Furniture, Antiques, Collectibles & More – Newberry, SC

Online Auction
Bidding Starts:
Friday, February 2, 2018 @ 8:00 AM EST
Bidding Ends:
Thursday, February 15, 2018 @ 12:00 PM EST
932 Main St, Newberry, SC
1Regal 12 to 101 Cup Commercial Coffeemaker
2Crandall Hammer, Cleaver, Etc.
32 Rotary Dial Phones, Phone Lamp
4Rocking Chair (needs repair), Child’d Rocking Chair, Child’s Wicker Chair, Small Stool
5Store Shelving (no doors) 77″H, 46″W, 12″H
62 -Tri- Fold Frames for Screens, 8 Shelf Cart on Casters w/Contents
72- 6′ Aluminum Step Ladders
8Store Sign, Wood Sign, 12″H, 80″W
9Columbia, Camden and More (each stack is the same card), (Approx 350)
102 – Sided Cardboard Grocery Store Advertising Piece, Paper Board Cutouts, Mounds Box (Approx. 35 pcs)
11Soda Fountain Menu, Soda Fountain Advertising, RCA Victor Advertising, Candy Advertising, Book on Soda Fountain Operation, Frank Luther Record (see photos) (Approx 20 pcs)
12Coffee Grinder
13Columbia Jar w/Greek Key Design on Base (damaged) 16″H and Columbia Exposition Book
14Collins Christmas Shop Wood Sign, 12″H, 31″W, 2″D
15Selection of Tripods and Movie Screen Frame (missing some parts)
16Fabric, Linens, Roll of Cloth, Area Rug
17China Cabinet, 1 Drawer, 72″H, 44″W, 16″D
18Metal Storage Carts, 2 Complete and Parts, On Casters
19Metal Racks, Iron Table Frames, Paper Dispenser, Displays, Etc.
20Podium Top w/Drawer (Very fine example of mid-19th c. cabinetry. 1850s cherry or mahogany clerk’s
counter-desk from Bumpas Emporium Drugstore, Ohio.)
21Scale Weight Set and Base w/Drawer
22US Postage Stamp Dispenser, Brownsville, Texas, 15″H
23Glass Display Cabinet, Curved Ends (missing doors and shelves}
24Approx. 13 Vintage Bottles, Jars, Tins, Boxes of Pharmaceutical Products (some have contents, see photos)
25Approx. 13 Vintage Bottles, Jars, Tins, Boxes of Pharmaceutical Products (some have contents, see photos)
26Approx. 33 Vintage Bottles, Jars, Tins, Boxes of Pharmaceutical Products (some have contents, see photos)
27Approx. 26 Vintage Bottles, Jars, Tins, Boxes of Pharmaceutical Products (some have contents, see photos)
28Approx. 14 Vintage Bottles, Jars, Tins, Boxes of Pharmaceutical Products (some have contents, see photos)
29Approx. 7 Vintage Bottles, Jars, Tins, Boxes of Pharmaceutical Products (some have contents, see photos) and Electreat Quack “Mechanical Heart” Vibrator
30Approx. 10 Vintage Bottles, Jars, Tins, Boxes of Pharmaceutical Products (some have contents, see photos)
31Approx. 16 Vintage Bottles, Jars, Tins, Boxes of Pharmaceutical Products (some have contents, see photos)
32Approx. 54 Vintage Pharmaceutical Bottles (see photos)
333 Vintage Round Cardboard Medicinal Containers
34Approx. 26 Vintage Pharmaceutical Bottles (see photos)
35Approx. 47 Vintage Pharmaceutical Bottles in Coca Cola Flat (see photos)
36Approx. 27 Vintage Pharmaceutical Bottles (see photos) – Morgan Apothecary, new old stock, c. 1880, Phila
37Approx. 23 Vintage Pharmaceutical Bottles (see photos) – Morgan Apothecary, new old stock, c. 1880, Phila
38Wooden Check Out Counter on Casters, Shelves in Back, 38″H, 72″W, 26″D
392 Trunk Trays, Chatillion Baby Scale, Metal Frame
40All Metal Rolling Garden Cart, 34″H, 48″W, 24″D
41Large Trunk on Casters
423 Woven and Wood Baskets
43Yardsticks w/Advertising (see photos)
44Dining Table on Casters, 60″ x 40″ (needs some attention) – Contents Not Included
45Contents of 3 Shelves, Glass, Jewelry, Crafts, Bell, Silverplate (see multiple photos)
45AApprox. 16 Perfume Bottles
46Contents of 3 Shelves, Glass, Clocks, Linen, Bowls, Advertising (see multiple photos)
47Contents of 4 Shelves, Glass, Coca-Cola, Books, (see multiple photos)
48Contents of 4 Shelves, Speaker, Makeup Mirror, Advertising, Pottery, (see multiple photos)
49Tapered Double Sided Store Shelving, 51″H, 74″W, 12″ Top, 31″Bottom – Contents Not Included
50Tapered Double Sided Store Shelving, 51″H, 74″W, 12″ Top, 31″Bottom – Contents Not Included
51Fireplace Tools, Plant Stands, Hook Shelf, Pedestal
52Lot of Brass Accessories
53Lot of Various Stones
54Cast Iron Decorative Items
55Selection of Cabinet Hardware
56Square Kitchen Table, 29″H x 36″ Top
57Table Lot of Vintage Electronics (see photos)
58Wood Shelving, Serving Tray, Wood Coat Rack
592 Trunks on Casters
60Cabinet w/Rounded Table Top, Corner Whatnot, Narrow Shelf
61Selection of Tables, Paper Dispenser, Mirror
62Broyhill Upholstered Sofa
63Pair of Artificial Ficus Trees, Prelit Christmas Tree
646 Lamps (see photos)
65American Child’s Tool Chest, Toy Pistol, Metal Trucks, Etc.
