Electrical Contractor Equipment & Inventory

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Friday, March 31, 2023 @ 8:00 AM EDT
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Wednesday, April 12, 2023 @ 1:00 PM EDT
155 Landmark Dr, Taylors, SC
Tuesday, April 11, 2023 from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Item Removal:
Thursday, April 13, 2023 from 9:00 AM

Nissan Forklift, Manlift Attachment, LeRoi Air Compressor, Ramco Engine Hoist, Ramco Horizontal Bandsaw, Miller Welder, Pallet Jack, Engraving Equipment and Blanks, Workbenches, Carts, Ladders, Shelving, Tools, Breakers, Wire, Pipe, Conduit, Fasteners, Office Furniture and Equipment

Lot #Item Name
475Straps, Com-a-long, Water Valve Wrenches, Bungee Cords
476Selection of Yard Tools
477Selection of Yard Tools
478LeROI Air Compressor
479FTP Transformer
480Dayton Gas-Powered Post Hole Digger
481Rolling Ladder with Work Platform
482Nissan 50 Forklift
4831995 Chevrolet 2500
484Hand Trucks
485Switch Boxes on Casters
486Yamaha 175 Motorcycle
487Pool Cover
488Portable Hose Reel, 2 Planter Pots
489Contents of Shelves
490Shelving Unit (Contents Not Included)
491Set of Forklift Extensions
492Selection of Plastic Storage Totes
4932 Sets of Jumper Cables
494Jakes Pry Lever Bar
495Selection of Welding Cable
496Pneumatic Parts
497Portable Air Tank, Air Hose
498Eaton Transformer
499Tool Box with Contents
500Plastic Storage Bins
501Dock Board
502Set of Car Ramps
50310′ Shop-Built Walkboard
504Contents of 3 Shelves
505(3) Sections of Shelving
506Selection of Transformers
50755-Ton Ramco Hydraulic Press
508Trestle A-Frame Ladder
5095′ Dayton Wood Step Ladder
5106′ Wood Step Ladder
5118′ Wood Step Ladder
5128′ Wood Step Ladder
5138′ Wood Step Ladder
5144′ Louisville Fiberglass Step Ladder
5158′ Louisville Fiberglass Step Ladder
5166′ Louisville Fiberglass Step Ladder
517Fiberglass Extension Ladder
518Fiberglass Extension Ladder
519Selection of Plywood & Doors
520(2) Columns of Miscellaneous Wire
521(2) Columns of Miscellaneous Wire
522(2) Columns of Miscellaneous Wire
523(7) Columns of Miscellaneous Wire & Conduit
525(8) Reels of Miscellaneous Wire
526Miller 250 Ampere AC/DC (MA) Heliwelder Welding Machine
527Ramco Shophand 5000 Engine Hoist
528(5) Reels of Miscellaneous Wire
529(15) Transformers
530Sorgel Three Phase Insulated Transformer
531Greenlee Job Box on Casters
532Breaker Box
533Shop-Built Job Box on Casters
534Switch, Rotary Phase Generator, NuTone Control, Transformer
535Tubing Bender
536Tubing Bender
537Selection of Electrical Supplies on (1) Shelving Unit
538Selection of Electrical Supplies on (1) Shelving Unit
539Selection of Electrical Supplies on (1) Shelving Unit
540Selection of Electrical Supplies on (1) Shelving Unit
541Selection of Electrical Supplies on (1) Shelving Unit
542Selection of Electrical Supplies on (1) Shelving Unit
543Selection of Electrical Supplies on (1) Shelving Unit
544Selection of Electrical Supplies on (1) Shelving Unit
545Shelving Unit (Contents Not Included)
546Shelving Unit (Contents Not Included)
547Shelving Unit (Contents Not Included)
548Shelving Unit (Contents Not Included)
549Shelving Unit (Contents Not Included)
550Shelving Unit (Contents Not Included)
