Automobiles, Tractor, Woodworking, Meat Processing & Much More

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2471 Holly Springs Rd, Inman, SC

1968 Jaguar XKE Roadster
2003 Corvette Convertible 50th Anniversary
John Deere 4320 with Loader
John Deere Gator

Wood Working Equipment, Meat Processing Equipment, Trailer, Implements, Antiques, Collectibles, and Much More

722Shop Fan on Casters
723Lifting Chain
724Digging Bar
7252 – Short Chains, Come-a- Long
7262 – Wood Shop Ladders, 3′ and 4′
727Torch Hose
728Job Permit Box, Cargo Bar, Closet Rod, Magnet on Handle, Concrete Tool
729Electrical Parts, Drill Bits, Etc. (see photos)
730Torch Hose w/Rack, Extra Tips
731Bostich Air Nailer
732Chain, 16′
733Chain, 22
734Assortment of Extension Cords
7355 Gallons, Antique White Latex, Interior
736Car Cover, Other Cover that is Smaller
737Assortment of Tools (see photos)
738Assortment of Tools (see photos)
739Trailer Hitch w/3 Sized Couplers
740Assortment of Ram Sets
741Surplus Parachute (seller used it for shade while camping)
742Tool Bag w/Tools
743Power Inverter, 1000 W, In Box
744Selection of Tools, Work Lights (see photos)
7453 – Cargo Straps
746Selection of Dry Wall Tools, 2 – Boxes
747Portable Air Tank
748Battery and Battery Charger
749 2 – Hitches, 4 Ton Bottle Jack
750 Axe, 24″L
751Trimax Wheel Lock
752Chain, Pad Locks, Hasps, Etc. 
75314 Ratchet Straps
754Better Built Aluminum Tool Box
755Pair of Jack Stands
756Wood Dolly, Steel Framed Dolly
757Mechanic’s Cart
758Mechanic’s Creeper
759Mechanic’s Creeper
760Hydraulic Vehicle Lift, 9000lbs. (buyer to dismantle)
7612 Ton Engine Lift, Foldable 
762Under Lift Hoist Stand, 1500lbs. 
763Under Lift Oil Drain w/Reservoir
764Miller Dialarc 250 AC/DC Welder on Cart
765Grease Gun, Grease, Hydraulic Oil, JD Mower Belts
766Wood Apple/Peach Boxes (not in perfect condition)
767Whirlpool Washing Machine
768Maytag Dryer
769Large Roll of Heavy Plastic
770Campbell Hausfeld Retractable Hose Reel
771Wooden Oval Sign, “Accent Building Company, Inc.”
7721968 Jaguar XKE Convertible, Ser#1E18021, Miles Showing 60767, PLUS Selection of Parts (see photos and video, recommend on site inspection)
773Water Trough w/Automatic Filler
774Farm Gate, 10′
775Farm Gate, 11′ (slightly bent)
776Farm Gate, 10′
777Farm Gate, 10′
778Farm Gate, 8′
779Farm Gate, 12′
780Farm Gate, 15′
781Wire, Feed Buckets, Bent Gate
782Blue Water Trough
7832 – Wire Gates, 8′
7842 – Wire Gates, 10′
7852 – Wire Gates, 9′
7863 – Wire Gates, 8′, 6′, 3 1/2′
7872 Farm Gates, 1′, 9′ (green gate needs some repair)
788Multiple Rolls of Fencing, 4′ and Rolls of Barbed Wire (see photos)
789T Posts, Approx. 30, 5′ to 6′ (some bent)
7902016 Lark Enclosed Trailer w/Mounted Winch, 24′ x 8 1/2′, Ser#5RTBE2425GD051674 (we have a title)
7912003 Chevrolet Corvette, 50th Anniversary Edition, Ser#1G1YY32G135107274, Miles Showing 46900, 6 – Speed Manual Transmission (see photos and video)
792Stock Trailer, Sliding Rear Door, 6′ x 10′ (No Title)
793John Deere 4320 w/ John Deere 400X Loader, Remote Hydraulics, 4 X 4, Ser# 1LV4320HVAH810013, Hours Showing 1048
794John Deere Bushhog, 6′
795John Deere Spreader/Aerator, 42″
796John Deere Tiller, 6′, 3PH
797John Deere Backhoe Attachment, 3PH, 1′ and 3′ Buckets Included
798Post Hole Digger, 3PH
799Leinbach Hay Fork
800Box Scrape, 6′ 
8012 – Cast Iron Tubs (used for livestock watering)
991Propane Gas Cylinder, Waterer, Pet Carrier, Etc. (see photos)
992Campbell Hausfeld 2200 PSI Pressure Washer, 6 HP, 2 GPM
993Bulb and Seed Hand Planters
994Roll of Barbed Wire and 2 Rolls of Poly Wire
995Push Type Lawn Spreader, Hand Spreader
996T Post Driver
997MTD Chipper/Shreader, 5 HP
998Propane Bullet Heater w/Electric Blower
999Mantis Garden Weeder/Tiller
1000Garden Tools, Shovels, Forks, Tamp, Post Hole Digger, Tool Heads, Etc. 
