39 Properties in South Carolina

Online Real Estate Auction
Bidding Starts:
Friday, April 7, 2023 @ 8:00 AM EDT
Bidding Ends:
Thursday, April 20, 2023 @ 12:30 PM EDT
Aiken, Chesterfield, Florence, Greenwood, Oconee, Orangeburg, Richland, Spartanburg, and Union Counties

All properties in this real estate auction will be sold individually.

These properties were acquired by the sellers due to delinquent tax sale deed and will be transferred by Quitclaim Deed only using the most recent deed description. No title search has been performed by the seller, auctioneer, or closing attorney. Title insurance will not be offered.

It is the bidder’s responsibility to inspect the property and conduct own due diligence prior to bidding. Neither the Seller nor the Auctioneer make any representations as to suitability for buyer’s intended use.

Bidding starts at $100, and all properties will be sold to the highest bidder regardless of price.

Be sure to download and read the Contract Package prior to bidding for complete terms, conditions, and disclosures.

Lot #TaxIDCountyDescription
1037-07-02-012Aiken212 Railroad St, Warrenville, SC
2272 005 008 002Chesterfield229 Godfrey St, Cheraw, SC
3272-005-015-025ChesterfieldHuger St, Cheraw, SC
4259-011-002-031ChesterfieldCarol St, Cheraw, SC
570005-07-045Florence504 N Keith St, Timmonsville, SC
690118-13-018Florence508 Howard St, Florence, SC
790071-10-017Florence606 Pennsylvania St, Florence, SC
880009-04-006Florence143 Calhoun St, Lake City, SC
970006-04-005Florence300 W Byrd St, Timmonsville, SC
1090133-04-002Florence2414 S Purvis Dr, Florence, SC
116857-441-475Greenwood2108 Airport Rd, Greenwood, SC
12264-00-04-034Oconee 1525 Greenfield Rd, Westminster, SC
13268-00-03-023Oconee 414 Friendship Rd, Seneca , SC
140173-13-02-007.000Orangeburg320 Wade Ct, Orangeburg, SC
150187-09-02-004.000Orangeburg4760 Rowesville Rd, Rowesville, SC
160208-17-04-001.000Orangeburg2419 Gramling Rd, Orangeburg, SC
170174-19-08-003.000Orangeburg685 Jamison Ave, Orangeburg, SC
180173-20-12-009.000Orangeburg931 Mill St, Orangeburg, SC
190099-00-08-024.000Orangeburg2427 Norway Rd, Orangeburg, SC
200339-17-04-034.000Orangeburg700 Peake St, Holly Hill , SC
210112-16-02-003.000Orangeburg4083 Coburg Ln, Orangeburg, SC
220152-17-04-014.000Orangeburg1836 Stroman St, Orangeburg, SC
230174-19-08-001.000OrangeburgMagnolia St, Orangeburg, SC
240173-08-05-013.000Orangeburg473 Corina St, Orangeburg, SC
250172-16-03-005.000Orangeburg2157 Charleston Hwy, Orangeburg, SC
260139-14-07-006.000OrangeburgLegrand Smoak St, Cordova, SC
27Removed from the Auction
283-33-04-030.00Spartanburg341 E Main St, Pacolet , SC
293-20-16-063.00Spartanburg180 Church St, Glendale, SC
307-17-11-051.01Spartanburg17 Lynwood Dr, Spartanburg, SC
314-60-03-137.00Spartanburg12 Allen St, Enoree, SC
327-20-03-009.00Spartanburg187 Jackson Rd, Spartanburg, SC
334-60-03-001.03SpartanburgFleming Cir, Enoree, SC
34027-00-00-089UnionShady Street, Jonesville, SC
35083-03-06-008UnionFriar Tuck Lane, Union, SC
36083-07-05-009UnionPine Terrace Circle, Union, SC
37083-07-05-010 UnionPine Terrace Circle, Union, SC
38083-07-05-014 UnionPine Terrace Circle, Union, SC
39083-07-05-015 UnionPine Terrace Circle, Union, SC
Contract Package for 39 Properties in South Carolina
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