667 Keys
67Server 38″H, 38″W, 18″D on Casters (needs a little attention)
68Bubble Gum Machine on Cast Iron Vase
69Coo Coo Clock – Condition Unknown
70Display Cabinet w/ Revolving Shelves, 38″H, 36″W, 24″D (shelves in box, worked last time it was plugged in, all racks are there, lighted)
71Selection of Books, Mainly Pharmaceutical and 6′ Folding Table
72Tapered Double Sided Store Shelving, 51″H, 74″W, 12″ Top, 31″Bottom – Contents Not Included
73Lot of Bottle Labels, Soda Fountain Formula Book
74Bottle Labels, Medicines, Etc. (Includes Wannamaker Drug Co. labels (Orangeburg, SC, c. 1880); Rare
Mallinckrodt Chemical Works black tin.)
75Bottle Labels, Approx 4 Medicines, Etc. (Large B&D glass syringes, insulin kit.)
76Approx 10 Medicines in Bottles – 2 excellent Parke Davis cork bottles, Patent med., rare Tristram Pharmacy handtied
prescription bundle(Brenham, Tx; Bubba’s Bottles Auction, Houston, Tx. 1997).
77Approx 9 Plaster, Medicines, Bottles
78First Aid Inventory, Formulas, Ink Bottles in Box
79Approx. 16 Medical Bottles w/Contents
80Writing and music lot. 19th c. instrument strings, 19th c. wall-mount store receipt
hanger, 19th c. Red Zubian Sealing wax, 19th c. boxes of Quail pencils, Vintage Razor Blades
81Approx. 10 Bottles w/Contents (Great Eli Lilly collectors lot. Bakelite cap dispensary bottles.)
82Approx 27 Bottles, (see photos)
83Brass plated pharmacy symbol collection (6), Lilly
Papaverine HCL ampules, late
19th c. instrument strings (Approx. 17 Items)
84Bottles, Capsules, Etc. (2) Anti-Fermin, Lilly, Upjohn, Houstonia
Liniment, Sloans Linament, One-A-Week vitamins, Harvey Little Devils #2 pills. (Approx. 20 Items)
85Labels, Tablets (Approx. 14 Items)
86Bottles, Razors, Etc.
87Capsules, Etc.
88Selection of Bottles
90Pill Boxes, Lominick Drug Store in Newberry Waterman’s ink (WWII), early Walgreen tin, Twisted wire plated Soda fountain
spoons, tiny vintage ice cream spoons
91Snake Oil, Roach Powder, Bottles (Approx. 27 Items)
92Selection of Bottles – Morgan Apothecary, new old stock, c. 1880, Phila (Approx. 38 Items)
93Bottles, Medicines, Etc. – Vintage 1960s Due West, SC pennants, Penick crude drug
container, Merck crude drug container, Cork bottles and more. (Approx. 11 Bottles & 16 Banners)
94Bottles and Medicines (Approx. 23 Items)
95Games, Peanuts Comic Book
963 sizes Dr. Lyon’s Tooth Powder tins; 1950s-60s hair products, etc. (Approx. 15 Items)
97Collector Bottles, Octagon Soap, Cough Syrup (Approx. 10 Items)
98Cough Syrup Throat Gargle, etc. (Great lot of new-old-stock mint-in-box patent meds. Rare find.) (Approx. 20 Items)
99RX Plaque, Tablets, Cork bottles, Once-a-Week vitamins, patent meds, Nasal Douche, Black & White cosmetics advertising (1930s). (Approx. 9 Items)
100Animal Spray, Insecticides, Etc. – Breon ampules, Dr. Legear’s, vintage pest control products (Approx. 13 Items)
101Advertising Boxes – 1950’s-60’s Newberry, SC soda fountain menu, stack of vintage checks from defunct bank
102Medicines – Cow speculum, patent meds, vintage weight loss med, and more. (Approx. 12 Items)
103Medicines (Approx. 13 Items)
104Rat Poison, Dr. LeGears vet. meds., vintage pest control, glass ampules. (Approx. 21 Items)
105Poison, Tooth Powder, Etc. (Approx. 13 Items)
1062 – Metal Shelving Units – Contents Not Included
107Frames, Mirrors, Art (some new frames)
108Tins of Film, Empty Cardboard Tube Containers
1094 Wooden Columns, 90″H
110Procelain Pots and Pans
1112 – Blackboards, 3′ x 4′ and a Sign
112Glass Showcase, 38″H, 36″W,24″D
113Basketball Rim w/Chain Net
114Luggage (some is leather)
115Wall Mount Lantern
116Contents of 2 Shelving Units (see photos – Does not include shelving) – Porcelain Glove form, 2 gal. vintage Owl potato chip jar
1172 Metal Shelving Units – (Shelving Only – Contents Not Included)
1182 – Glass Panel Doors – Original doors from Wertz Music and Appliance store, Newberry, SC, circa 1950
119Coleman 3 Burner Camping Stove
1203 – Concrete Angels
121Storage Tub, Wood Crate
122Prints, Coca-Cola Tray, Saturday Evening Post
123Assortment of Bottles (see photos)
124Basket Cart, Shelving, Pegboard Display, Cart, Etc.
125Absocold Refrigerator
126Selection of Decorations
127Snare Drum, Paper Documents, Paper Cutter, Pharmaceutical Products, Etc.
128Advertising Boxes, Medical Supplies, Ink, Etc.
129Pair of Screen Doors, 84″H, 22″W (some screen missing)
130Non-Metalic Electrical Tubing, Approx. 200′
131GMI Popcorn Machine on Cart (needs cleaning)
132Metal Shelves w/Contents (see photos)
1335 Road To Oz Books
200Shoe last
201Glass Enclosed Showcase, Curved on One End, 40″H, 120″W, 24″D (missing shelves) – Statement display for store or for collection. 1880s curved mahogany veneer
Empire lighted showcase, mirrored back doors, cast iron feet. Shelving was optional.
