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Bidding Starts:
Friday, April 14, 2023 @ 8:00 AM EDT
Bidding Ends:
Wednesday, April 26, 2023 @ 12:30 PM EDT
113 Trent Drive, Taylors, SC
Sunday, April 23, 2023 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM Tuesday, April 25, 2023 from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Item Removal:
Thursday, April 27, 2023 from 9:00 AM
Lot #Item Name
1642004 Lincoln Town Car Ultimate
165Longaberger Basket
166Wood Table with Shelf and Drawer
167Selection of Baskets
168Selection of Women’s Clothing
169Wreaths, Gift Bags and Boxes
170Gold Upholstered Chair
171Green Floral Sofa
172(2) Hexagonal End Tables with Doors
173Silver Brass Goblets and Flutes, Etc.
174Selection of Wall Decor
175Selection of Floral Arrangements
176Console Stereo with Albums
177Selection of CDs, DVDs, Cassette Tapes, and VHS Tapes
178Wood End Table with Drawer
179(2) Green Upholstered Chairs
180Kohler and Campbell Console Piano
181Sunbeam Electric Tabletop Grill and Stovetop Smoker Cooker
182(3) Boxes of Decorative Items
183(4) Boxes of Decorative Items
184(2) Speakers
185(5) Boxes of Books
186Singer Treadle Sewing Machine with Cabinet
187Singer Sewing Machine with Case
188(3) Lamps
189Wood Coffee Table with Door
190(4) Boxes of Books
191Curio Cabinet
192Cuckoo Clock
193(2) Liberty Bell Lamps
194(2) Wood End Tables with Paw Feet
195(4) Framed Prints and (2) Candle Holders
196Beige Sofa
197Wood Sofa Table
198Computer, Cabinet, and Chair
199Grandfather Clock
200Wood Chair, (2) Baskets, Magazine Rack, and Praying Hands Wall Art
20160″ Vizio TV with TV Stand
202(3) Desk Lamps and (1) Floor Lamp
203Baby Carriage
204Daisy Red Ryder With BBs
205Crosman Stealth With Scope and BBs
206(2) Remote Controlled Color Changing Lanterns
207(7) Vases
208(5) Boxes of Office Supplies and Photo Books and Frames
209(2) Boxes of Duck Decor, Including a Duck Lamp and Dog Planter
210(2) Irons, (2) Cowbells, Pullman Thermos, and Fireplace Tools
211Blue Recliner
212(1) Rolling Walker with Seat, (1) Folding Walker, (2) Canes
213Large Box of Cookbooks
214Half Moon Table With Green Marble Top
215Wood End Table With Storage
216Wood End Table With Drawer
217Hanging Light
218Wood Coffee Table With Glass Inserts & Paw Feet
219(2) Boxes of Radios, Clock Radios, Small Fan, Etc
220Flashlights, Binoculars, Knives, Etc
221(4) Clocks
222Kitchen Aid Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator
223Frigidaire Microwave
224Contents of Upper Cabinets From Above and to Left of Stove
225Contents of Upper Cabinets Above and to Right of Stove
226Contents of Lower Cabinets and Drawers on Sink Side of Kitchen
227Contents of (3) Upper Cabinets
228Contents of  (4) Lower Cabinets and Drawers
229Contents of (3) Upper Cabinets
230Contents of (3) Lower Cabinets and Drawers
231(2) Boxes of Decorative Items
232(3) Boxes of Decorative Items
233Clemson Collectibles and Stanley Thermos
234Pitcher and Bowl, Snowman Cookie Jar, Pedestal Serving Dish
235(4) Boxes of Vernon Ware Dishes and Serving Pieces
236(3) Boxes of Assorted Glass Serving Pieces
237Wood Table With (2) Chairs
238Blender, Food Processor, Toaster
239Toaster, Ice Cream Maker, Small Food Chopper, Jar Opener, Grocery Bag Dispenser
240Wood Hutch
241(3) Boxes of Outdoor and Kitchen Decor
242(2) Boxes of Serving Dishes
243(4) Boxes of Glassware
244(2) Bird Cages, (2) Plants, Plant Stand, and Hummingbird Feeder
245Wood Taters and Onyuns Bin and Spice Rack
246(3) Boxes of Dinnerware, Canister Set, and Other Serving Pieces
247(4) Boxes of Dinnerware, Glasses, and Canister Set
248(4) Boxes of Serving Pieces, Glasses, Plates, Etc
249Round Wood Table On Rollers
250(6) Cane Bottom Chairs
251Wood Side Server Cabinet
252Contents of Small Hall Closet #1
253Contents of Hall Bathroom Vanity
254Contents of Hall Sink Vanity
255Contents of Hall Bathroom Closet
256Contents of Large Hall Closet
257Contents of Small Hall Closet #2
258Decorative Mirror
259White Metal King Size Bed
260Wood Armoire
261Wood Dresser & (2) Mirrors, 51″ x 19″
262Wood Night Stand & Lamp
263Round Wood Table with Drawer
26430″ Samsung TV, TV Stand, Hitachi VHS Player
265Storage Bench
266(2) Lamps 27″, Vase
267(2) Rugs
268Contents of Master Bedroom Closet
269(3) Containers of Women’s Clothing
270Selection of Prints & Decorative Items
271Accessories, Knife & More
272Metal Shelf, Etc.
