26 Properties in Upson County, GA

Online Real Estate Auction
Bidding Starts:
Friday, March 11, 2022 @ 8:00 AM EST
Bidding Ends:
Tuesday, March 22, 2022 @ 11:00 AM EDT
Upson County, GA

These properties are owned by Upson County. Bidding starts at $100, and all properties will be sold to the highest bidder regardless of price.

Property 1:
85± acres on Skelton Rd. More information on this property at this link
A portion of this property was previously used as an inert landfill by Upson County. This property will be transferred by Limited Warranty Deed.

Properties 2-26:
Most of these properties were acquired due to delinquent tax sale process and will be transferred by Quitclaim Deed only using the most recent deed description. No title search has been performed by the seller, auctioneer or closing attorney. Title insurance will not be offered. 

It is the bidder’s responsibility to conduct own due diligence prior to bidding.

Lot #TaxIDDescription
1021 029390 Skelton Rd, Thomaston, GA
2021A 043Hamp Smith Rd, Thomaston, GA
3043B 339Tanglewood Dr, Thomaston, GA
4047 031Old Talbotton Rd, Thomaston, GA
5056A 007Moores Crossing Rd, Thomaston, GA
6056A 031Creekside Dr, Thomaston, GA
7056A 034Creekside Dr, Thomaston, GA
8056A 036Creekside Dr, Thomaston, GA
9056A 037Creekside Dr, Thomaston, GA
10056A 040Creekside Dr, Thomaston, GA
11056A 221North Worthy Dr, Thomaston, GA
12056B 014206 Pineview Dr, Thomaston, GA
13056B 0781396 County Rd, Thomaston, GA
14057C 027Barnesville St, Thomaston, GA
15070 026Triune Mill Rd, Thomaston, GA
16T10 073109 Summer Trace, Thomaston, GA
17T16 052Prater St, Thomaston, GA
18T26 072Spring St, Thomaston, GA
19T26 2721982 Miller St, Thomaston, GA
20T27 069Pickard Place, Thomaston, GA
21T27 070Pickard Place, Thomaston, GA
22T27 079Carter Loop, Thomaston, GA
23T31 026N Bethel St, Thomaston, GA
24T32 249Jones Ave, Thomaston, GA
25T39 181Barnesville St, Thomaston, GA
26T39 182Barnesville St, Thomaston, GA
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