Often glass pedestals with glass shelves balanced on top were used to as an
alternative to bracketed shelves to allow for better display. See glass pedestals in
Lot # 585. Origin of cabinet: S. Dakota
202Two Golden Oak Country Store showcases, 1890s, Top is 22″H, 94″W, 24″D, Slanted Front, No Bottom, No Doors, Bottom is 35″H, 94″W, 24″D, Missing Top (some cracked glass),
203Glass Enclosed Showcase, 40″H, 120″W, 24″D, Some Shelves and Doors Against Wall, Slanted Front – Statement display for store or for collection. Lighted, 1890s slant front
showcase. Mahogany or cherry. Cast iron feet. All shelves, doors, & hardware are
there. Origin, S. Dakota.
204Glasses, Trays, Placemats, Vases, Etc., 7 Boxes
20511 – Wall Mount Light Fixtures – Spot Lights
206Watches, Costume Jewelry (see photos)
207Selection of Costume Jewelry (see photos)
208Pair of Card Tables
209Wood Stool, Nightstand, Office Swivel Chair, Frame
210Early Eye Examination Chart
211Costume Necklaces
212Costume Necklaces
213Costume Necklaces
21433 Drawer Wooden Cabinet, 36″H, 120″W, 12″D – Hard-to-find late 19th c. Botanical / Apothecary cabinet. All original cast iron
pulls, some with reverse-painted glass labels. Great statement piece of furniture for
decorating. Lonsinger Pharmacy, Ohio.
2158 – Boxes, Cards, Ribbon, Frames, Glasses, Plates, Books, and More (multiple photos)
216Late Victorian Apothecary cabinet with botanical / crude drug drawers. Origin,
Sikeston, Missouri. , 88″H, 290″W, 16″D (comes apart for moving, 2 Pieces) 42 Drawers, Multiple Shelves-Contents Not Included
217Vases and Baskets, 9 Pieces – (2) Ruby red apothecary jars with pontils & ground stoppers, tall Ruby Fostoria
Coin glass bonbon.
218Lead Crystal Decanter and Set of 6 Magnetic Shot Glasses
219Petrified Wood
2202 Glass Fish
2214 – Heavy Metal and Glass Lanterns (candle is source of light)
2223 – Curved Horses (possibly ceramic)
223Normal Rockwell Collectible AM-FM Radio
224Boy Scout Handbook (1936 or earlier), Boy Scout Signal Set, Brownie Hat
225Balsa Wood Hat Form, 1930’s
226Selection of Books, Pharmaceutical, Music, Art, Animals, and More (see photos)
227Selection of Children’s Books
228Selection of Early Black and White Photographs, 1940’s
229Glass Shades w/Lighting
2301990 Coca-Cola Metal Sign – 9″ H x 28″ W
23139 Pieces Lenox Presidential Collection, “Hancock”
2324 – Drawer Filing Cabinet, TV Trays, Child’s Grocery Cart (“Buggy”)
233Kharma Rug, 7′ 10″ x 11′ 2″
234Johnson Brothers, Made in England, China, 87 Pieces
2356 – Cannisters (appear to be wooden, one handle broken)
2361974 Pepsi, 2 1981 National Champions Coca-Cola, Jaguars Coke, Delta, Delta, Delta 1984-85 Photo, 2 License Plate Frames, Bracelet, Etc.
237Blown Glass Fruit, 14 Pieces
238Iron Palmetto Tree, 14″
239Metal Welcome Mat, Palmetto Tree, 26″ x 17″(small repair has been made, needs paint)
240Oak Mission Desk w. cast iron swinging typewriter arm., Desk30″H, 60″W, 34″D, Arm 16″ x 16″
241Oak Mission Bankers chair.
242Record Albums, Country, Classical, Rock and Roll, Christmas
243Pair of Matching Upholstered Chairs
244Leather and Wood Ottoman, Leather and brass inlay Camel Saddle
245Wire Basket
246Picnic Basket
247Framed Prints (Barbie Tidwell) Signed and Numbered, 8 Pieces
248Masks, Made in Peru (1)
2494 – Pineapple Candle Holders, 3 Globes
250Nice Table, 30″H, 90″W, 29″D (Contents Not Included)
251Roche Bobois Vase, 22″H
252Roche Bobois Vase, 17″H
253Roche Bobois Jar, “Balthazar” 28″H X 14″W
254Roche Bobois Gunmetal Pumpkin Lamp
255Les Heritiers, France, Vase, Signed, 24″H
256Driftwood w/Glass Pelicans
2575 – Side and 1 – Arm Dining Chairs
258Double Pedestal Clawfoot Dining Table, 30″H, 72″L, 44″W, Plus 2-24″ Leaves for Total Length of 120″
2596 – Matching Dining Chairs w/ Ball and Claw Feet, 2 – Odd Side Chairs
260Art Deco Pharmacy Cabinet. Glass doors. Excellent display for collections.
Matches other Art Deco pharmacy cabinets. See lot 439. Origin, Sikeston, Missouri. , 60″H, 100″W, 12″D
261NYAL Aspirin Tablets, Cardboard
263Royal Crosscut Shredder and Box Fan
26418 – Blown Glass Flowers
265Singer 6160 Sewing Machine (new in box)
2663 – Dolls, Chair, Bed
267Selection of Extension Cords and Trouble Light
268Vintage Quilt Blocks, Blankets, Curtains, Fabric, Etc.
