Furniture, Decorative Items and More

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Bidding Starts:
Friday, May 28, 2021 @ 8:00 AM EDT
Bidding Ends:
Wednesday, June 9, 2021 @ 1:00 PM EDT
10 Gladesworth Dr, Greenville, SC 29615
Tuesday, June 8, 2021 from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM.
Item Removal:
Wednesday, June 9, 2021 from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM and Thursday, June 10, 2021 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon.
Lot #Item Description
601Contents of Upper Cabinets – Bowls, Plates, Cups, Glasses, Corningware, Utensils, Pitchers (See Photos)
602Contents of Lower Cabinets & Drawers – Pots & Pans, Mixer, Flatware, Knives, Hand Tools, Cleaning Products (See Photos)
603LG Microwave, Oster Bread Maker, Canister Set, Coffee Maker & Other Items on Countertop (See Photos)
604Frigidaire Refrigerator with Ice Maker
605Decorative Items in Kitchen, including Wall Hangings, Paintings, Cups & Saucers, 3-Legged Heart Shaped Table
6066 Ladder Back Chairs
607Kitchen Table 65″ x 42″, Includes 2 Each 11 3/4″ Leaves
608Dining Table 100″ x 45″, Includes 2 Each 16″ Leaves
6096 Dining Chairs, including one with arms
610Buffet, 31″x 64″ x 20″ (Items on top not included)
611Oak Corner Cabinet, 81″ x 37″ x 18″ (Crack in one glass door)
612Mirror, 39″ x 31″
6132 Salt & Pepper Shaker Sets (Larger Set is Sterling), 2 Candlestick Holders (One Missing Base)
6142 Boxes of Glassware, including Serving Dishes, Basket, Candy Dishes, Other Glasses
6152 Boxes of Glassware, including Pitcher, Bowls, Butter Dish, Candlestick, Egg Plates & More
6162 Boxes of Pitchers, Tea Cups & Saucers, Bowls, Other Serving Pieces
6171 Box of Stemware and Other Serving Pieces
6182 Boxes of China, Approx. 32 Pieces
6193 Boxes of Christmas Serving Pieces, Other Christmas Items, Paper Products
6202 Boxes of Independence Ironstone China, Approx. 47 Pieces
6212 Boxes of Franciscan China, Approx. 46 Pieces
6222 Boxes – Cake Stand, Serving Dishes, Candlesticks, Pitcher, Apple Bakers, Lighter & More
623Approx. 21 Pieces of Silverplate Serving Platters, Pitchers, Sugars, Creamers, Butter Dish & More
6243 Tiered Table, 40″ x 24″
6252 Boxes of Flatware & Decorative Items
6261 Box – 2 Glass Bowls, 1 Glass Bowl with Flower Vases
6273 Boxes of Decorative Items, including Flower Vases, Candlesticks & Planters (See Photos)
6282 Boxes – Ashtrays, Ornaments, Candlestick, Figurines
6293 Boxes – Candles, Iron, Flashlight, Digital Camera, Cards & More
630Decorative Tree, Flower & Wall Hanging
6313-Legged Round Top Table with Drawer 27″ x 28″
632Floral Print Sofa 84″ & Chair
633Drop Leaf Table with 4-Leg Pedestal Base, 28″ x 32″ x 32″
634Pair of Leaf Pattern Lamps
635Sony Stereo Receiver & Pioneer 6-Disc CD Player
636Magnavox Stereo & Record Player (2 Pieces), Plus Records
637Pair of Blue Wing-Back Chairs
638Floral Pattern Lamp, 35″
639Floral Pattern Lamp, 24″
640Mirror, 36″ x 22″
641Server with 4 Drawers
642Coffee Table with Drop Leaves
643American Flag with Pole
6442 Card Tables & 4 Folding Chairs
645Wurlitzer Console Piano with Bench and Box of Sheet Music
6462 Figurines, 18″
647Floral Print, Lamp, Duck Decoy, Print & Frame
648Baskets & Holiday Decorations
649Wood Bookcase with Shelves, 36″x 36″x12″, and Cookbooks
6502 Birdhouses and Globe
6512 Boxes of Teacups and Saucers, Miniature Pitchers, Gnomes, Figurines
652Wood Table with Drawer, 18″x 38″x 24″
653Lamp, 34″
654Brown Upholstered Sofa, 90″
655Framed Landscape Print
656Floor Standing Lamp, 57″
657Brown Upholstered Recliner
658Wood Bookcase with Shelves, 36″x 36″x 12″, and Encyclopedias and Atlases
659Wood Top Table with Hairpin Legs, 16″ x 60″ x 18″
6602 Boxes of Framed Prints and Artwork, Thermometer/Barometer, Ashtrays, Nutcrackers, Candy Dish, Etc
661Milk Can with Patriotic Theme
662Cast Iron Pot with Lid and Matchbook Collection
663Wood Swan Basket, Wood Stool, and Christmas Décor
664Clock, Oil Lamp, Vase, Candlesticks, and Birds (Birds have some damage)
6653 Shelves of Books, including Math, Business, Computer, and Others (See Photos)
666Computer Monitor, Printer, Keyboard, Software, Radio, Telephones, Shredder, Camera
