Choosing an Auctioneer: Setting Goals (Part 1)

Most people that contact us about selling their property (real estate or personal property) have never had an auction. Some have never even been to an auction. But, they recognize that an auction may be an option for their situation.

During the first conversation, they are trying to find out more about the auction process, how it works, and if it will work for them. As the auctioneer, one of the main things that we are trying to determine is “What is your goal?”

Goals are important. In fact, having a definable goal is one of the most important ingredients to having a successful auction.

As the auctioneer, we start by asking questions – a lot of questions. These might include:

• Why do you want to sell this property?
• Has the property been for sale? For how long?
• Is there a time frame for the sale of this property?
• What do you want to accomplish after your property is sold?

These questions are designed to help you talk about the property, your situation, and your reasons for selling. They help us identify your goal – and whether an auction is the best way to reach it.

Each seller’s situation and goals are unique. The auctioneer should be adaptable to these situations and be able to create a plan that is specific to meeting each seller’s needs and goals.

So what should you look for when choosing an auctioneer?

You should look for one that:

• asks a lot of questions about both your situation and your property
• helps you determine what your goals really are
• takes time to figure out if an auction is right for you
• puts your goals before his own