551Shelving Unit (Contents Not Included)
552Shelving Unit (Contents Not Included)
553Selection of Electrical Supplies on (1) Shelving Unit
554Selection of Electrical Supplies on (1) Shelving Unit
555Selection of Electrical Supplies on (1) Shelving Unit
556Selection of Electrical Supplies on (1) Shelving Unit
557Selection of Electrical Supplies on (1) Shelving Unit
558Selection of Electrical Supplies on (1) Shelving Unit
559Selection of Electrical Supplies on (1) Shelving Unit
560Selection of Electrical Supplies on (1) Shelving Unit
561Shelving Unit (Contents Not Included)
562Shelving Unit (Contents Not Included)
563Shelving Unit (Contents Not Included)
564Shelving Unit (Contents Not Included)
565Shelving Unit (Contents Not Included)
566Shelving Unit (Contents Not Included)
567Shelving Unit (Contents Not Included)
568Shelving Unit (Contents Not Included)
569(6) 20′ Metal Brackets
570Panel Box with Breakers
571Selection of Electrical Supplies on (1) Shelving Unit
572Selection of Electrical Supplies on (1) Shelving Unit
573Selection of Electrical Supplies on (1) Shelving Unit
574Selection of Electrical Supplies on (1) Shelving Unit
575Selection of Electrical Supplies on (1) Shelving Unit
576Selection of Electrical Supplies on (1) Shelving Unit
577Selection of Electrical Supplies on (1) Shelving Unit
578Selection of Electrical Supplies on (1) Shelving Unit
579Shelving Unit (Contents Not Included)
580Shelving Unit (Contents Not Included)
581Shelving Unit (Contents Not Included)
582Shelving Unit (Contents Not Included)
583Shelving Unit (Contents Not Included)
584Shelving Unit (Contents Not Included)
585Shelving Unit (Contents Not Included)
586Shelving Unit (Contents Not Included)
587Small Job Box on Casters
588Selection of Slotted Wall Wiring Duct
589Brackets, Threaded Rod, Power Strips
590Appliance Cords, Outlets, Etc.
591(5) Boxes of Wire/Cable
592Shop-Built Job Box on Casters
593Shop Cart on Casters
594Selection of Rope & Powr-Fish Pull Line
596Plastic Trash Can Full of Shipping Peanuts
597Plastic Storage/Parts Bins
598Plastic Storage/Parts Bins
599Shelving Unit (Contents Not Included)
600Shelving Unit (Contents Not Included)
601Ramco Horizontal Band Saw
602Rol Lift Pallet Jack
603Selection of Metal
604(2) Pipe Clamps, (4) Vise Grip Clamps
605Drill Bits, Oil, Brushes, Parts Bins
606Selection of Files
607Selection of Files
608Selection of Clamps
609Selection of Clamps
610Set of Sawhorses, Pair of Work Table Legs
611Wilton 15″ Drill Press
612(3) Pipe Wrenches, Adjustable Wrench
613(3) Vises
614Anvil & Roller
615Trailer Hitch, Lug Wrench, Trailer Balls
616Selection of Wood Bits
617Selection of Wood Bits
618Selection of Wood Bits
619Work Table with 4 1/2″ Wilton Vise
620Selection of Tools
621(2) Punch Sets
622Delta Belt/Disc Sander
623Selection of Drill Bits, (3) Boxes
624Black & Decker Bench Grinder
625Ridgid Pipe Threader with Selection of Dies
626(4) Wood Bits on Extensions
627Selection of Chain
628Combo Hotbox Bender
629Metal Work Table
630Selection of Electrical Supplies on (1) Shelving Unit
631Selection of Electrical Supplies on (1) Shelving Unit
632Selection of Electrical Supplies on (1) Shelving Unit
633Selection of Electrical Supplies on (1) Shelving Unit