1001Scotts Spreader
1002RedMax Trimmer
1003Extension Cords, Feeder, Baskets, Gas Cans, Etc. (see photos)
1004Varmit Trap
10052 – Draw Bars
10062 – Top Links, Lift Arm Adjuster
1007Box Scrape Teeth
1008Shaft and Other Implement Parts
1009Partial Roll of Fencing and Fence Stakes
1011TranxSporter Gas Powered Lift for Shingles, Hay, and the Attachment shown in the photo is for Solar Panels, 10′ w/ 3 – 8′ Extensions
1012Weight Bench w/Weights
1013Aluminum Solar Panel Mounting Rails
1014Werner Step Ladder, 8′
1015Werner Step Ladder, 6′
10162 – Military Back Packs
10174 – Military Frames
10182 – Rolling Clothing Racks
1019T Posts, Approx. 25 w/Electric Wire Brackets
1020Metal Feed Box, 32″H, 58″W, 31″D
1021Beretta Model 96, .40 Cal. Handgun, Extra Clips, Soft and Hard Cases, Holster, Ser#Ber331339
1022Ruger 38 Special Revolver w/Some Ammo, Soft Case, Ser#54403717
1023Bushnell Scope, Smaller Scope, Mount Brackets, Straps
1024Knife, 5 Locks
1025300 Rounds 40 S&W Hollow Point
1026300 Rounds 40 S&W Hollow Point
1027390 Rounds 40 S&W Hollow Point
1028Ammo Safe Disguised as a Gas Can, Ammo Box, 3 – Pocket Knives, Targets
1029Remington 11-87 Sportsman Field 20 GA Automatic, Ser#RS17767R
1030Daisy Model 1938 B Red Ryder BB Gun
1031Cleaning Kit
10322 – Black Trench Coats, 7 – Hot Weather Caps
1033Ladies, 8 – Jackets, 5 – Skirts
103447 – Trousers
10354 – Camo Coats, 1 Olive Jacket, 2 – Blue Jumpsuits, 3 – Olive Jump Suits
103670 – Shirts
103743 – Slacks
103825 – Shirts
103910 – Camo Pants, 2 – Olive Pants
104014 – Camo Shirts
104122 – Slacks
104221 – Slacks
104335 – Long Sleeve Shirts, 30 – Short Sleeve Shirts
1044Selection of Wood Peach Boxes (not perfect)
10452 – Single Trees
104610 – Metal Ramps
1047Mixed Rolls of Wire Fencing, 4′
1048Peach/Apple Boxes (need repair)
1541Large Quantity of Firewood, Left Side of Whole Stack (approx. 4′ x’4′ 12′)
1542Large Quantity of Firewood, Right Side of Whole Stack (approx. 5′ x 6′ 13′)
1543Router Table
15444 Wheel Shop Cart
1545Whole Room of Vinyl Trim, Metal Parts, Metal Racking, Axles, Plywood, Etc. (see photos)
1546Set of Scaffolding, Leveling Jacks, Wheels
1547Tool Box w/ Tools (see photos)
1548Set of 2 – Ladder Jacks
1549Selection of Extension Cords
1550Assortment of Building Supplies, Fasteners, and More (see photos)
1551Building Supplies, Brackets, Tie Wire, Copper Tubing, Pipe Insulation (see photos)
1552Selection of Extension Cords
1553Plywood, Stack of Lumber (see photos)
1554Trim Boards (see photos)
1555Husqvarna Lawn Tractor w/Mower Deck (am told it was running when parked)
1556Shop Fan on Casters
1557Electric Concrete Mixer
1558Plywood, OSB, Insulation, Firewood, Trex Decking, More (see photos)
1559Bottom Plow
1560Pull Type Utility Cart
15612010 John Deere Gator, Manual Dump Bed, Hours Showing 111
1562Stack of Firewood (approx. 3 1/2′ x 18′)
1563Concrete Float
1336Tow Bar and Hitch
1337Garden Supplies, Spreader, Water Can Deck Cleaner, Edging, Tomato Stakes, Etc. 