269Vintage Winnie the Pooh, Tiger & Eeyore; vintage bears, Games, Chalk Board, Puzzles
270Chicago World’s Fair Map and Book of Coca-Cola Advertising, Book of Railroad Trains
271Book of Audubon Bird Prints (18 Prints)
272Pottery Crock w/#3, 10″H 10″W (see photo for mark)
273Vintage Green Bowl, 9″W
274Game of Newberry (like Monolopy)
275Large Jewelry Box w/Drawer
276Prints of Framable Maps, Charleston, USA, Southern USA, Persia (see photos) (Some Duplicates)
2772 -6′ Folding Table (contents not included)
278Wedding Gown (appears to be a smaller size)
279Fountain w/Pump
2822 – Boxes of Ledgers (some dating back to 1888) Approximately 14 Ledgers
283Assortment of Early Eveready Flashlights
284Selection of Pharmaceutical Advertisements and Correspondence (approx. 187)
285Bank Bags from Newberry, Ohio, Kansas City (approx. 13
286Collection of Postcards (Approx. 250)
287Early 20th c. parade flag holder (triple flag) for automobiles or buggies in
original packaging, 4 Vintage American Flag with 48 stars (1912 –1959)
288Coat Racks, Luggage Racks, Spice Boxes, Stools (see photos)
289Wall Mounted Metal Piece, 40″ x 20″
290Brass Andirons
291Brass Fireplace Screen
292Brass Fireplace Screen
293Brass Fireplace Fender
294Lenox – Princess Guinevere
295Lenox- Snow Queen
296Lenox – Princess Katherine, 1999
297Lenox – Princess and Frog Prince, 1994
298Lenox – American Robin, 1989
299Lenox – Yellow-Breasted Chat, 1996
300Lenox – Eastern Bluebird
301Lenox – Hairy Woodpecker, 2001
302Lenox – Chickadee
303Lenox – Horned Lark, 2001
304Pharmaceutical Prescriptions, 1956, Thermometer Covers, Mortar and Pestle, Etc.
305Flamingo Toilet bowl brush holder 17″H
306Selection of Valentines
307Collection of Dolls (see photo)
308Pair of Pineapple Candle Holders w/Globes
309Wood Serving Tray on Metal Stand
310Vase, Pot, Pitcher (top shelf)
31110 – Pieces, Planters (second shelf)
3128 – Pieces, Planters (bottom shelf)
3133 – Tiered Shelf on Casters, 52″H, 48″W, 28″D (Contents Not Included)
314Pocket Books, Etc. (see photo)
31512 – Wood Bobbins in Basket
316Selection of Christmas Decorations, including Lighted slim profile Christmas tree, 9 ft. (see photos)
3172 – Office Depot 4 – Drawer Legal Filing Cabinets
3183 – Chairs, 1- Stool, Metal Bases, Wood Seats, Early 20th c. steel industrial
319Wood Cash Box, Cash Register Drawer
320Box of Vintage Tools, Pedals
321Selection of Yard Sticks and Flag Pole
322Traffic Light (missing one lens)
323Selection of Metal Racks, Various Sizes – (2) 1950s soda bottle racks, modern shoe rack
324Large Pet Carrier
325Parking Meter, 24 Minutes
3263 – Card Tables (one is missing a leg)
3274 – 2′ Step Ladders
3282 – Moving Dollies, 1880s, Collin’s Pharmacy, Lafayatte, Alabama.
3291000+ Prescriptions
3302 – Rugs, 4′ x 2′ and 48″ x 53″
331Atlanta Cast Iron Stove, 22″H, 20″W, 13″D (one leg is off, see photo)
332Selection of Ribbon
3333 – window Blinds, 32″W
334Lot of Books, 9 – Boxes (see photos)
335Lot of Books, 10 – Boxes (see photos)
336Lot of Books, 8 – Boxes (see photos)
337Lot of Books, 8 – Boxes (see photos), Early 1900’s
338New Rapid Ice Breaker
339Mop Buckets and Mops and Metal Shelf and Ironing Board
3402 – Marble Shelves, 10″ x 48 (predrilled holes)
341Marble Slab, 37″ x 20″ (small chip on one end)
342Marble Top, Beveled, 61″ x 24″ (slight chip on one side)
343Marble Slab, 62″ x 20″ (rough edge on one side)
344Mail Trays, Racks, Staplers, Paper Products, Tape Dispensers, Book Shelf, Etc. (see photos)
34514 Decorative Nutcrackers
346Wrapping Paper, Candle Holders, Ribbon, Lighted Houses, Lights, Etc. (see photos)
347Wagner Vintage Fan, Westinghouse Vintage Fan
348Lectrosonics Long Ranger III Sound System
349Stained Glass Door, 75″H x 34″W
350RCA Victor Turntable
351Astatic Microphone
352Kodak DC120 Zoom Digital Camera, Canon 3CCD Digital Video Camera, Minolta Maxxum 3000i 35 MM Camera (See Photos)
3532 – 4 Drawer File Cabinets, 2 – 2 Drawer File Cabinets
3542 Night Stands
355Cleaning Tools
356Morse Electric Sewing Machine
357Selection of Baskets
358Bed Display Brackets
359Vintage Bottles, Whistle Newport News, Virginia Brewing Company, Etc.
360Wall Plaque, Figurine, Electric Clock
361Wood Cabinet, 36″H, 84″W, 24″D
3624 – Stools w/Cushioned Seats
363Selection of Vintage Buttons and Large Embroidery Hoop
364Locks and Keys
365Life Magazines, 70’s
366Collection of Glass Insulators
367Pendant Light Fixture, Rustic Brown Finish (in box)
368Wall Mounted Outside Light (needs glass) 28″T
3697 – Wall Mount Light Fixtures, 15″
370Piano Music Rolls, 17″ (Approx. 17)
371Assortment of Light Bulbs
372Wood Cabinet w/Shelves, 42″H, 72″W, 24″D
373Wood Cabinet w/Shelves, 42″H, 72″W, 24″D
374Pegboard and Shelf Brackets on Table
37510 – Coolers and Water Coolers
3762 – 4′ x 8′ Sheets of Pegboard (buyer to remove)
377Wood Cigar and Wine Boxes
378Dodge Hubcaps
379Brass Fireplace Screen
380Selection of Light Shades, Globes, Fixtures, Harps
3813 – Shelf Store Display w/Drawer in the Bottom (Does Not Include Contents)
3822 – Drawer File Cabinet, File Boxes, Wood Shelf w/Contents (see photos)
383Lathem Time Clock w/Cardrack (needs electric cord)
384Dishes, Scale, Pitcher, Heater, Etc.
