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Friday, December 29, 2017 @ 8:00 AM EST
Bidding Ends:
Thursday, January 11, 2018 @ 12:00 PM EST
982 Neely Ferry Rd, Laurens, SC
Item Description 
721.Henredon’s 18th Century Portfolio Server, 32″H, 36″W, 18″D (when folded open, 6’w) Spot on Top
722.Decorative Mirror, 49″ x 29″
723.Henredon’s 18th Century Portfolio China Cabinet, 84″H, 58″W, 18″D
724.Set of 6 Dining Chairs, 2 – Arm, 4 – Sides
725.Set of 5 Mirrors, Various Sizes
726.Set of 4 Mirrors, Various Sizes and Shapes, One Beveled
727.Henredon End Table w/Drawer
728.Upholstered Sofa, 88″
729.Selection of Framed Prints (see photos)
730.Large Beveled Mirror, 43″ x 54″
731.Electric Fireplace Stove, 27″H, 23″W, 16″
732.Assortment of Planters and Flower Arrangements
733.Selection of Framed Prints, Quantity 12, (see photos)
734.Curio Cabinet, Glass Shelves, 70″H, 21″W, 18″D
735.3 – Framed Prints (see photos)
736.Beveled Mirror, Heavy Frame, 38″ x 34″
737.Tray on Stand, Brass Umbrella Stand, Brass Tea Kettle on Stand
738.Upholstered Chair w/Matching Ottoman
739.Chair and Nightstand w/Drawer (top of nightstand needs attention)
740.Round Table 28″H, 30″R
741.Wood Plant Stands, 39″H and 36″H
742.White Colored Rug w/Sculpted Design on Corners, 108″ x 143″
743.Rug, Extra Thick, 62″ x 99″ (see photo)
744.White Colored Rug w/Sculpted Design on Corners, 95″ x 120″
745.Tri-Star Vacuum Cleaner (may need belt)
746.End Table (needs attention) and Ottoman w/Cushions
747.Upholstered Loveseat
748.Pair of Wingback Chairs
749.Selection of 6 Lamps (see photo)
750.Selection of Wall Shelving and Mirror
751.Drexel Dresser, 32″H, 70″W, 19″D
752.Cane Back Chair w/Cushioned Seat (Veneer needs some attention)
753.Cane Bench w/ Cushion, 48″W
754.Drexel Double Bed
755.Drexel Nightstand, 24″H, 26″W, 18″D
756.Drexel Lingerie Chest, 50″H, 20″, 14″
757.Plastic Bin w/Drawers, Shoe Rack
758.Console Table w/3 Drawers 31″H, 38″W, 16″D
759.Designer Rug, 95″ x 134″
760.Hall Runner, 135″ x 34″
761.Bowls, Birds, Flowers, Statuary, Etc.
762.Brass Items (see photos)
763.Brass Items (nice set of heavy bookends, see photos)
764.Candle Holders, Bells, Trinket Boxes, Wall Shelves (see photos)
765.Nightstand (slate top?)
766.Single Bed w/Upholstered Headboard
767.Area Rug, 126″ x 99″
768.Closet Lot, TV Trays, Umbrellas, Folding Chairs, Step Ladder, Walking Cane, Etc.
769.Cannisters, Jars, Bowls, Games, Etc.
770.Folding Table, 48″ x 24″
771.Candle Holders, Tea Cups and Saucers, Silver Plate Cups, Vases, Etc.
772.3 – Tea Pots
773.Franciscan Dinnerware Platter, 14″
774.Pottery Pitcher, 7″ by Master Potter Ben Owens
775.Two Piece Candelabra Marked Crown Sterling Weighted
776.Sad Iron
777.Oster Blender, Mr. Coffee 4 -Cup Coffee Maker
778.Cart on Casters, 49″H, 24″W, 18″D
779.Electric Can Opener, Chopper, Mr. Coffee, Crock Pot, Oster Hand Mixer, Dash Hand Mixer
780.Glass Top Dinette Table, 3 – Side Chairs, 1 – Arm Chair
781.Cookbooks, Southern Living Cookbooks
782.Selection of Cleaning Products
783.Heater, Clock Radio, Etc. (see photos)
784.2 – Hoes, Fire Extinguisher, Plant Food
785.Selection of Candles and Holders
786.Selection of Paper Products
787.3 – Swiffers, Plunger, Trash Can, Etc.