1338Appliance Handtrucks
1339Ryobi 9″ Vertical Bandsaw
1340Rikon 10″ Vertical Bandsaw
1341Rockwell/Delta Vertical Bandsaw, 14″
1343Craftsman Drill Press, 17″, 16 Speed, 3/4HP
1348Craftsman 4″ Belt Sander, 6″ Disc Sander
1350Small Portable ShopVac
1351Pair of Car Ramps
1352Assortment of Wooden Dowels
1353Wood Barrel, Wood Pulleys, Metal Pulley
1354Cast Iron Pot (bite out of lip)
1355Beam Cutter Circular Saw Attachment (in box)
1356Delta Scroll Saw, 16″
1357Northern 5SP Bench Model Drill Press
13584 – Hand Saws
1359Rules, Sqeares, Saw, Wrench, Tile Scraper, Etc. 
1360Bose Acoustic Wave System
1361Sharp CD Player
1362Rockwell Jaw Clamp Stand
1363Rockwell Clamp on Stand
13654 – Boxes, Trailer Hitch, Hand Tools, Grinder Discs and Polishers, Chains, Etc. (see photos)
13664 – Boxes, Wrenches, Measuring, Hammers, Glue Gun, Battery Chargers, Etc. (see photos)
13684 – Boxes, Hand Tools, Wrenches, Staplers, Sand Paper and Discs, Clamps, Etc. (see photos)
13692 – Boxes, Clamps, Wrench Set
13704 – Meat Hooks, 24″
13714 – Meat Hooks, 36″
1372Electronic Meat Scale
13733 – Plastic Pans
13746 – Carving Knives and Sharpening Steel
1375Manual Meat Saw
1376Small Scale w/ Packing Materials, Stamps, Roll of Freezer Paper
1377Selection of Building Supplies, Fasteners, Electrical Door Hardware, Paint, Etc. (see photos)
1378Bottle Jack and Makita Belt Sander
1379DeWalt and Craftsman Palm Sanders
1380Craftsman Router
1381Overhead Rail System, 3 – 10′ Sections, 1 – 6′ Section, 2 – 4′ Sections, 2 – Curves, 11 Trolleys (can be used in paint booth, small shop crane, etc.)