634Selection of Electrical Supplies on (1) Shelving Unit
635Selection of Electrical Supplies on (1) Shelving Unit
636Selection of Electrical Supplies on (1) Shelving Unit
637Selection of Electrical Supplies on (1) Shelving Unit
638Shelving Unit (Contents Not Included)
639Shelving Unit (Contents Not Included)
640Shelving Unit (Contents Not Included)
641Shelving Unit (Contents Not Included)
642Shelving Unit (Contents Not Included)
643Shelving Unit (Contents Not Included)
644Shelving Unit (Contents Not Included)
645Shelving Unit (Contents Not Included)
646Wood Cabinet, Metal Shelf
647(5) Stools
648Ridgid Tristand Pipe Vise
649Box of Sandpaper
650Box of Tools
651Box of Tools
652Box of Tools
653Box of Tools
654Box of Tools
655Box of Tools
656Box of Tools
657Box of Tools
658Box of Tools
659Box of Tools
660Box of Tools
661Box of Tools
662Box of Tools
6633-Shelf Cart on Casters
664Box of DC Power Supplies
665Box of Electrical Supplies
666Box of Electrical Supplies
667Box of Electrical Supplies
668Box of Tools
669Box of Electrical Supplies
670Selection of Lights
6713-Shelf Cart on Casters
672Selection of Aluminum Stock & Metal Rods
673(2) Grinders, Milwaukee Drill
674Box of Surge Protectors
675Pan-Quik Handheld Printer for Labeling Wire
6763-Shelf Cart on Casters
677(2) Railroad Jacks
678Portable Light on Stand
679(3) Tubing Benders
680(3) Tubing Benders
681(3) Tubing Benders
682(3) Tubing Benders
683Forklift Cart/Work Platform
684Tubing Bender Heads (No Handles)
685Rolling Cart
6865-Shelf Rolling Cart
6872-Shelf Rolling Cart
6882-Shelf Rolling Cart
689Enerpac Hydraulic Bender
690Milwaukee Sawzall
691Milwaukee Sawzall
692(2) Extension Cords, Set of Jumper Cables
693Step Stool/Tool Box
694Truck Tool Box, 52″W Bed
695(2) Metal Racks
696(4) Tubing Benders
697(2) Tubing Benders
698(3) Tubing Benders
699(2) Square D Electrical Boxes with Covers
700Trailer Axle (Missing 1 Spindle)
701(2) Lights
702Black & Decker Router
703Metal Tool Box with Ramset Tool & Selection of Fasteners
704(3) Empty Tool Boxes
705Post Driver
706Greenlee Stud Punch
707Steel City Slotted Angle Cutter
708Work Table with Metal Shelf
709Selection of Storage Bins, Tool Box & Trays
710Bend Guide, Steel Fish Tape, Electrical Gloves, Heat Blankets
711Work Table with Metal Legs
712Megger Tester
713(2) Containers of Drill Bits
714Drill Bit Sharpener
715Drill Bits
716Simpson Volt/Ohm Tester with Leads
717(5) Boxes of Electrical Supplies
718RotoZip Spiral Saw
719Work Table with Metal Legs
720Split Bolts, Ground Lugs, Etc.
721Work Table with Metal Legs
722Cord Strapping & Fasteners, Plastic Roll, Shelf Hangers & Bolts
723Work Table with Metal Shelf
724Selection of Tools, Electrical, Etc.
725Work Table with Metal Shelf
726Skil Belt Sander
727Work Table with Metal Legs
728(2) Boxes of Shop Tools
729Box of Hole Saws
730Box of Punches, Fasteners
731Drill Bits, Penciling Tool, Slit Tape, Etc.
732Work Table with Metal Legs
733Cable Connectors, Fasteners, Receptable Modules, Headsets, Etc.
734Paper Trays, Wall Files, Clipboards
735Work Table with Metal Legs
736Work Table with Metal Shelf
737Shelf Brackets, Hangers, Parts Tins
738Nut & Bolt Bin with Contents
739Measuring Tools, Square, Straight Edges, Etc.