788.Hammers, Wrenches, Door Latch, Etc.
789.Floor Lamp, Curved Table, Chest on Legs, Stool, Magazine Rack
790.Framed Print, 48″ x 30″
791.Upholstered Rocker/Glider w/Additional Cushions
792.Framed Mirror, 33″ x 25″
793.Console Table, Beveled Glass Top, Cane Shelf
794.Upholstered Swivel/Rocker w/Matching Ottoman
795.TV Stand
796.Selection of Lamps
797.3 – Boxes of Books
798.2 – Vases, Candle
799.Floor Lamp w/Glass Table
800.Assortment of Planters and Flower Arrangements
801.Bookcase by Pennsylvania House, 80″H, 34″W, 18″D
802.Decorative Rug, West Warwick, Made in Belgium, 128″ x 95″
803.Upholstered Swivel Rocker
804.11 – Lamps
805.Decorative Rug by Interlude, 93″ x 66″
806.Contents of Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers (see photos)
807.Plastic Containers (some have Christmas decorations)
808.4 – Swiffers, Bucket, Pan, Broom
809.Planters, Tables, Figurines, Etc.
810.Area Rug, 135″ x 94″
811.Selection of 8 Glass Chimneys
812.Bookcase, 36″H, 30″W, 10″D
813.Retro Sofa, Upholstered 65″W
814.End Table (needs attention) Brass Lamp, Pewter Pieces
815.7 – Folding Chairs, Black Frame
816.6 – Folding Chairs, Silver Frame
817.Selection of Books (see photos)
818.Folding Screen, 68″H, 18″W Panel Width
819.Vase, 15″H, Bowl, 22″
820.Wood Rocking Chair
821.Upholstered Chair
822.Lot of Decorative Items, Figurines Candle Holders, Brass, Vases, Etc. (see photos)
823.Silver Coin Clock (1964 coins)
824.Henredon Chest, Pull Out Tray, Drawer, 25″H, 20″W, 18″ (pulls in drawer)
825.Woven Chair, Metal Frame
826.Corner Whatnot Shelf, 52″H
827.Decorative Rug, 71″ x 47″
828.Fans, Hair Dryer, Humidifier, Etc. (does not include baskets)
829.Assortment of Baskets
830.6 – Framed Prints (see photos)
831.8 – Framed Prints (see photos)
832.Closet Lot of Sheets, Towels, Etc.
833.Selection of Woven Boxes (one needs some glue)
834.4 – Boxes of Books (see photos)
835.Bolts of Fabric (quantity unknown)
836.Wicker Vanity, Oval Mirror, Lamp, Stool
837.Selection of 8 Dolls
838.Pair of Chairs, Wicker and Wicker Back
839.Painted 4 Drawer Chest
840.Double Bed
841.Bedspread w/Pillows
842.Pair of Animal Lamps
843.Jewelry Box, Dresser Set, Evening Bag
844.Bedspread w/Pillows
845.Pair of Nesting Tables and Pair of Lamps
846.Frames, Decorative Plates, Etc.(see photos)
847.Decorative Lamp
848.Suitcases and Travel Bags
849.Blankets, Bedspreads, Throws, Tablecloths
850.Decorative Rug, by Interlude, 117″ x 80″
851.Blankets, Bedspreads and Pillows
852.Rug (72″ x 42″)
853.Pots, Bark, Garden Hose and Sprinklers, Etc.
854.Iron Loveseat
855.Pots, Planters, Baskets
856.Rakes, Shovels, Hoe, Etc.
857.Garden Chemicals, Plant Feed, Round Up, Weed Killer, Etc.
858.Extension Cords, Hedge Trimmer, Leaf Blowers
859.3 – Coolers
860.Milk Can
861.Cast Iron Pot, Market 10 on Bottom
862.Military Box w/Small Tools
863.2 – 48″ Round Tables, Folding Legs, Wood Top
864.2 – 60″ Round Banquet Tables, Folding Legs, Plastic
865.Picks, Axe, Step Ladder, Wheelbarrow, Etc.
866.Cross-Cut Saw