13826 – Stainless Steel Pans
1383Heavy Duty Alpa Meat Grinder
1384Selection of 6 – Stainless Steel Pans
13856 – Meat Hooks, 6″
13865 – Meat Hooks, 10″
13874 –  Meat Hooks, 12″
13884 – Meat Hooks, 12″
13894 – Meat Hooks, 12″
13904 – Meat Hooks, 7″
13914 – Meat Hooks, 21″W
1392Stainless Steel Top Table, 34″H, 68″W, 30″D
1393Portable Twin Trundle Bed (no mattress)
1394Vintage Wood Cabinet, 2 Door, 67″H, 25″W, 13″D
13952 – Lladro Statues, Girl and Angel, Sterling Silver Cup
1396Sliding Door Cabinet on Casters, 32″H, 50″W, 30″D
1397Electric Heater
1398Japanese Serving Set, Approx. 47 Pieces
1399Vintage Cabinet, 37″H, 50″W, 30″D
1400Cutting Board, 3′ x 6′ (can be divide into smaller boards)
1401Assortment of Electrical Wire
1402Selection of 10 Ratchet Straps
2139Selection of License Plates, Approx. 47, SC, NJ, CA, ID, Beginning in 1972 to 2000
2140Metal “X” Sign, 30′ x 30″
2141Metal Stop Sign
2142Metal Coca Cola Sign, 24″H x 36″W
2143Metal Stop Sign
2144Metal Stop Sign
2145Metal Speed Limit Sign
2146Vacuum, Toilet Seat, Step Ladder, Fire Escape Ladder
21472 Mattresses
2148DeWalt Sawzall and DeWalt Drill (both need repair), 4 – Empty Tool Boxes
2150Vintage Wood Level
2151Small Brass Fire Extinguisher, Motor Cycle Battery
2152Pipe Wrench, 24″
2153DeWalt Angle Drill and 2 – Flashlights
2154DeWalt Compact Router
2156Norton Gas Powered Abrasive Saw
2157Delta Mitre Saw, 10″
21582 – Bolt Cutters, 2 – Crow Bars
2159Bench Grinder
2160Bostitch Air Stapler
2161Bostitch Palm Sander
2162DeWalt Circular Saw
2163Selection of Fasteners in Drawer (see photos, bring boxes to load)
2164Selection of Caster Wheels, Etc. (see photos, bring boxes to load)
2165Selection of Drawer Hardware (see photos, bring boxes to load)
21663 – Cabinets w/4 Drawers (contents not included)
2167Crain #545 Multi-Undercut Saw
2168Porter Cable End Sander
2169Porter Cable Sawzall
21702 – Spray in Foam Insulation Trimmers
2171Cast Iron Pot, Pan, Kettle, Shoe Molds, Antique Horn, Wood Pulley
2172Stihl Brush Cutter w/Limb Cutter Attachment
2173Makita Router and Gauge
2174Duo-Fast Nailer
2175Ridgid Collated Screw Driver
2176Johnson Lazer Leveler
2177Delta Clamp
2178Makita Belt Sander
2179Berger Level (no tripod or rod)
21804 – Leather Tool Belts
2181DeWalt Compact Router
2182DeWalt Radial Arm Saw
21832 – Plastic Sawhorses, Rolling Shelf 
21843 – Fans, Halogen Light
2185Stihl Gas Powered Blower
2186Solo Back Pack Sprayer
2187Stainless Steel Top Work Table, 34″H, 72″W, 30″D
21882 – Boxes, Soldering Irons, Fume Trap, Measuring Devices, Pads, Etc. (see photos)
21892 – Coleman Lanterns
2190Selection of Framed Pictures, Paintings
2191Kangen Level Lux Water Purification System
2192Toledo Computagram Scale, 1 – 5# Weight, 1 – 10# Weights
21932 – Copper Pots, 2 – Cleavers
2194Metal Dinner Bell, 8″
2195Hewlett Packard Projector
2196Vintage Table, 30″H, 36″Sq. 
2197Luggage, Canvas Bags, Purses, Etc. 
2198Leather Log Carrier
2199Linens, Afghans, Rug, Blankets, Etc. 
