Greenville, SC – Liquidation of HVAC Contractor

Online Auction
Bidding Starts:
Friday, July 24, 2020 @ 8:00 AM EDT
Bidding Ends:
Wednesday, August 5, 2020 @ 1:00 PM EDT
334 White Horse Rd, Greenville, SC
Tuesday, August 4, 2020, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Bankruptcy Court-Ordered Auction

Lot #Item Description
355Pallet Jack
356Werner 8′ Fiberglass Step Ladder (Back – Against Wall)
357Werner 8′ Fiberglass Step Ladder (Middle)
358Werner 8′ Fiberglass Step Ladder (Front)
359Werner 4′ Aluminum Step Ladder
360Jobox Blue Jobsite Box
361Duct Leak Detector
362Werner 6′ Fiberglass Step Ladder (Front)
363Werner 6′ Fiberglass Step Ladder (Back – Against Wall)
364Werner 6′ Fiberglass Step Ladder (Front)
365Werner 6′ Fiberglass Step Ladder (Back – Against Wall)
366Michigan 10′ Fiberglass Step Ladder (Front)
367Michigan 10′ Fiberglass Step Ladder (Back – Against Wall)
368Louisville 8′ Fiberglass Step Ladder (Front)
369Louisville 8′ Fiberglass Step Ladder (Back – Against Wall)
370Louisville 8′ Fiberglass Step Ladder (Front)
371Louisville 8′ Fiberglass Step Ladder (Back – Against Wall)
372Selection of Hoses & Gauges
373Selection of Shop Lights (Possibly Need Repair)
374Selection of Hoses & Gauges
3754 – Folding Tables
376Clamp, Hand Operated Shear
3773 – Conduit Cutters
378Selection of Tools (See Photos)
379Everett Industries Chop Saw with added 15 1/2″ Table (Table is bolted to floor & welded to wall. Bring tools to remove.)
3802 – Chain Pipe Cutters, Clamp
3812 – Handtrucks for Gas Cylinder
382TimberWolf 1/2″ Right Angle Drill
383Spectroline Ultraviolet Lamp
3842 – Chain Pipe Cutters, Clamp
385Punches, Bending Clamps
3862 – Pipe Cutters, Tubing Bender
3872 – Propane Cookers (No regulators or hoses)
388DeWalt 4 3/4″ Heavy Duty Deep Cut Variable Speed Band Saw
389Price & Rutzebeck Pow-R-Pac for Portable Tools
390Empty Tool Boxes & Cases
391Chain Fall Trolley
392Harrington 5-Ton Chain Hoist
395Selection of Miscellaneous Tools, Parts, Etc (See Photos)
3962 – Cable Com-a-longs
397Fall Safe Self-Retracting Lanyard
398Selection of Safety Ropes & Lanyards
399Lifting Bag
4005 – Welding Blankets
401Selection of Safety Ropes & Lanyards
402Selection of Casters
403Selection of Hole Saws
4042 – Trouble Lights, Steel Fish Tape
4053 – Trouble Lights, Steel Fish Tape
406SiteSafe Job Box on Casters, Blue
4072 – 24″ Pipe Wrenches
40848″ Pipe Wrench
409Torque Wrench
410Arctic Polar System Pipe Freezer with 8 Bottles of Polar Spray
411Selection of Hoses & Gauges
4122 – Handtrucks for Gas Cylinder
413Banding Machine
414Reed Test Pump EHTP500
415Goodway Ream-A-Matic
416Electric Sump Pump
417Squeeze Clamp for Lifting, 4 1/2 Ton Lifting Hook
4183 – Digging Bars
419Jackhammer Bit, 2 – Crow Bars, 2 – Wrenches
420Selection of Air Filters
421Selection of 3-Way Plugs
422Jobox Jobsite Box on Casters, Brown
423Knaack Jobsite Box on Casters, Brown
424Jobox Jobsite Box on Casters, Brown
425SiteSafe Jobsite Box on Casters, Blue
426Jobox Jobsite Box on Casters, Blue
427Greenlee Jobsite Box on Casters
428Robinair High Performance Vacuum Pump
4296 – 3-Way Plugs
430Selection of Gauges
431Selection of Instruments (See Photos)
432Selection of Instruments (See Photos)
433Selection of Instruments – Dial Indicator, Dial Thermometer, Pressure Gauges (See Photos)
4342 – Trane Steam/Hot Water Unit Heaters
435Louisville 12′ Fiberglass Step Ladder (Front)
436Werner 12′ Fiberglass Step Ladder (Middle)
437Werner 12′ Fiberglass Step Ladder (Back)
4383 – 100′ Extension Cords
439Selection of Gas Cylinders (Propane, Etc.)
