Antique Engines and Equipment, Vehicles, Utility Buildings, Tools, Collectibles, and More

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501Troy Self-Oiling Engine for Steam Valves & Cylinders
502Windmill & Pump
503Bottom Plow & Pulley Pump
504Craftsman Rotary Lawnmower
505Roto-Spader Tiller
506Reddy Heater Bullet Heater
507Pramac 5000 Watt Generator
508Excell 2400 PSI Pressure Washer with Honda Motor
509Bubble Wrap, Coolers, Lawn Lime, Ball Jars, Lawn Chairs, Chicken Wire, Etc
510Approx. 16 Sheets of Plywood, Various Thicknesses
512Portable Building, 10′ x 16′
513Garden Fence – (18) T-Posts, 4′ Gate, Approx. 120′ of 5′ Fence, (9) Tomato Baskets
514Portable Chicken Coop & Small Chicken Coop
516Concrete Picnic Table with 3 Benches & Birdbath
517Oliver OC-3 Track Loader with Ware Loader Model 3-HI, Serial# 49-2405
518Landscape Rocks
519Rolling Tool/Storage Box, Pavers, Fans, Etc.
520Gorilla Ladder
521Yard Tools – Shovels, Pry Bar, Crow Bar, Sledgehammer
5225′ Dozer Blade
523Stacks of Bricks
524Approx. 27 Cross Ties
5251998 Dodge Ram 3500 Dually with Flatbed
526Iron Ball
527Pair of Car Ramps
5291 1/2-Ton Duff Lynx Chain Hoist
530(2) Hedman Hedders Exhaust Headers with Thrush Mufflers 
531Lifting Chain with Hooks
532Tank (Propane? Air?)
533Coca-Cola Refrigerator
534Case Dozer with Misc. Parts
535Hobart Portable Generator
536Hobart Welder
537Wooden Wagon Parts
538(2) Hand Trucks
539Sheet Metal & Shed Frame
5403′ Pipe Wrench, (2) Hydraulic Cylinders
541Skis, Oars, Skim Board
5425 HP Air Compressor with Spare Tank
543Boat Trailer (No Title)
544Belt Sander
54512′ x 24′ Tent with Floor Included (Tarp is Torn)
546LeRoi Air Compressor
547Tank – Cut to start a grill & Propane Tank
548Claw Foot Tub
549Chop Saw on Stand
550(4) Pieces of Rebar, Electrical Cable?
551Stack of Bricks
552Stack of Bricks
553Drum with Electrical Parts
55411′ x 15′ Tarp
555Pedestal Fan
557Press Parts
559Dirt Scoop
561Hay Lift Harpoon Fork – Myers Patent H-359 Ashlando
565Dog Pen
566Belt-Driven Saw
567Fairbanks, Morse & Co Model Z Hit and Miss Motor, 6 HP
568Hobart Welder
569Loader Parts, Engine
570LeRoi Air Master Compressor
571LeRoi Air Compressor
5725′ x 8′ Enclosed Trailer (No Title)
573Generator USDOD – Manuf. by Libby Welding Co.
574Lumber, Metal Parts
575Hobart Welder
576Gas Cans
577LeRoi 1951 Air Compressor
578Oxygen/Acetylene Tanks with Torches/Gauges
579Aluminum Extension
580(2) Rims/Tires
58117.5″ Vise
582Hydraulic Press
583Air Tank
584Foley-Belsaw Cut-off Saw on Stand
585Blacksmith Swage Block
586Air Tank
587(3) Ratchet Straps, Rope, Lifting Strap
588Circular Saw, Palm Sander, Jigsaw, Heat Gun
589Leather & Leather-working Tools
590Selection of Tools – Grinding Wheels, Cutting Tools, Bungee Cords, Etc
591Transit, Scleroscope, Charger
592Selection of Tools – Tap & Die Set, Hammers, Wrenches, Charger, Etc.
593Selection of Tools – Ratchet Straps, Terminals, Saw Blades, Tie Down Anchors, Sand Paper
594Skil Router
595DeWalt Swivel Head Shear
596DeWalt Angle Grinder
597Metal Cabinet/Tool Box, 5′ x 18″ x 18″
598Selection of Sockets, Pull Handle, Ratchets
599Sockets, Ratchets
600Screwdrivers, Pliers, Gear Puller, Etc.
601Tent, Dremel Tool, Jigsaw, Etc.