2200Bureau, 36″H, 40″W, 20″D, On Casters (no mirror)
22012 – Hand Stitched Quilts, 60″ x 140″ and 68″ x 124″ (not perfect)
2202Drop Leaf Table, 28″H, 46″W, 27″D, 2 – 14″ Leaves
2203Jewelry, Cast Iron Tractor, Watches, Painted Tile
2204Knives, Pruners, Nut Cracker, Camera, Military Ribbons, Medals
22053 Drawer Chest, 31″H, 38″W, 17″D
2206Chest w/Tin Bottom (bottom needs replacing), 22″H, 45″W, 22″D
22076 Drawer Chest (needs some repair), 34″H, 50″W, 19″D
2208Kerosene Heater, Electric Heater
2209Stained Glass, Supplies, Patterns (includes shelf and 2 drawer filing cabinet)
2210Cabinet, 41″H, 26″W, 20″D, and Jewelry Box
2211Engineer’s Chest, 13″H, 21″W, 10″D
221217″H, 25″W, 14″D
22132 – Large Boxes of Baskets
2214CD Rack, 39″H, 21″W, 8″D
2215Franklin Shockey Cedar Chest, Lexington NC (slight flaw in veneer)
2216Cupboard, 70″H, 36″W, 20″D
2217Buffet w/Mirror, 41″H, 42″W, 20″D
2218Insignia Flat Screen TV, 31″
2219Cross Cut Saw
2220Ice Tongs
2221Cross Cut Saw
2222Metal Dinner Bell, 11″
2223Hotpoint Refrigerator/Freezer
2224Cres-Cor Warmer, Hot Cabinet w/Trays
2225Hot Plate, 2 Eye Burner
2226Platform Rocker/Recliner
2227Cobalt Metal Tool Box, 22″H, 27″W, 18″D (appears new)
2228Metal Butter Churn w/Paddle
2229Spindle Back Rocker
2230 2 – Rockers, 1 – Bar Stool
2231Oak Rocker
2232Peach/Apple Boxes, Wood Trays (need some TLC)
2233 3 – Rolls Uline Freezer Paper, 24″ x 1100′
2234Surge Protectors, Outlet and Switch Covers
2235Bag of Rope
22362 Drawer Chest, 23″H, 23″W, 16″D
2237Lane Cedar Chest
2238Several Tubs and Boxes of Paint and Paint Supplies
2239Wicker Desk/Dressing Table, 36″H, 33″W, 21″D
2240Bentwood Rocker, Solid Wood Rocker
2241Hump Back Chest w/Tray
2242Vintage Hand Truck
2243Potty Seat, Stool, TV Tray
22442 Metal Milk Cans (one marked FWJ Janssen, Hoboken)
22452 – Wood Rockers
2246Wood Peach/Apple Boxes marked JR Harley, Rt. 3, Inman, SC (may need some TLC)
2247Selection of Stained Glass, Patterns, Books, Lead, and Other Supplies
2248Lamps and Lamp Supplies
2249Tools and Machinery, Grinders, Saws, Etc. 
2250Plumbing and Electrical Supplies (see photos, bring boxes)
2251Paint Tools and Supplies (see photos, bring boxes)
2252Sprinkers, Fasteners (see photos, bring boxes)
2253Fasteners (see photos, bring boxes)
22542 – 4 Drawer Cabinets and Wood Shelf (contents not included)
22552 Door Metal Cabinet w/Shelves
2256Shelving Brackets, Walker, Bed Rail, 2 – Lifting Slings
22574 – Mismatched Chairs
2258Vintage Wicker Wheel Chair
22592 – Metal Bar Stools w/ Cushioned Seats
22606 – Mismatched Chairs
2261Artificial Christmas Tree, 9′
22622 – Matching Love Seats
1602Assortment of Jugs and Jars (see photo)
1603Wooden Block Rubber Stamps (make your own cards)
1604Wooden Block Rubber Stamps (make your own cards)
1605Wooden Block Rubber Stamps (make your own cards)
1606Wooden Block Rubber Stamps (make your own cards)
1607Wooden Block Rubber Stamps (make your own cards)
1608Scissors, Punches, Foam Stamps, Pencils, Etc. 
160911 – Bamboo Serving Trays
1610Linens, Bedspread, Table cloth, Aprons, Napkins
1611Aero Garden and Accessories
1612Casserole Carriers, Woc, Earthenware Molds
16133 – Brass Lanterns
1614A Pair of Blue Lamps
1615Pfalzgraff Covered Soup Tureen w/Ladle
1616Covered Soup Tureen
1617Punch Bowl and Cups
1618Pots, Pans, Containers, Tins, First Aid Supplies
1619Silverplate Candesticks, Cake Stand, Fruit Bowl, Etc. 