667Wood Cabinet with Drawer, 39″x 28″x 18″, and Fruit Lamp
668Red Upholstered Chair
669Ottoman with Roller Base
670Cinevision DVD/VHS Player, Motorola TV Tuner, CDs and TV Cabinet/Stand
671Coat Rack, 67″, and Marble Top Plant Stand, 35″
672Brown Upholstered Loveseat, 56″
6734 Shelves of Books – Shelf Not Included (See Photos)
674White Patio Sofa, Chair, Rocker, Coffee Table, and End Table
675White Patio Dining Table and 4 Chairs
676White Shelf and Planters
677Bell (Need screwdriver to remove)
678Contents of Bathroom Closet, including Linens and Cleaning Supplies
679Contents of Hall Closet Including Light Bulbs, Life Magazines, Puzzles, Decorative Items
6804 Post Double Bed
6816 Drawer Dresser, 35″x 56″ x 20″ with Mirror, 43″x 29″
6826 Drawer Chest of Drawers, 53″x 34″x 19″
6832 Nightstands, 27″ x 16″ x 13″
6842 Boxes of Frames, Flashlights, Shoe Stretchers, Electronics
6852 Boxes of Jewelry and Jewelry Boxes
6862 Boxes of Jewelry
6872 Wood Boxes and 1 Metal Box with Key
688Miniature Pitchers, Basket, Clock, Vase, Soaps, and Other Items
689Vase, Perfumes, Mirror, Dishes, and Other Items
690Approx. 12 Framed Prints
6912 Lamps, 27″ and 22″
692Quilt Rack, 37″x 26″x 12″
693Wood Table, 23″x 22″x 18″, and TV
694Singer Sewing Machine with Table and Sewing Supplies
695Floral Print Chair
6962 Boxes of Placemats and Toiletry Bags, Furniture Care
697Box with Dolls, Movie Projector, Camera
698Double Bed with Wood Headboard and Footboards
6996 Drawer Dresser, 33″x 56″x 20″ and Mirror, 44″x 32″(Does not include items on top of dresser)
7006 Drawer Chest of Drawers, 53″x 34″x19″
701Upholstered Chair with Wood Arms and Base
702Longaberger Basket
703Lamps, Box with Dolls, Hen on Nest, Bears , Framed Print
703ACabinet, 26″ x 34″ x 18″
704Box of Fabric and Hats
705Lamp, Duck, Baskets, Vases on Dresser
706Radios, Fan, TomTom GPS, Cassette Player and Other Items
707Baskets, Candleholders, Cards, Frame, and Other Items
708Small Desk, 30″ x 40″ x 24″ and Lamp, 30″
709Oval Framed Mirror, 32″ x 25″
710Office Supplies, Sewing Supplies, and Basket
7112 Twin Beds with Wood Headboards
7127 Drawer Chest of Drawers, 56″ x 37″ x 19″
714Brass Lamp
716Framed Art and Prints, Golf Themed Items
717Wood Chair with Cushions
718Kenmore Vacuum Plus Sweepers
7192 Boxes of Books
720Daisy Replica Centennial Rifle BB Gun
721Daisy Powerline Line Pellet Gun
722Pocket Watch, Knives, Tie Tacks, Wood Boxes, Pennies
723Dresser with Mirror, 80″ x 39″ x 17″
724Bookcase with Books, CDs, Telephone, TV and VCR
725Games, Hats, Bags, and Tennis Rackets
7264 Framed Prints
7272 Trunks and Books
728Christmas and Holiday Décor
7292 Metal Rockers, Wood Chair and Lamp
730Kenmore Clothes Washer
731Kenmore Clothes Dryer
732Cleaning Supplies, Shelf, and Sprayer
733Ping Pong Table, Air Hockey, Foosball, Pool Table (Needs Top Repaired), and Other Games
7342 Metal Desks and Chair
735Metal Cabinet, 72″ x 35″x 18″
7362 Floor Standing Lamps
7372 Wood Boxes, 42″ x 22″
738Atari with Cartridges & Coleco Telstar
7393 Boxes – Serving Dishes, Bowls & Other Glassware
740Raised Toilet Seat, Roasting Pan, Hats, Video Camera & More
741Exercise Bike, Telescope, Baseball Bats, Tee, Crutches
7425 Tables & Stand
743Vases, Dishes, Miniature Pitchers, Figurines, and Metal Shelf
744Glassware Vases, Container Set, Cookie Jar, Other Décor, and Metal Shelf
745Schwinn World Sport Bicycle
746Wheelbarrow, Spreader, Hose
747Murray Push Mower with Bag
748Table & 2 Folding Chairs
7492 Sleds
750Weedkiller, Cleaners, Light Bulbs, Pots, Animal Trap, Shelves & More
751Folding Camp Chairs, Tarp, Grill Items
752Fishing Rods, Poles & Gear
753Golf Clubs, Bags, Bow & Baseball Bat
754Rakes, Shovel, Cultivator, Pruners & More
755Black & Decker Blower Vac, 2 Weedeaters
756Toro Blower Vac, TurboVac
757Craftsman Electric Pressure Washer
758Dresser with Mirror
759Metal Step Ladder
760Hand Tools, Extension Cords, Painting Supplies, Jumper Cables & More
761Extension Ladder
7622 Rugs (Approx. 2′ x 4′)
763Foreign Coins, from countries including Canada, Germany, Mexico & Others
7641899 Morgan Silver Dollar
7651922 Peace Silver Dollar
7661991 American Silver Eagle
7681969/1970 Topps Basketball Cards
769Miscellaneous Football & Baseball Cards