440S-Flex Fan & Pump Drive
441Selection of Safety Cones
4425 – Power Strip & Plugs
443Husky Aluminum Truck Bed Tool Box
4442 – HVAC Drives
445Electromagnetic Flow Meter
446Square D Power Box
447LumaPro Light with Cord Reel
448JustRite Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet
449Folding Table
450Selection of Miscellaneous Parts & Fittings (See Photos)
4514-Drawer File Cabinet, Metal Desk
452Piston Pump
453Metal Rolling Cart (Cart Only)
454Handtruck for Gas Cylinders
4559 – Safety Lights, Caution Tape
456Selection of Parts, Hardware, Hoses & More (See Photos)
4574 – Welding Blankets
4592 – 100′ Extension Cords
460MicroVac Refrigerant Recovery Unit
461Johnson Controls Air Handler
4622 – Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioner
463Pallet Jack, Yellow (May Need Oil)
464Pallet Jack, Orange
465Cabinets (Used), Countertop with Double Sink, Mirror (See Photos)
466Jobox Jobsite Box on Casters
467Welding Table/Cabinet with Drying Oven, Heavy Steel Top, 4′ x 6′
468Levels, Brooms, Dust Pans, Large Shovel
469Selection of Miscellaneous Tools, Parts, Etc (See Photos)
470Selection of Wiring & Tubing
471Heavy Duty Steel Work Table (75″ x 49″) with Wilton 4 1/2″ Bullet Vise
4723 – Coolers, Cooler Holder
4735 – Body Harnesses, Safety Lanyard
4745 – Body Harnesses, Lanyards
4752 – Body Harnesses with Self-Retracting Lifeline
476Selection of Tools, Abrasive Blades, Parts & More (See Photos)
477Selection of Office Chairs, Round Table
478Blue Metal Jobsite Box with Shelves on Casters
479Selection of Folding Chairs
480Heaters, Caulk, Tools & More (See Photos)
481First Aid Box with Contents
482Pressure Gauges, Cutting Tips, Soapstone Sticks
483Selection of Pressure Gauges
484Selection of Pressure Gauges
485Lincoln Electric Square Wave Tig 275 AC/DC Welding Machine with Dynaflux on Casters
486Welding Wire & Rods (See Photos)
487Heavy Duty Steel Work Table, 8′ x 4′ (Bolted to Floor – Bring Tools to Remove)
488ThermalArc 161 S Welding Machine
489Miller CP-302 DC Portable Welding Machine with S-22A 24V Wire Feeder
490Shovels, Sledgehammers, Rakes, Pump Sprayer, Hoe & More
491Ironworker with Selection of Dies
492Selection of Tool Batteries and Battery Chargers
493Selection of Metal Cut-off Blades
4946′ Folding Table (Table Only)
4952 – Levels, Chain Pipe Cutter, Large Concrete Drill Bit
496Selection of Concrete Drill Bits
4973 – Hand Air Pumps
498Ridgid/Kollmann Electric Snake
499Tubing Bender, Lifting Hooks, Etc. (See Photos)
500Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor
50110 Gallon Air Tank
5023/16″ Grade 30 Proof Coil Chain in Bucket (1/4 to 1/3 Full)
503CharBroil “The Big Easy” Oil-Less Turkey Fryer
504Chain Pipe Cutter, Tubing Bender
5051-Ton Chain Hoist
506Selection of Bits (Hammer, Concrete, Etc.)
507Box of Fire Barrier Sealant
508Air Hose Reel with Hose (New)
509Air Hose Reel with Hose (New in Box)
510Air Hose Reel with Hose (New in Box)
512Selection of Caulk Guns
513Central Machinery 20″ Production Drill Press
514Selection of Air Hoses and Extension Cords
515Brooms, Mops, Dust Pans, Bucket, Etc.