1620Collection of Toys
1621Salt Block and Salt Block Cook Book
1622Lazy Susan
16232 – Vintage Photo Albums (photos are just a sample of many more pages)
1624Wood Bucket, Wood Egg Crate
1625Cambridge Bone China, Calrton, Approx. 23 Pieces
1626Chevrolet Trunk Emblem, Dairy Sign, Door Knocker, Etc. 
1627Wood frames, Salad bowl Set, Nutcrackers, Lantern, Candles, Etc. 
1628Electric Knife, Timer, Jars, Ribbons, Cake Circles, Etc. 
1629Vintage Airline Papers, Continental Airlines
1630Mugs, Bowls, Soup Bowls, Etc. 
1631Vases, Garden Implements, Tins, 
16326 – Reproduction Signs (see photos)
1633Airplane Sign, Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat
1634Texaco Sign
1635No Parking Sign
1636Pictures, Frames, Decorative Signs
1637Bun Warmer, dishes, Platter, Tea Pot, Etc. 
1638Selection of Books Including John Grisham Series
1639Small Folding Table, 29″H, 29″W, 19″D
1640Aluminum Pergola w/Removable Top, 10′ x 10′ (buyer to dismantle)
3952Card Table
39534 – Matching Folding Chairs
39546′ Folding Banquet Table
3955Outdoor Fireplace
3956Cast Iron Bench Ends w/Lion’s Head (just need the wood slats)
3957Cabinet w/Sliding Shelves, Electronics, Surge Protectors
39585 Drawer Chest, 49″H, 34″W, 17″D
3959Pottery Jug, 8″
39601940’s Automotive Repair Prices to Charge
3961Lane Bench w/Storage Chest, 19″H, 29″W, 16″D
3962Box w/Scent Candles, Small shelf, Table
39634 – TV Tray Tables
3964JP Deskjet 3520 Print, Scan, Copy
3965Phillips 21″ TV, Sony CD-DVD Player
3966Conn Trombone
3967Table, 30″H, 39″W, 26″D
3968GE Profile Gas Dryer, Propane (bring tools to disconnect)
3969Painted Chest 24″H, 44″W, 20″D
3970Japanese Kimono and Sash
3971Double Bed w/Linens
3972Step Back Night Stand w/Drawer, 26″H, 22″W, 15″D
3973Chest of Drawers, 44″H, 38″W, 22″d
3974Bureau w/Mirror, 34″H, 50″W, 23″D
3975The Standard Red Cedar Chest Co., 16″H, 48″W, 17″D
3976Rocker w/Cane Seat and Back
3977Santa in Airplane Christmas Ornament
3978Framed Stained Glass Art
3979Contents of 4 Shelves, Teapot, Dishes, Figurines, Candle Holders, Rosette & Timbale, Iron, Etc. (bring boxes to pack)
3980Collection of Glassware, 3 – Boxes (see photos)
3981Framed Mirror, 38″ x 27″, Metal Doll House, Dolls , Stuffed Lion
3982Area Rug by Burlington, Pablavi 2048, 8′ x 5 1/2′
3983Twin Mattress
3984Collection 7 Piece of Art, 2 – Oils
3985Invocare Walker and Commode
39865 Box Fans
3987 2- Electric Baseboard Heaters
3988Linens, Sheets, Pads, Blanket, Etc. Blinds and Fabric
3989Vintage High Chair w/ Metal Tray
3990Cast Iron Flat Irons
39912 – Electrified Hurricane Lamps
3992Brass Lion Book Ends
3993Clock, Cracked Glass, No Key
3994A Sample of Inspirational Verse and Framed Lord’s Prayer
3995Brass Swing Telescope Mounted on Adjustable Tripod
3996Life Ladder Instant Fire Escape
3997Victorian Christmas Decorations, Ornaments. Lights, Etc. 
3998Wicker Night Stand and Lamp, 29″H, 15″W, 15″D
3999Selection of Tins and Graduating Gift Boxes
4000American Flag, Buoys, Brass Port Hole Cover, Brass Bell
40014 Drawer Legal Filing Cabinet
4002Wooden Swing Set (buyer to move)