385Vases, Pitchers, Bowls, Decanters, Etc.
386Vases, Planter Boxes, Clocks, Etc.
387Lampshades, Pillows
388Early Apple Computers (2- Bondi Blue G3 iMacs), Brother Fax, Keyboard, Etc.
389Platters, Bowls, Plastic Tumblers, Etc.
390Large Wood Cabinet w/Multiple Doors and Shelves, 7’H, 16’L, 2’D
391Prints and Empty Frames, Large Selection of Sizes and Styles
392Snow Sled
3936 – Office Desk Lamps
39412- Lamps (see photos)
395Early Oil Lamp
396Retro Lamp and Lamp Shade
3974 – Early Lamps
398Pair of Metal Lamps w/Marble Ball
399Pair of Monkey Lamps
400Pair of Heavy Brass Wall Lamps
401Cast Iron Floor Lamp
402Selection of Bottles, Morgan Apothecary, new old stock, c. 1880, Phila. (Approx. 120)
403Vintage Labeled Medicine Bottles, Mallinckrodt crude drug bottles, bakelite cap (Approx. 27)
404Vintage Labeled Medicine Bottles, Lot of Cork and bakelite top poisons, rare Poison Fly Paper (arsenic),
Mallinckrodt crude drug bottles (Approx. 29)
405Vintage Labeled Medicine Bottles, Lloyd’s Specifics, c. 1870, cork stoppers. Some contents. (Approx. 11)
406Vintage Labeled Medicine Bottles, Parke Davis; Powers Weightman & Rosengarten ( later acquired by
Mallinckrodt / Merck) (Approx. 12)
407South Carolina 300 Years, Marked USA and Chemung Spring Water Bottle, Half Gallon
408Cast Iron Blake Cork Press and 2 Other Presses
409Vintage veterinary meds. Including Dr. Legear’s, Snuff tins, Rexall Laxative tin,
rare Poison Fly Paper (arsenic).
410Order Forms for Opium, Narcotic Stamps
411Rare 1850s Galangal Powdered paper-top crude drug apothecary jar,
Reverse painted Label-over-glass apothecary jar, Lilly blue and white apothecary
jar, & more apothecary jars / bottles.
411A3 Tier Eli Lilly Show Globe
412Mead Handbook for Pharmacists; Magnus, Mabee & Reynard crude drug
tin, Penick crude drugs; Merck crude drugs; & more (Approx. 14 pcs.)
413Medical Ingredients, Rare 1936 Mallinckrodt catalog and price list (Pre- Merck merger); excellent group of yellow Penick Initial Line crude drugs and botanicals; hard-to-find Southern Druggists (Atlanta, Ga) crude drug cylinder; and more. (see photos) (Approx. 16 pcs.)
414Crude drugs from Penick, Mallinckrodt, Allaire Woodward; Owens
Illinois Price list / catalog. (Approx. 18 pcs.)
415Patent / Quack remedies with original boxes and literature. Sanyo
Rheumatic Remedy; BL & KR Laxative AND Diuretic; Dr. Caldwell’s Senna Laxative;
Dr. Pierce’s Favorite prescription (menstrual tonic); Dr. Pierce’s Golden Medical
Discovery; Gude’s Pepto Mangan. (Approx. 10 pcs.)
416Patent / Quack remedies with original boxes and literature. Cork and
Screwtop bottles. Malt-a-Cod, Hood’s Sarsaparilla Compound, Vix-UM, Hemobloids,
Admirine, Stuart’s Buchu & Juniper compound, Dr. Hobson’s Whooping Cough
syrup (Approx. 6 pcs.)
417Parke Davis lot. EXCEEDINGLY rare Parke Davis catalog dated 1906?; rare green Parke Davis crude drug tins, Park Davis price list
binder, and more.
418Vintage Medicine Bottles from Wannamaker Drug Company, Orangeburg, South Carolina and Pharmacy Book Dates to the 1890’s from Wannamaker Drug Company, rare Wannamaker’s 1890s – 1920s labels. (approx. 10 bottles plus labels & book)
4193 Brass Suppository Molds, One Nickel and Brass, Weights
420Vintage Over the Counter Medicines (Approx. 25 pcs., some bottles out of their box
421Vintage Medicines and Bottles, Includes Rare boxed Reed and Carnrick bottles, WWII Bible with steel shield to protect soldier’s heart, nesting crucibles, plaques with pharmacy symbols and more. (Approx. 26 pcs. plus fixtures)
422Morttal and Pestle, Book Ends, Drugstore Auction Catalogs (Approx. 12 pcs)
423Black & White cosmetics, c. 1920s-30s, milk glass and tins. Some in
original box. New old stock. From Bubba’s Bottle Auction, Houston, Tx. 1997. (Approx. 50 items)
424Cosmetics, hair products, Ever-Ready shoe white, deodorants in milk
glass, and more from Bubba’s Bottle Auction, Houston, Tx. 1997. (Approx. 26 items)
425Antiquarian surgical tools plaque, antique surgical instruments
reference book, 1920’s surgical tools catalog. (Approx. 3 items)
426Vintage Labeled Medicines, Cork and screwtop patent / quack med. Okatona, Salvitae, Mexican
Mustang Linament, Admirine, Dr. Hobson’s Whooping cough, Dr. Hobson’s Veg.