602String Trimmer, Pruners
603Royal Drill Press
604Metal Parts Drawers
605Combination Wrenches 1 1/2″-2 1/2″, Crescent (Adjustable) Wrench
606Selection of Tools – Sockets, Hammers, Pliers, Planes, Etc.
607Selection of Lights
608Wheelchair, Walker
609Craftsman 10″ Compound Miter Saw
610Delta 16″ Scroll Saw
611Milwaukee Portable Band Saw
612Ratchets, Pull Handles, Lug Wrench, Pole Saws
613Selection of Sockets 
614Angle Grinders & Drills
615Selection of Sockets, Wrenches
616Shelf of Fasteners
617Jenny Electric Air Compressor
618Chop Saw
619(2) Fire Extinguishers
620Black & Decker Circular Saw
621Milwaukee Reciprocating Saw (Saw-zall)
622Selection of Tools – Hand Saws, Drill Bits, Gear Oil, Sockets, Etc.
623Hydraulic Brake Accuator for Trailer Hitch (in Box)
624Skil Router & Milwaukee Angle Grinder
625(2) Ratchet Binders, Lifting Strap
626DeWalt Cordless Power Tools
627Selection of Tools – Drills, Clamps, Level, Pliers, Etc. 
628Extension Cords, Rope, Rags
629(3) Batteries
631(2) Battery Chargers
632Approx. 19′ Chain with Hooks
633Set of Heavy Duty Jumper Cables
634(2) Cast Iron Pots with Lids (1 Wenzel Brand), (1) Lodge Cast Iron Frying Pan
635Kennedy Rolling Tool Chest with Contents
6366′ Werner Step Ladder
637Breaker Box
638Roll of Wire Screen
639Extension Ladder with 3 Extensions (Longest section is 15′)
640Boat Trailer (No Title)
641Air? Hose
6421979 Ford F250 Flatbed Truck
643Antique Engine – The Bessemer, Grove City, PA
644Track Loader Parts
645Selection of Lumber
646LeRoi Airmaster Compressor
647Tent Frame with Flooring
6481991 BMW Motorcycle
6491955 Dodge C-3-BL6 Stepside Truck with Long Bed (No Title)
65019?? (Look on Title for Year) Dodge Ram Charger (Fire Damage)
652Trailer (No Title) with Vinyl Trim Sheets, Sheet Metal
65332″ x 45″ x 1 3/4″ Thick Steel Plate
654Approx 15′ Chain with Hooks
656Metal Stock
65724′ Werner Extension Ladder
658Grinder on Stand
659Wood Folding Ladder
660Yard Tools
661Table & Vise
662Stanley Rolling Tool Box
663Skilsaw 10″ Table Saw
664Doors, Lumber, Pegboard, Peg Hooks
6654-Drawer Legal File Cabinet
666(2) Wood Cabinets
667Welding Rods
668Troy Bilt Portable Generator, Ratchet Straps
669Reloading Equipment, (2) Trunks
670Craftsman Radial Saw
671Vertical Belt Sander
672(2) Metal Shelving Units
673Jet Belt Sand Paper
674Motor Pulley Assembly
675Motorcycle Parts (Model Unknown)
676(3) Metal Card Files
677Rolling Tool Chest with Contents
678(7) Fluorescent Light Fixtures
679Selection of Tools – Sockets, Extension Cords, Drill, Dremel & Dremel accessories
680Air Tools, Sprayer, Electrical Wire
682Container of Misc. Hand Tools
683Torch, Heater, Cordless Drill, Clamps, Drill Bits & More
684Acculine Pro 40-6520 Laser Level
68530′ Retractable Cord Reel in Box
686Blacksmith Tools
687Porter Cable Air Nailer
688Rolling Stool in Box, Tarp in Bag
689Clamps & Gears
690Empty Tool Boxes, Portable Fridge
691Joist Hangers, Gutter Down Spouts
692Door Bell, Light Fixture, Cast Iron Stove Parts
693Saw Horses, Tabletop, Plywood Pieces, Pegboard, Lumber
694Pneumatic Hose Reel in Box
695Pneumatic Hose Reel in Box
696Miscellaneous Containers
697Hoses, Magnetic Starter
698(2) Shelves of Motorcycle Parts (Model Unknown)
699(4) Shelves of Motorcycle Parts (Model Unknown)
700(2) Lamps
701Misc. Tools, Pulley, Hammers, Chains, Lasts
702Torch Tips, Puller, Fasteners
703Pneumatic Spreader, Gas Tank
704(3) Shelves of Tools – Grinding Disks, Sandpaper, Etc.