5168 – Fire Extinguishers
5173 – Shop Vacs
518Spot Welder
519Metal Pans, Cooler
520Hydraulic Jack
521Plastic Rolling Cart
522Selection of Hand Tools, Cordless Drills, Etc.
5233 – Crow Bars, 24″ Pipe Wrench, 18″ Pipe Wrench
524Vicon Dual Twin Drive Plasma Cutter with Max 100, Double Table 26′ x 6′, Hankison Air Dryer, Computer with Software
525Edgers on Rolling Table
526Lug-All Cable Hoist
527Pipe Joiner, Chain Wrench
528Pneumatic Saw with Blades
529Blak-Ray Longwave Ultraviolet Lamp
530Milwaukee Drill Motor, 3/4″ Pneumatic Impact Wrench
5312 – Toilet Auger Snakes, Large Steel Snake
5322 – Jewel Mfg Clamps
533Selection of Miscellaneous Parts – Thermostats, Flanges, Belts, Valves, Straps, Caulking, Etc. (See Photos)
534Roto-Die Hydraulic Bender 10′, Model 10, Serial #81469, 20 Gauge Capacity
535Siemens Heavy Duty Safety Switch, New in Box
536Square D Safety Switch, New in Box
5373 – Lights
5382 – Snap Lock Punch Tools, Rivet Gun, Grease Gun
5392 – Gast Air Pumps (Compressors?)
540Bystronic Hydraulic Shear 10′, Model MK6-31, Serial #MK/03-0011-1B, Capacity 6MM MS
541MQ Power DC Welder/AC Generator Model TWL-300SS on Trailer, Blue
542MQ Power DC Welder/AC Generator Model TWL-300SS on Trailer, Orange
543JGB LoadAll 520 Telehandler (Suspect Hydraulic Pump may be failing)
544Leveling Rod & Tripod
545Rolling Metal Table
546Sheet Metal Rack with Miscellaneous Metal
547Quincy Heavy Duty Industrial Cast Iron Air Compressor, 5 HP Two-Stage 80-Gallon, 17.2 cfm @ 175 psi
548Concrete Vibrator
549Wire Rope Straps, Heavy Duty Hook
550Valve Wrench, Pry Bar Lever
551Tripod with Lifting Bars
552Pipe Beveler
5532 – Personal Fall Arrest Devices
5542 – Pry Bar Levers
555Wire Rope Straps, 2 – Cable Tensioners
5562 – Pry Bar Levers
557Eaton Safety Switch, New in Box
558Welding Cable
559Greenlee Storage Box with Misc Parts, Aluminum Storage Box
560Pipe Groover
561Siemens Heavy Duty Safety Switch
562Siemens Heavy Duty Safety Switch
563Cutler-Hammer Heavy Duty Safety Switch
564Cutler-Hammer Electrical Box, New in Box
565Siemens Heavy Duty Safety Switch, New in Box
566Pipe Cutter
567Abrasive Blades
569Metal Rack with Some Sheet Metal (Tools Not Included, Must Bring Tools to Remove)
570Selection of Clamps, Small Metal Tool Box
5713 – Clamps
5722 – Clamps
5734 – Clamps
574Roll of Plastic in Box
575Pipe Wrench with Vise (No Chain)
576Ridgid/Kollmann K-50 Drain Machine
577Pipe Cutter, Ridgid Chain Wrench
578Fire Extinguishers, Safety Harnesses, Pipe
5792 – Hilman Rollers with Handles
5803 – Folding Tables (One 6′, Two 8′)
5814′ Tennsmith Manual Roll
582CM 1-Ton Chain Fall, 3/4-Ton Chain Hoist
583Multiquip Gas-Powered Pump with 8.0 HP Honda Engine
584Harrington 5-Ton Chain Fall
585CM Cyclone 2-Ton Chain Fall
5862′ Tennsmith Manual Roll
587Chain Fall (No Name or Size)
588Little Mule Chain Fall (Size Unknown)
589Jet 3-Ton Chain Hoist
590Harrington 1 1/2-Ton Chain Fall
591Harrington 1 1/2-Ton Chain Fall
5922 – Calibration Test Kits
593Fisher Pipe/Cable Locator
5942 – Calibration Test Kits
595Air Hoses
5962 – Heaters
597Bag of Oil-Dri, Bag of Ice Melt