273(2) Boxes of Clothing
274(2) Boxes of Canvas Bags & Totes
275Wood Dresser with Attached Mirror
276Wood Night Stand
277Wood Chest of Drawers with Top Cabinet
278Wood Double Bed
279Toy Ford Tractors, Trucks & Farm Equipment
280(2) Hallmark Kiddie Car Classics Custom Chevy & Custom Corvette
281(2) Boxes of Angel Figurines, Nativity, (2) Angel Statues
282(2) Blue Storage Ottomans with Hats & Scarves
283(2) Boxes of Wall Decor, Dollies & Crocheted Items
284Western Electric Phone
285Boy Statue Lamp
286(2) Boxes of Women’s Purses & Handbags
287(2) Boxes of Scarves, Gloves & More
288(3) Sets of Man & Woman Figurines
289Blue Upholstered Arm Chair
290Wood Rocking Chair
291Full Closet of Women’s Clothing
292Women’s Shoes
293Antique White Dresser with Mirror
294Antique White Double Poster Bed
295Antique White Chest of Drawers
296Ryobi Multi-Tool with Some Attachments, Dremel Versa Tool, Eufy Vacuum
297Selection of Drinkware
298Selection of Coca-Cola Glasses & Glass Jars
299Wood Quilt Rack & Metal Magazine Rack
300Wood Side Table with Shelf
301(5) Porcelain Dolls
302Selection of Ty Basket Beanies, Battery-Operated Elmo, Stuffed Animals & Dolls
303Round Wood Table
304(3) Lamps
305(5) Outdoor Furniture Cushions
306Child’s Rocker & Child’s Chair
307(3) Vases
308Selection of Wall Art & Prints
309Closet of Holiday Items & Decor, Storage Tins & Storage Bins
310Selection of Decorative Plates, Candlestick Lamp, Lighted Hurricane Vase
311(5) Dolls
312Selection of Pyrex & Glassware
313Selection of Small Kitchen Appliances
314(10) 10x20x1 Air Filters
315(2) Child’s Wood Chairs, (1) Child’s Wood Desk
316Selection of Office Equipment & Supplies
317Metal Bucket, Metal Pitcher, (2) Scales
318Selection of Sprinklers, Spreader & Hoses
319Metal Meat Grinder & Parts
320Selection of Brass Pots, Containers & Candlesticks
321(2) Matching Lanterns
322(2) Matching Lanterns
323(7) Lamps & (2) Oil Lamps
324Selection of Golf Clubs with Bag, Masters Folding Chair, (2) Collapsible Canvas Chairs
325Portable Clothes Closet with Selection of Women’s Clothing
326(4) Wood Sawhorses
327Selection of Holiday Yard Decor, Gift Boxes, Bows, Etc.