Prescription. Some boxes and original literature. (Approx. 9 items)
427Cobalt and amethyst apothecary bottles; cobalt Reed and Carnrick Elixir
Pepto-mangan; Morgan Apothecary, new old stock, c. 1880, Phila (Approx. 13 items)
428Collection of 5 mortar & pestles including one large bronze c. 1850s or earlier
double handle mortar with pestle.
429Selection of Vintage Labels from Multiple Drug Stores
430Selection of vintage condoms / prophylatics including tins. Rare tin,
square-boxed, and even rarer, dome-boxed Peacock condoms … plus die-cut
Peacock counter display box. Roger condoms are WWII era. (Approx. 45 items)
431Vintage inks, goose quills, and wooden quill pens with counter pen stand
from Bubba’s Bottle Auction, Houston, TX, 1997. Parker’s inks are WWII (red, white,
blue boxes). Waterman’s, Carters. New old stock.
432Labeled Medicine Bottles – Great new pharmacy Americana collectors lot. Cork, bakelite, and tin top bottles; patent medicines (Celerina contained cocaine; Mexican Mustang liniment; Vick’s cold syrup, etc.); United Drug (pre-Rexall); Rexall; Merck, Upjohn price book; Mallenckrodt; empty Darvon plus Amytal dispensing bottle (Lilly), and more. (Approx. 20 pcs.)
433Labeled Medicine Bottles – Crude drug dispensing bottles (Merck, Mallinckrodt); Owens Illinois want book; United Drug (pre-Rexall) Elixir 5 Bromides; more. (Approx. 23 pcs.)
434Vintage Medical Bottles (Morgan Apothecary, new old stock, c. 1880, Phila) (Approx. 130 pcs.)
435Vintage Medical Bottles (Approx. 80 pcs.)
436Hand Homoggenizer, Bed Pans, Aluminum Splints, Invalid Feeder
437Bottles, Etc. – Cork, glass stopper, and tin top bottles. A real goody lot of small bottles and tins PLUS two bottles of fake blood (different vintage recipes from a late chemist who lived at Murrells Inlet, SC). (Approx. 60 pcs.)
4383 – Ceiling Light Medallions
4393 Sections of Pharmacy Shelving, 8’H, 6’W, 1 1/2’D (Some of the Doors are Sitting on the Side) – 3 section Art Deco Pharmacy cabinet. Glass doors for entire bottom section, some molding, From Sikeston, Missouri – 2 Upper Section Doors and 6 Lower Section Doors
440Older Cash Register, Ser#4546381/ 1090
441Dresser Mirror and Wood Shelves
442Medical Examination Chair
443Shelving Unit w/ Adjustable Shelves, 72″H, 30″W, 13″D
444Entertainment Center, 59″H, 55″W, 17″D
445Server, 40″H, 60″W, 19″D
4462 – Paintings on Canvas (one needs repair) 36″ x 29″
447Mahogany China Cabinet, 60″H, 45″W, 17″D
448TV Cabinet, 29″H, 38″W, 24″D
449Dresser w/8 Drawers and Mirror, 36″H, 58″W, 20″D, Fitted Glass on Top
450Trouble Light, Extension Cords, Light on Stand
451Wood Shelf and All the Contents, Caulking, Paint Supplies, Fire Extinguishers, Caster Wheels, Garden Items, Etc. (see photos)
452Metal Soda Shop Stool (needs the wood parts)
453English Riding Saddle
4544 – Wheeled Push Cart and 3 – Shelf Cart
455Expo Aluminum Easels
456American Coin Operated Scale (needs some attention)
457Wooden Gun Rack w/Drawer
458Round Oak Table, 42″R, Plus 2 – 9″Leaves
459Reversable Chair
460Eastlake Upholstered Rocker
461Mahogany Desk, 30″H, 44″W, 22″D
462Used Executive Office Chair (some scuffs)
463Wood Table w/Iron Insert, 24″W, 24″D
464Bench and Nightstand
465Metal Plant Stand, 32″H
466Metal Lamp, 61″H Base
467Glass Front Cabinet w/Shelves, 29″H, 20″W, 16″D
468Trunk Chest w/ 3 – Drawers, 28″H, 17″W, 15″D
469Coffee Table w/Lift Off Glass Tray
470Leather Upholstered Chair
4714 – Glass Displays (jewelry, coins, etc.)
472Table, 30″H, 40″W, 24″D (Drawer needs some repair)
473Chest of Drawers, 34″H, 48″W, 22″D, w/ Glass Top, by Northern Furniture Company
474Pair of Matching Upholstered Chairs
475Pair of Matching Upholstered Chairs, Also Serve as a Sofa, 78″W
476Walker, Shower Bench
477Wood Bench, 48″W
478Mahogany Dining Table, 88″ Includes 2 – 16″ Leaves and 6 – Chairs w/Upholstered Seats, Includes Pads (some minor scratches on table top)
479Upholstered Sofa, 98″
480Bamboo Settee w/Cane Seat, 49″W
481Dinette Table w/4 Chairs, 47′ x 30″
482Serpentine Front Chest w/3 Drawers, 32″H, 38″W 20″D
4834 – Framed Acrylic Paintings, (approx. 33″ x 45″)
484Oriental Sofa, 30″H, 78″W, 23″D and Pair of Matching Chairs, Mid-century Teak
485Antique Chinese Chippendale Upholstered Rocker, Wood Frame
486Half Table, 30″H, 33″W, 12″D
487Pub Table, 43″H, 30″R (top needs refinishing)
488Vintage Clothing w/Rack
489Beveled Mirror in Ornate Frame, 57″ x 40″
4903 – Stools, 2 Chairs (2 of the stools are industrial steel)
4914 – Mirrors (3 matching)
492Art deco Matching Glass Shades, 17″H
4933 – Matching Hanging Light Fixtures
494New York Yankees Baseball Uniform, Size 12, vintage 1950s
495Photos, Books, Williamsburg, World’s Fair 1933, Etc. (see photos)
496Selection of Religious Sheet Music ( see photos)
497Fans and Maps, Recipe Books (see photos)
498Seed Catalogs from 1937
499Military, Army Song Book, March Music, Etc. (see photos)-Photos are just a sample
500Ladies Home Journal, Better Homes and Garden, 1930’s
501The Etude, The Musician, Music Books from early 1900’s
502Bound Etude Music Books, 1920’s
503Selection of Music Books, (see photos)
504Selection of Sheet Music (see photos)
505Selection of Sheet Music (see photos)
506Selection of Sheet Music (see photos)
507Selection of Sheet Music (see photos)
508Collection of First Day of Issue Stamps, Guide Book, Albums (see photos) Hundreds & Hundreds of Stamps
509Selection of First Day of Issue Stamps (see photos)
510First Day of Issue Stamps in Special Cover
511Lot of Post Cards (600+ pcs.)