598Metal Cabinet with Shelves
5992 – Handtrucks
600Wheeler Manual Hydraulic Cutter in Wood Box
601GE Dorm Refrigerator
6023′ Pexto Flange Machine
603Blue Jobsite Box
604Green Wooden Storage Cabinet
6053 – Measuring Rods
606Lockformer Pittsburgh Machine 5′, S/N 14283, 10 Gauge Capacity
607Tennsmith Brake 6′, Model HBT7216, S/N 09203, 16 Gauge Capacity
608Tennsmith Brake 8′, 
6094 – Lifting Straps
6105 – Lifting Straps
6113 – Pick Axe Heads
612Selection of Hoses
613Lockformer Notcher 10′, S/N TDC 2134, 18 Gauge Capacity
614Lockformer TDC Machine, S/N 12TDC-4194, 18 Gauge Capacity
615Wacker PD3 Gas-Powered Pump
616Metal Rolling Table 46″ x 54″ (Table Only – Contents Not Included)
617Shop Fan on Stand
618Wooden Cabinet/Shelves on Casters
619Metal Rolling Cart 24″ x 42″
620Tennsmith Drive Machine, Model CB214, S/N 18872, 20 Gauge Capacity
621Insulation with Rack (Bring Tools to Remove)
623Scaffolding Parts, Pins
624Selection of Hoses
625Lifting Strap, Metal Shackle
626Rolling Metal Table 46″ x 50″
627DuroDyne 3/8″ Dial Regulator Set-Long (Box of 94)
628Metal Rolling Table 45″ x 93″
629SiteSafe Jobsite Box on Casters
630Selection of Sheet Metal Tools
631Selection of Sheet Metal Supplies & Materials
632DuroDyne Pinspotter
633Wooden Work Table 4′ x 8′
634HardCast Flex Grip 550 Duct Sealant & Insulation Adhesive, 16 gallons
635Jumper Cables, Hoses
636Ramset R150
637Ramset R150
638Chicago Electric Easy Spool Welder
639Simplex 10-Ton Railroad Jack
640Simplex 10-Ton Railroad Jack
641Duff Norton 10-Ton Railroad Jack (Missing Side Cover)
642Bucket Tool Pouch with Tools
643Ramset T3
644Selection of Batteries
645Bosch Hammer Bulldog Xtreme Drill
646Safety Harrness with Carrying Bag
6472 – Safety Harnesses with Carrying Bags (Appear New)
648Ridgid ProPress System
649Ridgid ProPress System
650Bosch Hammer Bulldog 11224 VSR Drill
651Office Desk
652Bosch Tripod
653Overhead Hoist Trolley
654Powers Ramset
6552 – Crowbars
656Selection of Electric and Battery-Operated Drills
657Overhead Hoist Trolley
658berger Tripod
659Selection of Pipe Hangers
660Tote, Plastic Storage Bin, Tool Cases
661Folding Table, 2 Pieces of Metal
6623 – Electric Drills
6632 – Electric Drills
6644 – Electric Drills, 1 – Sheet Metal Cutter
6652 – Electric Drills, 2 – Sheet Metal Cutter
6663 – Heavy Electric Drills
6672 – Heavy Electric Drills
668Ryobi Battery-Powered Drill
6692 – Bosch Hammer Drills
670berger Tripod
6711 – Sheet Metal Cutter, 3 – Drills
672Milwaukee Hammer Drill
6732 Dust Collectors, Drill
674Ventilation Hose
6753 – Drills
676Ramset, Hammer, Anchors, Gauge
6774 – Drills
6788 – Safety Tie-Offs
679RedHead Concrete Anchors
680Paints, Sealers, Etc. (See Photos)
6812 – Hammer Drills
6824 – Drills
683New Air Hose & Miscellaneous Parts & Supplies
6842 Rolls of Welding Wire
685Makita Battery-Powered Drill
686Bosch Hammer Drill
687Bosch Battery-Operated Drill
6882 – Drills, Sheet Metal Cutter
689Bosch Drill
690Bosch Hammer Drill
691Macho 1 3/4″ Rotary Drill
692Calibration Kit
693Bosch Hammer Drill
694DeWalt Hammer Drill
695B&D Industrial 1/2″ Impact Wrench