32824′ Wood Extension Ladder
329Wagon Wheel Table with Glass Top
331Wood Wardrobe
332Hoosier Cabinet Base
333Glass Lance Jar with Metal Lid, Coca-Cola Tray, Metal Bucket, Metal Pot
334(2) Pet Gates
335Selection of Toys
336Box of Tealight Candle Villas, Box of Candles, Box of Cups
337(2) Boxes of Pots & Pans
338Corningware, Serving Dishes, Nordic Ware Serve-A-Sizzler Steak Plates
339(3) Boxes of Glassware
340(3) Boxes of Glassware
341(4) Boxes of Dinnerware & Casserole Dishes
342(4) Boxes of Baking, Serving & Casserole Dishes
343(4) Boxes  Of Dishes
344Campbell Hausfeld 1500 PSI Pressure Washer
345(2) Fans, Kerosene Heater
346(2) Drill Bits
347Metal Tool Cabinet with Drawers
348(2) Skill Saws, Drill
349Craftsman Metal Tool Box with Tools & More
350(3) Irons, (1) Weight
351Bench Grinder
352Bench Vise, 3 1/2″
353Selection of Tools
354Champion Tool Box with Tools
355(2) Boxes of Tools
356Portable Jumpstart
357Craftsman 550 Series Push Mower
358(4) Extension Cords
359(3) Ladderback Chairs
360Wood High Chair
361Food & Drink Serving Pieces
362Selection of Decorative Kitchen Items
363Selection of Baskets, Wood Chest, Ashtrays & More
364(2) Boxes of Old Glass Bottles & Jars
365(4) Boxes of Kitchen & Decorative Items
366Selection of Outdoor Items
367Selection of Jeanswear
368Women’s Liz Claiborne Blue Tank Tops
369Easy Spirit Women’s Shoes
370Selection of Jewelry
371Selection of Jewelry
372Selection of Women’s Rings
373Selection of Women’s & Men’s Rings
374Selection of Women’s Rings
375Selection of Men’s Rings
376Selection of Jewelry
377Selection of Jewelry
378Selection of Jewelry
379Selection of Jewelry
380Selection of Jewelry
381Selection of Jewelry
382Box of Sunglasses
383Box of Eyeglasses, Sunglasses, & Cases
384Container of Belts
385(3) Boxes – Silverware, Glasses, Cast Iron Pans
386(3) Boxes – Avon Perfume Bottles, Glasses, Serving Dishes & Knicknacks
387Kenmore Washer
388Maytag Neptune Dryer
389Selection of Laundry & Cleaning Supplies
390(5) Containers of Body Products
391(5) Containers of Body Products
392Pair of Fire Andirons, (2) Fireplace Sets
393(3) Containers of Body Products
394Selection of Rings
395Selection of Jewelry
396Selection of Jewelry
397Selection of Jewelry
398Selection of Jewelry
399Selection of Jewelry
400(2) Boxes – Selection of Jewelry
401(2) Boxes – Selection of Jewelry
402Selection of Accessories
403(2) Boxes – Selection of Jewelry
404(2) Boxes – Selection of Jewelry Cases, Bags & Boxes
405Selection of Barbie Items
406Selection of Linens & Storage Containers
407(4) Containers of Books
408Exercise Equipment
409Orange Storage Locker, Exit Sign, (2) Fire Extinguishers
410Selection of Duck and Bird Prints
411Selection of Prints
412Selection of Prints
413Selection of Prints
414Floral Love Seat
415Selection of Decorative Items
416Central American Sword, (3) Prints, Tray
417Wood Desk & Chair
418Hospital Bed
419Jumpstart Pogo Stick
420Yamaha 61-Key Keyboard
421Magic Bullet Blender
422Metal Coat Rack
423Selection of Concrete Lawn Decorations, Planters, Garden Hose
424Wood Desk
425Homelite Gas Blower (Condition Unknown), CO2 Cylinder
426(7) Boxes CertainTeed Roof Shingles
427Metal Cart (Needs Tires)
428(3) Gas Cans
429Quilt Rack, Chair, Bench, Table
430(4) Chairs
431Wood/Metal Bench
4326′ Wood Step Ladder
433Las Vegas Cooler Cabinet
434Metal Trash Can with Bird Seed, (2) Garden Hoses
435Singer Sewing Machine in Cabinet
436(2) Wood Corner Display Shelves, Piano Bench
437(2) Rocking Chairs, (1) Upholstered Arm Chair
438Wire Tomato Cages
439Selection of Plant Pots
440Storage Bins, Large Roll of Plastic
441(4) Metal Pots, Selection of Plant Pots
442(3) Concrete Planters, Mini Concrete Bench, Angel
443(2) Animal Traps
444Outdoor Furniture – Lounger, Rocker, Folding Chair
445Folding Step Ladder, Metal Rolling Cart, Basket, Lawn Care Products
446Crosscut Saw
447Selection of Outdoor Tools
448Lot of Split Bricks
449Selection of Tools
450Toro Electric Blower/Vacuum, Bushwacker Electric Hedge Trimmer (Cord is cut)
451Outdoor Metal Bench Glider
452Fan on Stand, Window AC Unit
453Log Splitter
454Plastic Water Containers, Jugs of Distilled Water, Igloo Cooler
455(3) Metal Trash Cans, Bird Seed
456(10) Bird Feeders
458Char Broil Gas Grill
459Wrought Iron Patio Table with (4) Chairs & Umbrella
460Wrought Iron Patio Chair
461Plant Stands & Bird Bath
462Firewood (Several Piles – See Photos)
463(2) Large Cast Iron Pots
464Outdoor Hanging Swing
465Concrete Table
466Snapper Riding Lawn Mower
467Black Bull 6″ Bench Grinder, Milwaukee 14″ Abrasive Cut-off Machine
468Selection of Yard Tools & More
469Child’s Metal Wagon
470Firewood Holder, Metal Fireplace Grates, Milk Can
471Gas Cans, Funnels, Buckets
472Bag of Sand on Pallet
473Large Stack of Bricks
474Metal Shelf