512Large Selection of Books, Various Topics
513George Washington Antique White Double Bedspread
514Candle Holders, Wall Mounted Shelf, Pyramids
515Decorative Tile Collage, 32″H x 27″W, by Estelle Frierson 1987 (foot missing on boy)
516Vintage Coffee Pots and Toaster
5171950 Painting and 1 3/4″ Pitcher
518Pulls, Hinges (some new, see photos)
5192 – Early Lanterns, One Marked Dietz
520Metal Mailbox, 14″H
521De Laval Milk Receiver Jar, 08212, 24″T
522Wooden Tennis Racket, “Expert”, Made by Draper and Maynard Company, Plymouth, NH
523Sign Racks, Wood and Metal Plate Stands, Potato Chip Racks, Etc.
524Flatware, Juicers, Vases, Dishes, Glasses, Pitcher, Etc. (see photos)
525Pair of Matching Hanging Light Fixtures (painted 2 different colors) (Wrought Iron)
526Light Fixtures, Shades
527Selection of Frames (one is new)
528Staggered Displays, Metal Cart on Casters
529Barrels and Baskets
530Podium on Casters
531Plastic Containers
532Metal Shelf w/Cleaning Supplies
5333 Wooden Step Ladders, 6′ and a Shopping Cart
534Vintage Prescription Records, 1940’s and 1950’s (Approx. 75 boxes.)
535Office Desk, Store Display w/Sliding Doors for Storage
536Louisville 6′ Fiberglass Step Ladder, 2′ Wood Step Ladder, Step Stool
537Assortment of Mirrors, Various Shapes and Sizes
538Wooden Shelves, 85″H, 64″W, 12″D and 43″H, 20″W, 13″D
5392 – Easels
540Selection of Fans
541Assortment of Mirrors and Glass. Various Shapes and Sizes (a lot of material here, see photos)
542Saw Horse Parts
543Assortment of Mirrors, Some Beveled
544Perception Sanitary Self Draining Jar, Stamped with a 6 and 25, 30″T (25 gallon?) (From old RC Cola / Nehi / Chero- Cola bottling Plant, Speers, St., Newberry, SC
545Selection of 4 oz. Medicine Bottles, 5 Boxes of 2 Dozen (missing a few, new/old stock)
5467 – Boxes w/Brass Items, Mugs, Advertising, Etc. (see photos)
547Compression Tester, Engine Vacuum and Fuel Pump Tester, Electric Vibrator
548Cigar Boxes
549Revolving Display Case and Campbells Soup Warmer (All original parts including hard to find plug in heating mugs for can of soup. 1960s. Came from old Main St. Café in Newberry, SC. Was still in use as late as 1995.)
5504 Display Boxes
551Rustic pine laundry folding table from Newberry Steam Laundry (commercial laundry owned by the Yeomans family (1940s – early 1990s)., 30″H, 138″L, 38″W
552Vintage wire grocery and drugstore displays.
553Wood Shelving, Planter Box, Spindles
554Cork and screwtop gallon dispensing bottles, other bottles.
5552 – Wood Boxes, Metal Cash Box, Honing Stone, Key Tags, Drawer Pulls
556Advertising and Decorative Tins (Approx. 25 pcs.)
557Selection of Kitchen Tools (Antique and vintage. Wire, wood, aluminum.) (see photos)
558Selection of Children’s Books
559Squeezo Strainer, Model#400-TS
560Chambers County Welfare Department Wood Sign, 30″ x 7″
561Metal Wall Planter, 27″H, 20″W
562Selection of Various Bottles (see photos)
56320 Sodium Bicarbonate Bottles
564Emerald Green 4 oz. Glasses, Advertising, Other Bottles
565Tilden Bottles, More Unmarked Bottles (see photos) (Approx. 30 pcs.)
566Selection of Threaded Lids – Vintage amber, cobalt, and white auto or bus tail-light & signal light covers. (Approx. 75 pcs.)
567Approx. 105 Bottles, Jenning’s “Guaranteed to Cure” Terry Syrup (Cholera Cure). Pre-1900. Miller Pharmacy, Bennettsville, SC.
Plus vintage wooden soda crates
568Approx. 96 Bottles, Jenning’s “Guaranteed to Cure” Terry Syrup (Cholera Cure). Pre-1900. Miller Pharmacy, Bennettsville, SC.
Plus vintage wooden soda crates
569Approx. 89 Bottles, Jenning’s “Guaranteed to Cure” Terry Syrup (Cholera Cure). Pre-1900. Miller Pharmacy, Bennettsville, SC.
Plus vintage wooden soda crates
570Snow Sled
57111 – Daily Sales Ledgers, 1950’s
572Douglas Scaled Bottles, Emerald Green Bottles, Other Bottles
573Tripods and Misc.
