inspection before placing your final bids. We would not want you to be disappointed you did not bid more when loading and find you missed many of the materials you could have used. Measurements and counts are not guaranteed, rely on your own inspection. If you purchase the contents of a building, plan to show up the first available load out time. If you purchase a building and contents are not included, plan to load on the afternoon of the second day.

15 Rolls of Fencing, Some Pieces, 6′
29 Rolls of Fencing, Some Pieces, 6′
3Misc. Rolls of Fencing, (see photos)
48 Rolls of Fencing, 6′
53 Rolls of Fencing, 4′
6Motorcycle Frame (no title)
76 Rolls of Fencing, 5′
86 Rolls of Fencing, 4′
9Selection of Pipe, Most is 3″, Some 2 1/2″, Approx. 150 Pieces, 12’L
10Dump Cart (no wheels), Wheelbarrow
114 Rolls of Fencing, 7′ and 1 Roll of Fencing, 8′
123 Rolls of Fencing, 6′ and 1 Roll of Fencing, 4′
133 Rolls of Fencing, 7″
145 Rolls of Fencing, 6′
154 Rolls of Fencing, 7′ 
161 Kennel Gate, 2 Door, 6’H x 8’W
171 Kennel Gate, 3 Door, 6’H x 12’W
181 Gate, 5’H x 2’W and 2 Gates, 7 1/2’H x 3’W
191 Gate, 4’H x 3 1/2 W, and 2 Gates, 5’H x 4’W, and 2 Gates, 6’H x 6’W
201 Gate, 7’H x 6″W, and 2 Gates, 5’H x 8″W, and 1 Gate, 7’H x 2 1/2 W
214 Gates, 7’H x 4’W
223 Gates, 7’H x 8’W, and 1 Gate, 7’H x 6’W
231 Gate, 7’H x 8’W, and 1 Gate, 7’H x 11’W
242 Gates, 6’H x 7’W, and 1 Gate, 6’H x 8’W
254 Gates, 6’H x 7’W
264 Gates, 6’H x 8’W
276 Gates, 6’H x 6 1/2W
281 Gate, 8’H x 6’W
291 Gate, 7’H x 6’W, and 1 Gate, 7’H x 8W, and 1 Gate 7’H x 10’W
304 Gate Frames, 7’H x 12’W
317’H x 12’W
322 Gates 7’H x 10’W,  Barbed Wire on Top
3313 Gates, 7’H x 15’W, Barbed Wire on Top
348 Gates, 7’H x 18′ W, Barbed Wire on Top
354 Rolling Carts
36Mobile Home Axle
37Pipe, Mostly 3″, 11′ to 13′ Length, Approx. 75 Pieces
387 Step Ladders, Various Heights, (some have been repaired)
39Building, 7′ x 16′ (includes all contents, no door)
40Pallet Racking and Barn Door Slides
41Gate, 6’H x 12’W, Plus Short Pipe Included
42Metal Siding, 42″L (might work for pallet racking)
43Aluminum Dock Board
444 Road Gates, 2 Gate Frames, 7’H x 10’W, 1 Gate, 7’H x 10’W, Gate, 6’H x 6’W, 2 Gate Frames, 8’H x 12’W, 1 Gate Frame, 6’H x 16’W, Gate Jig
45Gates, Fencing, Shelving, Rolloff Container Full of Wire, Pipe Rack, (see photos and video)
46Fence Fittings in Barrels (see multiple photos)
47Utility Building, 10′ x 24′ (damaged on one end)
48Side Door Container and Contents, 8′ x 22′ (see photos)
49Pipe Racks, Grates, Ladders, I-Beam
50Gates, Fittings, Wheels, Tires, Etc. (see photos)
51Pipe Cutter
526 Rolls of Fencing, 4′
53Pipe Racks, Pipe, Shelving, Barbed Wire, Rolloff Bin (see photos and video)
54Wheelbarrows, New Barbed Wire, Fencing, Gate (see photos and video)
55Fuel Drum on Stand
56Pipe Racks and Pipe
571993 Chevrolet 3500 Dually, Ser#1GBHC34KXPE173534, Odometer Shows 144,557, 7′ x 12′ Bed, 5 Speed Manual (condition unknown)
58Selection of Tires and Wheels, Some Aluminum
59Items Under Carport, Riding Lawnmowers, Tools, Fence Fittings (see photos)
60Metal Carport, 18′ x 18′
61All Fencing Surrounding Mobile Home and Brick Home, Several Gates Included (does not include fencing around perimeter of the property)
62Single Wide Mobile Home (no title), Includes All Contents, Tools, Furniture, AC (salvage what you want, leave the rest – see photos and video)
631979 Ford, F-100, Ser#F15GNEE2934, Odometer Shows 71170 (rear window missing, includes everything in bed, current condition unknown, was running on first visit to property)
64Building, 6′ x 8′, Plus All Tools Inside, Saw, Pullers, Bolt Cutters, Etc. 