705(2) Electric Motors with Belt Drives
706(5) Smudge Pot Lanterns (Highway/Railroad Torches)
707Case 480D Backhoe Attachment
708Roll Cage
709Aluminum Extension Ladder
710Backhoe Bucket
711Case (?) Dozer
712Cleaver (Oleaver?) Brooks Co. Blower
713Portable Steam Cleaner?
714Sherman Backhoe Attachment
715(3) Sticks of Rebar
7161983 Ford F350
717Dozer Frame & Parts
718Aluminum Doors, Scaffolding, Metal Doors
71916′ Flatbed 2-Axle Trailer with 2′ Dovetail, Ramps (No Title)
720(2) Hobart Welders
721(2) Batteries, Battery Box
722Pintle Hitch
723Ratchet Chain Binders
724Transmission Jack (Missing Cylinder)
725Torch Cart
726Metal Cabinet 5′ x 18″ x 18″
727Planter Box, Wire Trellis
728Oliver Model OC3-42-IND Crawler Tractor with Oliver 3WI Loader (18WH-934) and Backhoe/Trencher Attachment
729Lumber, Tongue & Groove, Approx. 20 Boards
730Case Crawler Tractor with Loader
73114′ Flatbed Trailer (No Title)
732Motorcycle Frame (No Title)
733Vertical Band Saw, 24″ Throat
734(2) Snatch Blocks
735PVC Fittings
736Acetylene Hose, Air Hose, Lifting Straps
737Pedestal Grinder
738Welding Supplies & Leads
739Grinder with Table
740Heavy Rope
741Snatch Blocks & Rope
742Tool Box with Tools – Router, Drill Bits, & More
743Milking Stool
744Craftsman Mig Welder
745Air Products Vis-Arc Welder
746Retro Homelite Chain Saw
747700-lb Chain Fall
748Retro Rotary Dial Pay Phone
749(3) Tool Boxes with Contents
750(2) Shelves with Contents
751Craftsman Toolbox with Contents, Motorcycle Motor
752Craftsman Toolbox with Contents, Shovel, Sledgehammer
753(5) Sheets of Plywood and OSB
75420′ Shipping Container (Missing some flooring)
75524′ Carport Frame Parts, Vinyl Wall & Door
756Traveling Trunk with Scuba Equipment
757Tool Boxes with Tools & Contents
758Cast Iron Stove
759(2) Ratchet Binder Parts, (2) Binders, Strap
760(2) Cast Iron Heaters
761Motorcycle Parts, including (3) Frames (No Titles)
763Drill Press (in Parts)
764Grinder & Chuck without Motor
765Delta Grinder & Belt Sander Combo
766Set of Casters
767Electrical Wire & Supplies
768(2) Small Vises
769Cast Iron Kettle
770CDs and Albums
771(2) Small Wheels/Tires
772Hand Crank Grinding Wheel
774Brush Guard
775Dodge Emblems
776Fasteners, Shackles, Etc.
777Selection of Tools
778(2) Tripods
779Block & Tackle with Rope
78020′ Shipping Container
781Wood Pallets
782Aluminum Light Pole
783Garage Door Parts, Approx. 16′
784Hand Digging/Auger Tools
785(3) Wood Cook Stoves
786Electrical Panel Box
787Selection of Motorcycle Parts
788Cuckoo Clock
789Singer Treadle Sewing Machine with Table
790Singer Treadle Sewing Machine with Table
791Singer Treadle Sewing Machine with Table
792Bug Zapper
793Grinding Wheel
794Medical Machine?
795Electrical Breaker Box
796(2) Wheel Hubs
798Chain Saw Parts
799Cut-off Saw
800Machine with Pulleys
801Electric Fan
802Fire Extinguisher
803Sewing Machine in Case
804Circular Saw, Angle Drill, Electric Chain Saw, Etc.
805(4) Fluorescent Light Fixtures
806Barber Shop Chair Parts
807(2) Sump Pumps
808Joist Hangers, Electrical Boxes
809Grinding Wheel with Foot Pedal
810Wood Door
811Approx. 18 Sheets of Decorative Tin
812Welding Rods
813Mini Refrigerator
814(2) Adjust-a-Gate Expandable Gate Frame Kits
815Trolling Motor
816Shelf with Contents (Mostly Fasteners)
817Shelf with Contents – Electrical Cords, Battery Charger, Tool Boxes, Etc.
