90+ Properties for Forfeited Land Commission – Anderson County, SC

Online Auction
Bidding Starts:
Friday, August 25, 2017 @ 8:00 AM EDT
Bidding Ends:
Thursday, September 7, 2017 @ 12:00 PM EDT
Anderson County, SC

These properties are owned by Anderson County Forfeited Land Commission and were acquired due to delinquent taxes.

Bidding starts at $100, and all properties will be sold to the highest bidder regardless of price.

Contract Package with disclosures, terms and conditions coming soon. Please read through this information prior to bidding on any property.

064-00-04-075off Circle Drive  
093-08-02-041lot 33-B-2  Paul Revere Trail
099-00-07-005part of parcel A1 Highway 29 South strip
121-30-01-065in Hembree Station subdivision
123-09-02-005unnumbered lot Camellia Drive
123-22-03-009112  K Street
123-22-03-010lot 117  Reynolds Street
123-22-03-012lot 120 + part 119  Reynolds Street
123-22-04-015lot B  Reynolds Street
123-22-04-016lot A  Reynolds Street
124-09-01-027221  Hillcrest Circle
124-09-01-028lot 28B  off Hillcrest Circle
124-11-01-005lot 115  Booker Street
124-11-01-035lot 145  Booker Street
124-11-03-021lot 45  Revere Court
124-14-01-061lot 8  Smith Street
124-15-04-0031000  Sugar Hill
124-15-04-005lot 6  Sugar Hill
124-15-08-008lot 14  off West Reed Street
124-15-11-017lot 29  Posey Street
124-15-12-012lot 21  Dora Drive / West Reed Street
124-15-12-013West Reed Street / Posey Street
124-15-12-026lot 9  Dora Drive
124-15-12-027828  Dora Drive
124-15-12-028830  Dora Drive
124-15-12-029lot 6  Dora Drive
124-15-12-031lot 4  Dora Drive
124-15-12-032lot 3  Dora Drive
124-15-12-033lot 2  Dora Drive
124-19-02-001lot 332  Curtis Street
124-20-01-014lot 4  West Reed Street
124-21-08-020806  South Towers Street
124-21-08-024lot 5  off McCully Street
124-21-08-025lot 6  off McCully Street
124-21-08-027307  West Morris Street
124-21-08-029West Morris Street
124-21-09-018West Morris Street
124-21-09-020West Morris Street
124-21-09-026West Morris Street
124-21-09-027West Morris Street
124-21-10-012421  Reed Street Extension
124-27-05-013213  Guy Street
125-16-02-015lot 30  Corning Street
149-04-08-021lot 4  off Salem Street
149-04-08-023lot 3  off Salem Street
149-04-10-011428  Gray Street
149-04-11-007408  Churchwell Avenue
149-04-12-019419  Churchwell Avenue
149-04-12-020419  Churchwell Avenue
149-04-12-021lot 21  Churchwell Avenue
149-06-04-011109  Eastview Avenue
149-11-07-037lots 163 + 214  Beachwood Avenue
149-11-08-012808 Beachwood Avenue
149-23-01-007260  Cedar Ridge
150-01-03-009part of lot 10  Fulwer Street
150-01-04-001lot 5  Goodrum Lane
150-01-04-011lot 12  Goodrum Lane
150-01-06-0021202  Pruitt Street
150-01-06-005off East Hampton Street
150-01-09-016406  Douglas Avenue
150-01-10-008409  Douglas Avenue
150-02-07-023lot 45  Belton Street
150-02-07-029lot 51  Belton Street
150-02-07-031lot 53  Belton Street
150-02-08-033part of lot A  Hall Street
150-02-08-034lot B  Hall Street
150-02-11-007Lindsay Street
150-02-13-0021304  High Street
150-02-14-007lot 6  High Street
150-07-03-012lot 56  Caughlin Avenue
150-09-14-0121107  East Market Street
162-08-01-012lot 12+ detention pond Stone Meadow Way
166-03-01-037127  Soliel Way detention pond
176-02-05-001Amity Road
188-06-02-014lot 55A  Ascot Drive
190-06-02-004off Lee Road
197-05-01-020124  Claridge Place detention pond
225-07-04-002lot 5  Blair Mill Road
226-06-01-020Forest Lane
229-00-02-012off Highway 252
245-09-04-004Williams Street
245-10-01-048lot 22  Gate Court
245-10-01-054lot 16  Rock Court
245-19-11-005lot 9  Crawford Street
248-07-02-016off Lockhart Drive  
249-02-04-008off Turner Street
249-03-14-004lot 8  Green Street
249-03-14-005lot 7  Green Street
275-06-03-001lot 276  Trussell Street / Cox St
275-06-03-004lot 279  Cox Street
275-06-03-006lot 281  Cox Street
275-08-02-016Laurel Street
275-08-02-024lot 11  Riley Street
275-10-01-0148  Baldwin Court
276-11-04-011U Street
Contract Package Anderson County FLC
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