65Rack w/All Pipe and Metal Shelving
66Rack w/All Pipe
673 Rolls of Fencing, 8′ and Gate
686″ Pipe, 5 Lengths 12′, 2 Lengths 10′, 1 Length 24′
695 Rolls of Fencing, 4′, Plus Some Pipe and Wire
70Rack w/All Pipe (many are 22′)
71Rack w/All Pipe and Black Pipe on Ground (many are 22′)
722 Sided Rack w/All Pipe Included
732 Sided Rack w/All Pipe Included, Plus Pipe on Ground
74Hyster Forklift, Dual Front Wheels, 6 Cylinder Gas, Ser# Missing (was running on first visit to property, key missing, current condition unknown)
75Metal Cage, 60″H, 45″W, 30″D
76Dog Kennel, 10′ x 12′
773 Metal Cages, 60″H, 45″W, 30″D
78Dog Kennel, 10′ x 12′
793 Metal Cages, 60″H, 45″W, 30″D (orange ribbon)
802 Metal Cages, 60″H, 48″W, 38″D (pink ribbon)
811 Metal Cage, 68″H, 47″W, 40″D
82Fencing on Right Side of Boundary of Property and Across of Rear Boundary, 6′, Multiple Gates, Some Privacy, Some Open. (NOTE: Buyer to Remove) 575′ Per Survey
833 Gates, 4’H x 5’W
84Office Trailer and Contents, 8′ x 24′
8525 Rolls of Fencing, 4′ and 3′
86Fence Fittings in Buildings (see photos)
87Wood Building, 6′ x 8′
88Wood Building, 6′ x 8′
89Wood Building, 6′ x 8′
90Wood Building, 6′ x 8′
91Wood Building, 6′ x 8′
92Wood Building, 6′ x 8′
93Wood Building, 6′ x 8′
94Electric Air Compressor and Paint Sprayer
95Floor Jack
96Tri-Star Bench Model Drill Press, 16 Speed, on Table
97Golf Cart (condition unknown)
98Electric Air Compressor 
99Electric Air Compressor
100Bench Model Drill Press on Table
1014 Lawnmowers and Spreader
102Airco Welder (condition unknown)
103Craftsman 1136 Riding Lawnmower
1042 Pull Along Post Hole Diggers
1052 Pull Along Post Hole Diggers
1062 Pull Along Post Hole Diggers
107Contents of Corner, Heater, Heater, Shop Vac, Refrigerator, 2 Man Auger, Small Engine Parts, Work Table (see photos)
1083 Floor Jacks
109Murray Riding Mower
110Pulleys, Foot Controls, Engine Block, Furnishings (down middle of shop, see photos)
1116″ Post Driver
112Contents of Left Side of Shop, Several Engines, Engine Lift, Tool Box, Table Saw, Top Door Cooler, Etc.(see photos)
113Miller Gasoline Welder
114Gates and Pipe Behind Building
11518 Gates, 21 Gate Frames Behind Truck Body
1165 Gates Behind Metal Building
117Post Hole Augers, Parts Washer, Building Supplies
1184 Goodyear Tires, 14″
1192 7″H x 6″W Gates
120Fuel Tank w/Electric Pump
121Fuel Tank w/Electric Pump
122Contents of Shop Building, 2 Wilton Vises, Saw Horses, Jigs, Pipe, Power Tools, Etc. (see photos)
1234 4″H x 6’W Gates and Pipe
124Fence Gate Jigs
125Fittings in Barrels (see photos)
126Pallet Racking Parts
127Bucket of Chain
128Aluminum Tool Box
129Building of Gates, Many Sizes (did not count)
130Carport, 12’H, 12’W, 17’D(buyer to remove)
131Privacy Material for Fencing
132Building of Fittings, Multiple New Bags, Includes Pallet Racking. 