740Drafting Table Top, Shelf Boards
741(4) Suitcases
742Selection of Duffle Bags, Jewelry Bags
743Sears/Craftsman Radial Arm Saw
744Rolling Cart with Drawers
745(11) Rolls of TFE Wire (Some are full)
746(7) Rolls of TFE Wire (Some are full)
747(15) Rolls of TFE Wire (Some are full)
748(12) Rolls of TFE Wire #18 Black (All New in Box)
749(12) Rolls of TFE Wire #18 Red (All New in Box)
750(3) Boxes of 1″ Flexible Conduit, Approx 300′
7513-Shelf Cart on Casters
752Wire Rack on Casters with Some Wire
753Selection of Wire
754Box of Assorted Hole Saws
755Box of Greenlee Punch Sets
756Box of Crimpers, Chisels, and Ramset
757Selection of Lamp Holders, Surface Board
758Work Table with Metal Shelf
759Box of Soldering Tools, Vise
760Box of Soldering Tools
761Heat Guns & Solder
762(5) Stools, Rolling Chair, Wood Bench, Tape (In Cabinet)
763Work Table with Metal Shelf
764Hotpoint Refrigerator/Freezer
765Panasonic Microwave, Toaster Oven, Contents of Kitchen Cabinets
766Round Table, (2) Plastic Chairs, (2) Metal Chairs, 2-Drawer File Cabinet
767Work Table
768Work Table
769Work Table
770Metal Shelf
771Air Conditioner
772Electric Tankless Water Heater, Electric Wall Heater
773Fluorescent Light Fixtures & Bulbs
774Shelving Unit with Contents
775Shelving Unit with Contents
776(2) Mop Buckets, Brooms, Dust Pans
777Boxes, Plastic Totes
778New Hermes Label Engraving Machine
779Work Table with Lamp
780Work Table with Lamp
781Work Table with Shelf
782Shelving Unit (Contents Not Included)
783Shelving Unit (Contents Not Included)
784Christmas Decorations
785Singer Sewing Machine
786Paymaster Check Writer
787Brass Lamp, 36″
78831 Day Clock
789Desk, (2) Chairs, Rolling Chair, Trash Cans
792Drafting Table with Lamp, Stool, Chair Mat, Contents of Pegboard
793(4) Arm Chairs, Wicker Table
794Wilson Golf Clubs in Bag
795Comdial Phone System with Phone Sets
7965-Drawer Lateral File Cabinet
7974′ Folding Table
798L-Shaped Desk & (2) Floor/Chair Mats
7995′ Folding Table
8004′ x 3′ Table
801(4) Office Chairs
8028′ Folding Table
8034′ Folding Table
804(2) 5-Drawer Filing Cabinets
805Selection of Office Supplies
806(2) 4-Drawer File Cabinets
807Drafting Table with Stool
8084-Drawer and 2-Drawer Filing Cabinets
809Wood Shelf
8106′ Folding Table
811hafler Amplifier
812Small Bookshelf
813Metal Cabinet
814Filing Shelf Cabinet
816Small Desk on Casters, Rolling Chair, Chair Mat
817Cast Iron Kettle Pot
818Bag of Atlas Golf Clubs
819Clemson Light-up Print, Clemson Football Books, Jack Daniels Lamp, Tiger Print
820(2) Arm Chairs
821Glass Top Table, Lamp
822(3) Plants, Pedestal Plant Stand
823(5) Prints
824Fender Bassman 100 Amplifier with Speaker
825Music Man Sting Ray Bass Guitar in Case
826Univox Carved Bass Guitar
827Kennedy 5-Drawer Tool Box
828Contents of Shelves Outside of Building
829Metal Work Table with Shelf & Small Vise
83020″ Bolens Push Lawnmower
831Shelving Unit
832Shelving Unit
833Shelving Unit
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