696Ridgid ProPress System
697Ridgid ProPress System
698Bosch GRL 500H Laser Level
699Ridgid Crimp Ring Set
700Ridgid Crimp Ring Set
701Bosch Hammer Drill
702Propane Heater
703Safety Lanyards
704RedHead Concrete Anchors
705Magnehelic Differential Pressure Gauge & Box of Parts
70612 – Ridgid Die Head Chasers 1/4 – 3/8 NPT
70720 – Ridgid Die Head Chasers 1 1/4 NPT
70816 – Ridgid Die Head Chasers 1/4 – 3/8 NPT
7098 – Ridgid Die Head Chasers 1″ – 2″ NPT
7108 – Ridgid Die Head Chasers 1 1/2″ NPT
71110 – Ridgid 3 1/2″ H.S. NPSM Die Head Chasers, 4 – Ridgid 1/4 – 3/8″ NPT Die Head Chasers
712Ridgid 2 1/2″, 3″, 2 1/4-4″ Die Head Chasers (1 Box of Each Size)
71312 – Ridgid 1″ NPT Die Head Chasers
714Ridgid 1 1/4″ NPSM Die Head Chasers
715Ridgid 1/2″ NPSM Die Head Chasers
716Selection of Supplies – Stainless Sink, 5 – Industrial Thermometers & More 
717Selection of Safety Lenses, Fittings, Safety Vests, Trailer Hitches, Drill & More
718Cabinet of Drill Bits (Bring Tools to Remove Cabinet)
7192 – Desks, 4 – Chairs, 2 – File Cabinets, Etc. (See Photos)
720Hard Hats, Breathing Masks & More
7216′ Fiberglass Step Ladder
7223 – Ratchet Straps
723Selection of Ridgid Pipe Dies, Various Sizes
724Selection of Ridgid Pipe Dies, Various Sizes
725Selection of Ridgid Pipe Dies, Various Sizes
726Roll of Clear Plastic Sheeting, 20′ x 100′
727Tool Jobsite Box on Casters – 58″H 60″W 31″D
728Metal Jobsite Box – 82″H 60″W 42″D
729Refrigerator (Shop Quality – Take straight to the car wash)
7303 – Chain Pipe Cutters
731Selection of Appliances – Microwaves, TV, Hot Plate, Coffee Maker, Knife Sharpener, Bathroom Scale
732Shop Vac & Vacuum
7332 – Desks, 2 – Chairs, 2 – File Cabinets, Other Misc. (Computer Not Included)
7343 Gallons of Refrigeration Oil
735Rack with Contents – Includes 3 New Eye Face Wash Stands 18’W
736Carport – 20’D 17’W (Bring Tools to Remove)
737Dump Cart on Casters
7382 – Folding Tables
739Garden Hose, 2 – Trash Cans, Hose Reel, Shop Vac
7408-Station Welder (Buyer to disconnect & load)
741Metal Rack with Metal 
742Curtain Rack
743Welding Cart
744Welding Cart
745Pipe, Miscellaneous Metal, Threaded Rod
7464 – Adjustable Welding Stands
7472 – Welding Horses
7482 – Welding Stands with Rollers on Top & Parts of Another
7494 – Welding Stands
7504 – Welding Stands
751Plastic Dump Cart
752Plastic Dump Cart
753Welding Cart
7552 – Welding Stands on Casters with Rollers on Top
7564 – Welding Stands
7572 – Welding Stands with Rollers on Top
7582 – Welding Stands on Casters with Rollers on Top
7594 – Welding Stands
760Van Trailer Body on Ground, No Axles
76117 – Metal Barrels
762Metal Cabinet with No Doors
763Metal & Pipe (See Photos)
764Set of Forks
7654 – Metal Racks 84″H 96″W 36″D
766Scaffolding Pieces
767Assortment of Steel & Metal
768Fuel Tank
769Metal Rack 75″H 96″W 48″D
770Racks, Welding Curtain Frames
771Metal Rack 96″H 108″W 34″D
772Toilets, Sinks, Sheet Metal, Duct Work & Connections
773Mikasa Gas-Powered Tamp with 3.0 HP Honda Engine
774Selection of HVAC Ceiling Vents
775Parts Washer
776Selection of Automotive Parts, Filters, Etc.