574Iron Key, Fireplace Dogs, Stove Tops
575Various Sizes of Shelf Glass
576Camp Stove, Wash Tub, Bucket
577Trunk and Metal Box
578Piano Stool/Chair, Clawed Feet, Glass Balls
579Drink Crates, NEHI, Harris Spring Ginger Ale, Sary Ginger Ale
580Drink Crates, Tom’s, Sheri-Cola, Jumbo Super Cola, Nehi
581Drink Crates, 4 – Barq’s, Dr. Pepper
582Drink Crates, 5 – NEHI
583Drink Crates, 4 – NEHI
584Wood Boxes and Drink Crates, Orange Crush and Others
5857 – Glass Shelf Pedestals
5864 – Dr. Pepper Glasses, Rexall Metal Tray
587Pair of Carved Masks
588Primitive pine store clerks desk with original canvas strap hinges, 15″H, 34″W, 20″D
590Window, 2 Decorated Window, Security Mirror
5912 Pieces of Slate – 34″ x 5″, 2 – 34″ x 10″ (1″ Thick) – Black glass back splash from soda fountain at Lominack’s Drug Store, Main St., Newberry. Closed 1998.
5923 Pieces of Slate – 70″ x 10″ (1″ Thick) – Black glass and milk glass back splash from soda fountain at Lominack’s Drug Store, Main St., Newberry. Closed 1998.
5931 Piece of Marble – 29″ x 8″, 3 – 24″ x 4″ 1 – 71″ x 12″ (a couple more pieces damaged, 1″ Thick) – Milk glass back splash from soda fountain at Lominack’s Drug Store, Main St., Newberry. Closed 1998.
594Large Selection of Framed Prints, Frames, Mirror, Etc. (see photos)
5952 Pieces of Marble – 38″ x 26″, 2 – 70″ x 26″ (1/4″ Thick) – Milk glass countertop from soda fountain at Lominack’s Drug Store, Main St., Newberry. Closed 1998.
596Arched Window, Opaque Glass, 57″H, 116″W
597Selection of Posters (See Photos)
598Crate of Medicine Bottles, New/Old Stock, Made by JG Wannamaker, Orangeburg, South Carolina, Approx. 900
599Crate of Medicine Bottles, New/Old Stock, Made by JG Wannamaker, Orangeburg, South Carolina, Approx. 900
600Selection of Vintage Doors
601Shutters and Doors
602Single Step Handrail, Iron Pieces, Small Grate
603Rope and Strap
6042 – Greenlee Pipe Benders
605Gardening Tools and Brooms
606Gardening Tools and Wheelbarrow
607Pair of Iron Gates, Slanted, 36″H x 50″W, Made in England
608Pair of Iron Railing, 32:H x 81″W
6093 – Iron Arches, 2 – 18″H x 71″W, 1 – 18″H x 96″W
610Pair of Iron Gates, 30″H x 48″W, Made in England
611Pair of Iron Gates, 41″H x 52″W, Made in England
612Pair of Iron Gates, 35″H x 45″W, Made in England
613Bolt Cutters
614Wood Furniture, Bed Rails and Frames, Cart Shelf
615Metal Sign Frames
61640 – Metal Folding Chairs
61717 – Stacking Chairs
618Pair of Iron Gates, 40″H x 46″W, Made in England
619Tables, Shelving, Metal and Wood Box, Folding Doors, Steel Ladder
62010 – Shaker Chairs and 2 – Stools (need repairs). Origin Kentucky
621Early Electric Washing Machine
622Track Lighting, Conduit, Etc.
623Pair of Iron Gates, 45″H x 56″W, Made in England
624Pair of Fireplace Guards
625Selection of Older Doors
62633 – Wood Folding Chairs
627Waring Drink Mixer
628Light, Odometer, Gas Caps
629Barley Twist trestle Parson’s Table, 30″H, 76″W, 30″D
630Large Selection of Books (see photos) – Great lot for decorators and rare book collectors. Some pre-1900 books with deckle edge pages and hand-stitched binding. Some leather or colored-cloth bindings; hand-colored lithographs; and gilt-edge pages..
6313 Dollies
632Steel Palmetto Tree, 5 Points Tree. Columbia, SC, c. 2000, 117″H x 43″W, per seller: The Cultural Council of Richland and Lexington Counties sponsored the Columbia-area’s largest-ever public art installation, the Palmetto Tree Project, where SC artists have turned specially cut steel palmetto trees into works of art. The trees (total of 89, 2 at international locations) were on display until Oct., 2000. They were auctioned at a fundraiser a few years later. This tree has caricatures of many of 5 Points best known merchants and personalities (many are no longer with us): Billy Hampton (Hiller Hardware), Ivan (Groucho’s), Duncan & Scotty MacRae (Yesterday’s), Andy (Andy’s Deli), and more. For more background … http://www.carolinaarts.com/700palmetto.html
633Sidewalk Signs, Store Displays
634Buda Railroad Jack
635Jacobs Platform Scale
636Large Selection of Books (see photos) – Great lot for decorators and rare book collectors. Many pre-1900 books, some pre-1870, with deckle edge pages and hand-stitched binding. Some leather or colored-cloth bindings; hand-colored lithographs; and gilt-edge pages.
637Set of Hand Trucks
638Aluminum Extension Ladder
639Wood Storage Cabinet (28″ H x 96″ W x 48″ D) Was Used With Others as a Stage
640Wood Storage Cabinet (28″ H x 96″ W x 48″ D) Was Used With Others as a Stage
641Wood Storage Cabinet (28″ H x 96″ W x 48″ D) Was Used With Others as a Stage
642Wood Storage Cabinet (28″ H x 96″ W x 48″ D) Was Used With Others as a Stage