Selling Your Home – Auction It or List It?

Choosing to sell your home, or another property you own, is often a big decision. Although there are many factors that go into the decision making process, ultimately, most sellers want to sell their property for the highest possible selling price in the least amount of time. Here are some auction advantages to consider when […]

Choosing an Auctioneer: Determining a Target Market (Part 3)

In the previous sections of our series on Choosing an Auctioneer, we talked about setting goals and evaluating your property: You can read those articles here: Link to previous Choosing An Auctioneer articles As part of the evaluation of your property, we determined whether the property is suitable for auction. We also determine its Target […]

Choosing an Auctioneer: Property Evaluation (Part 2)

In the first part of our series on Choosing an Auctioneer, we talked about setting goals. If you have not read this post, you can read it here: LINK Once a definable goal has been determined, the next step that we take is the Property Evaluation. There are several parts to this evaluation, which help […]

Choosing an Auctioneer: Setting Goals (Part 1)

Most people that contact us about selling their property (real estate or personal property) have never had an auction. Some have never even been to an auction. But, they recognize that an auction may be an option for their situation. During the first conversation, they are trying to find out more about the auction process, […]