Fairfield County, SC – 66 Properties

Online Auction
Bidding Starts:
Friday, September 11, 2020 @ 8:00 AM EDT
Bidding Ends:
Thursday, September 24, 2020 @ 1:00 PM EDT
Fairfield County, SC

These properties are owned by Fairfield County Forfeited Land Commission.

The properties were acquired by the seller due to delinquent tax sale deed and will be transferred by Quitclaim Deed only using the most recent deed description. No title search has been performed by the seller, auctioneer or closing attorney. Title insurance will not be offered. 

It is the bidder’s responsibility to conduct own due diligence prior to bidding.

Bidding starts at $100, and all properties will be sold to the highest bidder regardless of price.

Download the Contract Package under the “Documents” link above prior to bidding. Contract Package includes contract, terms and conditions, disclosures, costs, and more.


LotTax Map NumberAddressCity
1014-00-00-014-000Off Ashford Ferry RoadCarlisle
2020-00-00-045-000Bull Run RoadWinnsboro
3026-02-05-014-000Peay Ridge RoadGreat Falls
4026-03-04-044-000183 Quarry RoadGreat Falls
5026-04-01-005-000Off Peay Ridge RoadGreat Falls
6026-04-01-006-000Off Peay Ridge RoadGreat Falls
7026-04-01-034-000Off Wrangler DriveGreat Falls
8027-03-01-011-000336 General Sumter DriveGreat Falls
9027-03-01-023-000General Sumter DriveGreat Falls
10027-03-01-029-000Off General Sumter DriveGreat Falls
11043-00-00-028-000Lot C Catawba RoadGreat Falls
12045-00-00-027-00099 RoadBlair
13045-00-00-033-0006328 99 RoadBlair
14046-00-00-040-000Lot 5 Off John Brice RoadBlair
15048-00-00-007-0005216 State Hwy 215 NorthBlair
16065-00-00-002-000Tract D Off State Hwy 215 NorthBlair
17065-00-00-041-000State Hwy 215 NorthBlair
18065-00-00-075-000State Hwy 215 NorthBlair
19066-00-00-035-00044 Blue Rock LaneBlair
20071-04-01-002-000915 Toatley RoadWinnsboro
21071-04-01-007-000Toatley RoadWinnsboro
22071-04-02-012-000Toatley RoadWinnsboro
23081-00-00-014-000Off 99 RoadBlair
24090-01-02-013-000Off Smallstown RoadWinnsboro
25098-00-00-010-000Old Blair RoadBlair
26099-00-00-017-00017867 Newberry RoadBlair
27099-00-00-037-000Strother RoadBlair
28099-00-00-061-000212 Strother RoadBlair
29099-00-00-062-000Lot B Strother RoadBlair
30107-03-02-004-0001120 Newberry RoadWinnsboro
31107-03-07-001-000Old Chester RoadWinnsboro
32118-04-02-008-0003645 Pearson RoadBlair
33120-00-05-012-000Twisted LaneBlair
34126-01-44-006-000124 South Zion StreetWinnsboro
35126-01-47-012-000Moultrie StreetWinnsboro
36126-02-12-002-000Off Zion StreetWinnsboro
37126-02-12-007-000Cemetery StreetWinnsboro
38126-03-08-014-000419 South Garden StreetWinnsboro
39142-00-00-028-000222 Comet DriveWinnsboro
40144-04-03-006-000Wheat RoadWinnsboro
41145-02-05-013-000608 Golf Course RoadWinnsboro
42145-02-11-013-000Doty RoadWinnsboro
43146-01-03-006-0002170 Old Camden RoadWinnsboro
44146-01-03-027-000Old Camden RoadWinnsboro
45150-00-00-006-000Blazing Star CircleRidgeway
46150-00-00-030-000Off Old 21Ridgeway
47151-00-00-033-000Off Longtown RoadRidgeway
48151-00-00-080-000Off Branch LaneRidgeway
49159-00-00-037-000Off Candy Cane LaneJenkinsville
50161-00-04-009-000Reservoir RoadWinnsboro
51162-00-04-025-000Off Rion RoadWinnsboro
52162-00-04-029-000Rion RoadWinnsboro
53163-03-00-026-000110 Stoney CircleWinnsboro
54172-00-00-056-000Blink Bonnie RoadRidgeway
55184-00-00-114-000Off Hwy 34Ridgeway
56185-04-02-001-000Ridgehill RoadRidgeway
57186-01-12-012-000Hwy 34Ridgeway
58186-02-04-041-000Lot D Off Long Leaf RoadRidgeway
59189-00-03-023-000Off Wood Duck RoadRidgeway
60196-00-02-020-000107 Family LaneWinnsboro
61200-00-00-049-000Syrup Mill RoadRidgeway
62203-00-02-066-000Off Macedonia Church RoadRidgeway
63203-00-02-069-000Off Macedonia Church RoadRidgeway
64210-00-01-006-000Off Fish Hook RoadJenkinsville
65211-00-01-037-000Off Hwy 215 SouthWinnsboro
66223-00-01-009-000Off Hwy 215 SouthWinnsboro
Contract Package - Fairfield County FLC
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