1333 Fence Gates, Pipe Rack and Contents
134Gate Frames, 2 4′ x 4′, 11 4′ x 3′
135Wood Building, 6′ x 8′
136Contents of Building, Fittings (see photos)
1372 Gates, 4′ x 5′
1384 Gates, 3′ x 2′ and 4 Gates, 4′ x 5′
1393 Gates, 4′ x 6′
140Wood Building, 6′ x 8′
141Contents of Building, Fittings (see photos)
1425 Gates, 3′ x 2′
143Approximately 10 Gates, Various Sizes
1442 Gates 4’H x 6’W
1452 Gate, 4’H x 6’W
1462 Gates, 4’H x 5’W, and 1 Gate 4’H x 3’W
1478 Gate Frames, 4′ x 4′
14812 Gates, 4’H x 3’W
1492 Gates, 5’H x 3’W, and 8 Gates, 4’H x 3’W
15012 Gates, 4’H x 3’W
1513 Gates, 4’H x 3’W
1525 Gates, 4’H x 3’W
1538 Gate Frames, 4’H x 3’W
154Wood Building, 6′ x 8′
1552 Gates, 5’H x 6’W, and 1 Gate, 5’H x 6’W, and 2 Gates 8’H x 4’W
1568 Gate Frames, Various Sizes, and 4 Door Kennel Front
157Portable Hobart Welder (condition unknown)
158Wood Building, 6′ x 8′
159Fittings in Building (see photos)
1604 Gates, 6’H x 4’W
161Approximately 20 Gates, Ranging in Size from 3’W to 40’W
1628 Gates and Frames, Various Sizes, 2 Sections of Iron Fencing
1632 Commercial Gates
1643 Gates, 6’H x 3’W, and 4 Gates, 6’H x 4’W
1651 Gate 5’H x 5’W, and 11 Gates, 5’H x 4’W
1668 Commercial Gates, Various Sizes
167Approximately 35+ Gates, Various Sizes and Colors
168Lot of Black Fencing, Various Heights
1696 Rolls of Fencing, 5′
170Selection of Green Fencing, Various Heights
1714 Gates, 4’H x 6’W
1726 Gates, 6’H x 6’W
1732 Gates, 5’H x 8’W
1741 Gate 5’H x 6’W, and 4 Gates, 7’H x 10’W
1754 Gates 7’H x 16″, With Barbed Wire on Top
1761993 Ford F-350 Dually, Ser#1FDJF37H6PNA47316, Odometer (cannot be read, no key) 5 Speed Standard (condition unknown)
177All Fencing Down Left Side of Perimeter, 300 Ft. According to Survey (NOTE: buyer to remove)
178Iron Fencing Across Front of Premises, Includes 3 Rolling Gates, 378 Ft. According to Survey (NOTE: buyer to remove, some decorative tops missing)
1794 Gates, 6’H x 3’W
180All Contents of Brick House, Plus Salvage Any Materials and Leave the Rest