818Box of Nails
820Antique Saddle Maker’s Bench
821Water Cooler/Dispenser
822Selection of Straps
82420′ Shipping Container
8256± Sheets of Sheet Metal
826Approx. 7 Sheets of Sheet Metal
827Tank & Drum
828Metal Tool Box
829Onan 6000 Watt Generator
830Loader/Dozer Parts, including Engine, Tracks, Seat, Etc.
832Selection of (4) Windows
833Metal Rack with Chains, Ratchet Binder, Parts, Etc.
834Engine Stand, Jumper Cables
835Set of Headers
836(3) Ceiling Fans
837Gas Water Heater in Box
838Metal Shelving Unit
839Chain Saw Parts
840Mr Heater Portable Propane Heater
841Welding Cable, Safety Straps
842Foley Automatic Saw Filer Model 200
843Foley Automatic Saw Filer Model 387
844Clutch, Tarp, Saw Blades
845Shelving Unit with Contents – Trailer Ball Hitches, Propane Tanks, Etc.
846Sky Lights, Step Flashing
8478′ x 14′ Utility Building 
8485′ x 10′ Utility Trailer with Ramp, Tool Boxes & Spare Tire (No Title)
849(2) Aluminum Tubs
850Boat Trailer (No Title)
851Hobart Welder/Generator with Wisconsin Motor
852Large Pile of Paver
8535.5′ x 3.5′ Trailer with Tailgate with 3′ Sides (No Title)
854Jaeger Dual-Mix 3 1/2-S Concrete Mixer
855Selection of Tile
856Bed (Waterbed Frame?)
857Chest with Mirror
861Fish Sign, Belt Buckles, Golf Club, Door Hanging, Cot
862Sink, Shelves, Victor Vinyl Records, Misc. Chemicals
863Cabinet, Toaster Oven, Pressure Cooker, Dishes, Microwave, Etc.
864Selection of Cast Iron Items – Pan, Grinder, Iron, Etc.
865Frigidaire Stove
866GE Side-by-Side Refrigerator (Shop Quality)
8674′ Ladder, Fire Extinguisher
869Mandolin-Banjo in Case, Mandolin Instruction Books
871Serving Pieces
872Glass Bottles
873Portable Potty
874Motorcycle Helmets & Bag
875Whirlpool Dryer
876Roper Washer
877(2) Boxes of Tools, Testers, Cordless Drills, Etc.
878Craftool Leather Stamp Tool Sets
879Stained Glass Books
880(2) Tents
881Oil Lamp on Wall
882(4) Clocks
883Wall Clock
884(2) Barometer/Thermometers
885Motorcycle Collectibles & Parts
886(3) Boxes of Dishes & Decorative Items
887(2) Boxes of Decor & Collectible Items 
888Remington Typewriter in Case
889(2) Metal Ship’s Signs, Letter Opener
890Christian Becker “Chainomatic” Apothecary Scale with Weights
891(2) Oil Lamps
892Cabinet with 2 Drawers
893Antique Wood Ice Box/Cabinet
894Corner Cabinet
8954′ Round Table
896(4) Ladderback Cane Chairs
897Hoosier Cabinet
898TV, (2) Speakers, Lamp with Clamp
899(2) Mouse Traps
900Apothecary? Balance Scale
901Selection of Cameras
902Scopes & Telescopes
903Sewing Supplies & Beads
904(3) Heaters
905Heller & Brightly Surveying Transit in Wooden Box & Smaller Transit
906(5) Lanterns
907Black Powder Supplies, Gun Cleaning Tools, Scopes
908Pictures, Mirrors, Wall Coat Hanger, Cuckoo Clock
909Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. Photometallograph Optical Instrument
910Antique Hanging Dual Burner Kerosene Angle Lamp
911US Navy Ships Compass, Danforth Compass
912Desk & Rolling Chair
913Electrical Machine? Battery Charger?
914Keuffel & Esser Co Transit & Tripod in Wooden Case
915Antique Newhouse No. 5 Bear Trap
916Dodge Hood Ornaments
917Pin & Stamp Collection
918Set of Nesting Tables
919Large Caliber Ammunition Shells
920Trend Grandfather Clock
921Motor, Etc.
922Radio & Wall-Mounted Telephone
923Wood Tool Box & Tools
924Bookcase with Glass Doors, Books Included
925Wood Bookcase with Books
926Micrometers & Other Measuring Tools
927Pipe Collection
928Challenge Cast Iron Leather Eyelet Press Tool
929(3) Pottery Pieces
930Corner Cabinet 28″W 66″H, World Clock
931(2) Atlas Wholefruit Canning Jars
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