777Electrical Wiring
7782 – Carts, Rubber Mat, Tarp
779Belts, Extension Cord, Fire Extinguisher
780Work Table 37″H 96″W 24″D
781Trailer Ramps
7824 – Matching Side Chairs, 2 – Planters, Cabinet with Stereo/Turntable, Lamp
783Credenza, IBM Typewriter, Chair, Small Whiteboard
784L-Shaped Desk, Lateral File, 3 – Chairs, Accessories
785Desk, Chair, Office Trays, Accessories
7865 – 4-Drawer Filing Cabinets
787Savin GS306 Copier, DVD/VHS Player, Scale, Office Supplies & More (See Photos)
788Avaya Phones & Phone System (Additional Phones Upstairs)
789Office Desk with Leather Insert, Side Table, 2 – Chairs, Bookshelf, Accessories
790Wire Shelf & Computer-Related Items (Printers, Keyboards, Hard Drives, Etc.)
791HP Designjet 1050c Plus Printer
792Table, Chair, File Cabinet
793Tool Cases with Parts & Tools, Inspection Scope, Combustion Analyzer, Accu-Flo Circuit Setter Flow Balancing Valve, Alnor Testing Hood, Misc Parts (See Photos)
794Desk, 4 – Chairs, Side Table, 5-Drawer File Cabinet
7954 – Desks, 2 – Chairs, Accessories
7962 – 4-Drawer File Cabinets
7978 – 4-Drawer File Cabinets
7982 – 2-Drawer File Cabinets, 1 – 4-Drawer File Cabinet
800Matador Floor Buffer
801Ice Machine (Condition Unknown), Sink
802Handtruck (Red)
8032 – Storage Shelves
804Handtruck (Blue)
805Fluorescent Light Fixture (New in Box), Corkboard, Whiteboard, Selection of Art, Humidifier
806First Aid Box (Empty), 2 – Corkboards, Selection of Tools
8073 – Folding Tables, Selection of Chairs, Desk, Hanging File Folders, File Cabinet, Binders
808Refrigerator, Microwave, Mop Bucket, Bunn Coffee Maker
809Office Supplies, Corkboards, Filters, Step Ladder, Hole Punches, Tape Dispensers, Staplers & More (See Photos)
810Vacuum Cleaner (Missing Some Parts), Shovel, Pick Axe, Planter, Rake, Broom, Etc.
8112 – Matching Stacking Chairs (Located Upstairs)
8126 – Matching Stacking Chairs (Located Upstairs)
8138 – Conference Chairs (Located Upstairs)
814Conference Table 41″ x 96″ (Located Upstairs)
8152 – Folding Tables, Cabinet, Whiteboard (Located Upstairs)
8166′ Folding Table (Located Upstairs)
8172 – Drawing Tables, Chair (Located Upstairs)
818Desk, 4 – Chairs, 4-Drawer File Cabinet (Located Upstairs)
819Desk, 3 – Chairs, 4-Drawer File Cabinet, Toshiba Laptop Computer (Located Upstairs)
820Desk, 2 – Chairs, Lateral File Cabinet, 4-Drawer File Cabinet, Drawing Table (Located Upstairs)
821Folding Table, 4-Drawer Legal File Cabinet (Located Upstairs)
8222 – Dividing Partitions (Located Upstairs)
823Drawing Table, HP Printer (Located Upstairs)
824Folding Step Ladder (Located Upstairs)
825Drawing Table Top, Divided Tub on Casters (Located Upstairs)
826Desk, Printers, Copier, Folding Table, Etc. (See Photos) (Located Upstairs)
827Desk, Table, 2 – Chairs, 4-Drawer File Cabinet (Located Upstairs)
828Drawing Table, 2 – Stools, Desk, Chair, Rack with Computer System & Backup Battery (Located Upstairs)
8292 – Chairs, 4-Drawer File Cabinet, Drawing Table, Keyboards (Located Upstairs)
830Desk, 2 – Chairs, 4-Drawer File Cabinet, TV (Located Upstairs)
831Vacuum, Light Bulbs (Located Upstairs)
832Desk, 2 – Chairs, Dell Computer System, HP Printer, Back Table, 2-Drawer File Cabinet, Accessories
8332 – 4-Drawer File Cabinets
834Portable Heater, Paper Shredder
835Wooden Shelf with Contents, Tiger Print
836Drawing Table, 2 – Chairs, 4-Drawer File Cabinet (Located Upstairs)